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A Talk With Theresa

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Atlanta tells Theresa about her dreams.

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We know none of you could guess who it was Atlanta dreamt of, but we will have to keep you guessing until the end of this chapter. That ok? Anyways, here's a clue, it is someone that they all know. So, it could really be anyone. Ok, we'll stop with the teasing now.


Atlanta didn't sleep again at all that night. She was too afraid that she would have that dream again. It scared her so much that someone who she thought that she could trust would actually do that to her.

'Lannie, it was just a dream. It won't be like the dreams with Archie.' She thought. Sunlight slowly crept through Atlanta's window and she could hear the others getting up. Atlanta got off her bed slowly and opened her door. She saw Theresa making her way down to the kitchen.

Atlanta sighed and followed the other girl to the kitchen where Herry was already eating breakfast. "Morning." They all said to one another. Soon Jay came down stairs followed by a grumpy Archie. Atlanta tried to smile at him, but the dream kept playing in her head.

"It's a Saturday, people are meant to sleep in on a Saturday!" Archie complained to Jay who just shook his head. Archie saw Atlanta and smiled at her but she looked away. "I'm going back to my room." She muttered and grabbed a piece of toast and ran back up the stairs just as Odie came up from the basement.

Theresa frowned. "I'm going to see what's wrong with her." She said and followed Atlanta. Odie looked at the boys who just shrugged. "Must be a girl thing or something."


"Atlanta! Come one, open up and tell me what is wrong with you!" Theresa said, getting annoyed. Finally she heard the lock on the door and saw it swing open. Atlanta stood there with no expression on her face.

"Ok, are you going to tell me what is wrong?" Theresa asked. Atlanta nodded and moved out the way so Theresa could enter her room. Atlanta closed and locked her door and turned to Theresa, tears almost coming out of her eyes.

"I've been having these dreams. They started off innocent but then we would go further. But last night I dreamt I went all the way, but with someone else."

Theresa looked at Atlanta, shocked. Who would have thought that Atlanta had these kind of dreams? "Ok, but who are the guys you are talking about?"

Atlanta sat down on her bed and pulled her legs up and rested her chin on her knees. "The first guy is Archie. But the reason why I'm so freaked out is that the ones with Archie and I came true."

"So that means you and Archie.." Theresa started to say, but Atlanta just nodded. Theresa was shocked, yet again. "Ok, but who was the second guy?" She asked. Atlanta closed her eyes as she remembered the look in his eyes when he was kissing her.

"I...I..I don't want to even think about it!" Atlanta said. She looked at Theresa, tears coming down her face again. "Theresa, I'm afraid. What if he comes back? Then this dream would come true!"

Theresa was confused now. "What do you mean by comes back? Is this someone from your past or something?"

Atlanta shook her head but then stopped. "Well, yeah, in a way." She said. Theresa stood up and paced the room. "You aren't really helping me figure all of this out Atlanta. Can you please tell me who the guy is so we can protect you from him? Then maybe we can talk to Persephone about these dreams." Theresa said and looked back at Atlanta, who was looking at the ground.

After a while, Atlanta looked up at Theresa. "The other guy is Pan"

Really short! Sorry about that, but we just wanted to end it off like that. Pan wasn't really our first choice person, we changed it when we started writing this chapter. It originally was going to be Jay (hehe, sorry!) but then we thought he wouldn't do anything like that, neither would any of the other guys and then Pan jumped out at us!
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