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Atlanta is having weird dreams about her and Archie. But these dreams aren't normal for Atlanta and she has been avoiding Archie because of them. Could these dreams just mean that she loves him?

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Hey, it's our first story! Yay! And this is just Kim, Julie and Andria writing this one. Hope you like it, this first chapter is a bit short.


Atlanta was sitting on the couch watching TV when Archie came into the room. She didn't take notice of him, until he sat next to her and pulled her closer to him. He started kissing her lightly up and down her neck before he kissed her on her lips. He pushed Atlanta back down onto the couch looked into her eyes. She was breathing heavily; she couldn't believe what was happening. "Archie, I don't think we should be doing this." She said. Archie just smiled and started kissing her again. "Why not?" He whispered in her ear. Atlanta gave in and kissed him back. She felt his hand that on her shoulder move down to the end of her shirt. His hand slowly crept up her shirt.

Atlanta woke up, sweating. It happened again, the third time that week. She kept having these dreams about her and Archie, and every time they would go further. Atlanta didn't like it; she was avoiding Archie now because of these stupid dreams.

"Do I really think of Archie that way?" She said aloud. Atlanta kicked off her sheets and went downstairs to the kitchen. It was Friday, but they had no school that day because it was a public holiday. There was no one in the kitchen, which was surprising as that was where you would always find Herry if there was no school that day. "Must've gone out or something." Atlanta thought and looked at the time. 10 o'clock. Yep, she was bound to be the last one up.

Atlanta took out a bowl and her favourite cereal, Coco Pops. She was half way through her breakfast when Archie came in. You could tell he had just gotten up, because he was still half asleep. Atlanta froze when she saw that he hadn't even bothered to put a shirt on. All he was wearing was a pair of boxers!

"Morning Lannie." Archie said as he started making coffee. "Morning Arch." She managed to say as she quickly cleaned up her mess and ran upstairs to her room. "What is wrong with me? Do I like Archie now because of...of...these dreams?" She said. Atlanta quickly got dressed and went to go and see if the others where still ther but found a note attached to Theresa's door.

Dear Atlanta and Archie

You guys sleep like logs! We've all gone to the mall and won't be back till late. Come join us later if you want.


Atlanta stuffed the letter in her back pocket and went downstairs to find Archie getting ready to go for a run. "You want to join me?" He asked. Atlanta nodded and put on her running shoes. Soon they were both racing to the park. Atlanta won, again. "Is there anything you can beat me at?" She said. Archie shrugged. "There might, you never know."

Atlanta rolled her eyes and sat down on a bench, Archie sitting next to her. "You know where the others are?" He asked and Atlanta remembered the note. She passed it to him. "So, are we going to be joining them?" He asked, looking up from the note. Atlanta shrugged. "I don't know, I like it here. Maybe later, they'll get worried. You know Jay."

Archie nodded and stood up. "Where are you going?" She asked him. He pointed to an ice-cream stand. "You want anything?" He asked. Atlanta nodded. "Chocolate ice-cream." Archie smiled at her and walked off. Atlanta sighed and lay down on the bench. She soon found herself dozing off.

She and Archie were on his room. Both of them had no shirts on and Archie picked her up and dumped her on the bed, falling on top of her and then kissing her. "I love you 'Lannie." He murmured as his hands moved down towards her pants.


Told ya it was short. Review and say if you want us to continue. :D
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