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A rough day and a really scary nightmare

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Atlanta woke up and sat up. She pulled her legs closer to her body and sobbed quietly into them. If this dream was like the others, then this would become a reality as well.

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Since we are not huge fans of smut, we won't write what happens between them in the room. So ya, here's the next chapter you have all been waiting for. (or not, if you're a big fan of smut, so sorry about that then)


Atlanta woke up and saw that the sun was just about to set. She tried to sit up but felt someone holding her tight around her waist. Atlanta turned to see Archie sleeping in the same bed as her. Suddenly the events of what had happened replayed in her mind.

"Oh shit." Atlanta said and scrambled out of the bed and picked up her clothes off the floor. Archie turned over in his sleep and she quickly got dressed. 'Shit, what am I gonna do?' Atlanta thought as she paced the room.

There was a knock on her door and Atlanta froze. "Lannie, are you in there?" Came Theresa's voice. At this, Archie woke up. Atlanta motioned for him to keep quiet. "Yeah Theresa, but I'm kinda busy right now. What do you want?"

Theresa turned the door knob and was about to open the door when Atlanta slammed it shut. "What are you doing?"

"I'm changing my clothes; I'll meet you down in the kitchen." Atlanta said and turned her back to Archie as he got dressed. She heard Theresa sigh. "Ok, fine. By the way, have you seen Archie?"

"Nope!" Atlanta said and kept her ear to the door and listened to Theresa's footsteps go down the stairs. Atlanta sighed and felt Archie's hand on her shoulder, but she quickly shrugged it off. She hated the affect he had on her.

"What's wrong Lannie?" He asked. Atlanta shook her head and left her room.


"Did you find Atlanta?" Jay asked Theresa as she came downstairs. The girl nodded and went to the kitchen. Atlanta soon came bounding down the stairs as was about to leave when Theresa caught her.

"Have you forgotten already? Talk, in the kitchen, now!" Theresa said. Atlanta hung her head and followed her friend to the kitchen. On the way, Archie came down the stairs and bumped into Atlanta. His touch on her skin made goose bumps appear there.

"I'm going out." Was all he said to any one who wanted to know, which was only Jay. "Now, what did you want to talk about?" Atlanta asked. "I just wanted to know how your quality time with Archie went."

Atlanta stopped in her tracks. 'She knows! Oh shit, shit, shit'

Theresa smiled. "Herry caught the two of you in the park eating ice-cream together and then we saw that you two watched a movie together. So, what happened after that?"

Atlanta sighed. 'She doesn't know the whole thing.' "Nothing, just me and Arch hanging out like best friends, doing things that best friends do." Then she remembered what they had just done. 'Except that.'

Theresa's smile was gone now. "Oh, ok then." And with that, Atlanta left the kitchen as fast as she could.

She went into the living room where she found Jay watching something on the TV. "Hey Jay."

"Hi Atlanta." He said without taking his eyes off the screen. She sat down next to him, pretending to be paying attention to whatever was on, but she kept thinking back to what she had done.

'I can't believe I let my dreams become reality. I can't believe I did that! Wait, what if I get pregnant? Oh shit, I'm only 16! I wish I hadn't done that, I really, really wish I hadn't'

While Atlanta was thinking this, she hadn't realised how late it had become. Jay and Archie were standing in front of her, saying something to her, but she blocked them out. Finally Archie's face came to view and she heard what he said.

"Atlanta, are you ok?" She looked at him. "Yeah. What's the time?" She asked. Jay looked at his watch. "It's 10, I think maybe we should go to bed."

Atlanta nodded and got off the couch. She went up the stairs with both boys behind her. As she reached her room, she heard Archie behind her. "Lannie, are you sure you're ok?" He asked. Atlanta nodded. "Never been better."

Archie nodded and went off to his own room. Atlanta fell onto her bed without getting changed and fell asleep.

She was going to her room when she felt strong hands pull her into an empty room. It's dark and she can't make out whose room it is or who pulled her in. The person starts kissing her up and down her neck. Atlanta lets out a groan. He quickly spins her around and kisses her roughly on her lips. She kisses him back and very soon she feels his tongue across her lips, asking for entrance. Atlanta opens her mouth slightly and soon their tongues are entwined.

He pushes her back until she reaches the edge of the bed. She falls onto it, with him on top of her. Atlanta pulls away from the kiss and now she can see his face more clearly. "No" She whispers. The boy nods and continues kissing her and slowly undresses her, but she can't stop him. She's frozen. He kisses her softly on the cheek and enters her body.

Atlanta woke up and sat up. She pulled her legs closer to her body and sobbed quietly into them. If this dream was like the others, then this would become a reality as well.


So, we put a bit of it in, but not a lot. And we kinda left you hanging, who is the guy in the dream? Is it someone we all know, or someone from her past that we have made up? Hehehe, aren't we just evil? And you will be hearing form us pretty soon with a new story that all of us will be writing! Yay! Now, review!
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