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Does She Love Him?

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Atlanta and Archie spend some alone time together, which scares Atlanta. But, what will happen?

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So glad that you all liked this story! It's me, Julie. We had already written the second chapter, so that's why it's been updated so soon. Hope you all like this one!

"Atlanta?" Archie said. Atlanta's eyes flew open and she sat up quickly, almost knocking the ice-creams out of Archie's hands. "Sorry." She murmured as she took the ice-cream form Archie.

"No probs." He said and sat down next to her. Atlanta looked at Archie, but quickly looked away as she remembered the dream she just had. She started to blush and her mouth went dry, the ice-cream didn't help at all. "What were you dreaming about?" Archie asked. Atlanta looked at him in alarm. 'Does he know? Can he read my mind or something?' She thought.

"Uh, nothing." She said and moved away from Archie, who saw this and moved closer to her. "What do you mean nothing?" He said. Atlanta started to blush and moved to the end of the bench. "It's none of your business Archie! And what makes you think I was dreaming?" She said. Archie shrugged and stood up. Atlanta sighed and followed her best friend; they were going back to the dorm.

"Maybe with other people there, I won't have to talk to him.' Atlanta thought. But it was useless, the others were still out and Atlanta did not want to get on Archie's bike, she'd have to hold onto him which might make matters worse. So, they watched a movie together.

Atlanta lay down on the couch. Archie sat on her legs, but she kicked him off so he settled for the floor. Half way through the movie, Archie came back to sit on the couch. "Why won't you let me sit?" He asked, and tried to copy Theresa's famous puppy pout, but it didn't work on Atlanta. "Because I want the couch to myself. Go sit on the other chair if you don't like the floor."

Archie rolled his eyes and grabbed her legs. He shoved them off the couch and sat down on the empty seat. Atlanta glared at him, but continued watching. Soon, she fell asleep again.

Atlanta was on her bed, reading a magazine she had stolen form Theresa. Suddenly her door swings open and Archie comes bursting in. "Archie what are you doing here?" She said, looking confused. Archie smiles at her and quickly closes the door. "I came to see you." He said and jumped on the bed, knocking her down. She felt his lips touch hers. She kissed him back and soon his tongue was begging for an entrance. She opened her mouth and soon they were having a heavy make out session.

Archie took off Atlanta's shirt and bra, while she took off his shirt. He was moving down to her pants, while kissing her up and down her neck. "Archie" She said before she left her pants leave her legs.

Archie looked over at Atlanta, who had fallen asleep. 'She looks so peaceful, so beautiful.' He thought. He moved closer to her, this was the only chance he had to get this close to his beloved Atlanta. Suddenly he heard her say his name, which startled him. "Atlanta?" He said, but she did not wake

Archie sighed and was about to move away from her when she spoke again, but this time he was sure he heard what she said. "I love you."

Archie's jaw dropped. 'What is she dreaming about?' He thought. "Atlanta?" He said again, shaking her a bit. Atlanta slowly opened her eyes. When she saw Archie that close to her face, she had to use all of her will-power not to kiss his lips. In stead, she remained glued to the couch.

"What Archie?" She asked, not wanting to think about the dream. 'We went to far! He was about to take off my....' Atlanta shook her head and sat up. "I'm going to my room." She said and ran up the stairs. She heard Archie follow her, but she slammed the door in his face and locked it. No way were these dreams going to turn into visions!

Atlanta through herself onto her bed and buried her head in her pillow. She wasn't crying, Atlanta doesn't cry and wouldn't cry over something like this! "I hate this! Why'd I have to fall in love with my best friend?" She said. Then she heard her door slam and turned to see Archie standing there, the spare key in his hand with a shocked expression on his face.

"Oh great!" She said out loud. Now she was really angry. She opened her mouth to shout at Archie when he moved towards her and pulled her into a passionate kiss. Atlanta kissed him back, it was even better than what she dreamed! Archie pushed her back onto the bed. Atlanta then knew that her dream would become her reality.


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