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Game of Truth

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Jay paused. 'The big 'V'? What's 'the big 'V'?' 'You know,' Neil said, stealing some of Herry's popcorn. 'Virginity, to be or not to be a virgin, you get the picture.' (mild sex at the end)

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Ch. 1: Game of Truth
'Truth or dare?' Theresa asked Archie.
'Oh,' Neil said in a baby voice. 'Is wittle Archie afwaid of a dawe?'
'Shut up, Neil!' Archie said annoyingly.
'Who was your first kiss?' Theresa asked him.
Archie paused. They were all in the living room; Herry munching on a bowl of popcorn, Odie was making documentation on their life all together, Atlanta and Archie were sharing a chair and Theresa was leaning on Jay's chest with his arm wrapped protectively around her shoulders, them being in a relationship and all.
'Alanna Doucette,' he said with a grin on his smug face. 'She was a foreign exchange student from France and I was her tour guide. One thing led to another. She told me that we should keep in touch, but I lost her number.'
'My man!' Herry said giving Archie a congratulatory high-five. Atlanta and Theresa were not smiling, Atlanta, in fact, was downright glaring at the TV.
'Okay, Jay,' Archie asked him. 'Truth or dare?'
Archie grinned. 'I have the perfect question for you,' Jay and Theresa wore perplexed looks on their faces. 'Who did you lose the big 'V' to?'
Jay paused. 'The big 'V'? What's 'the big 'V'?'
'You know,' Neil said, stealing some of Herry's popcorn. 'Virginity, to be or not to be a virgin, you get the picture.'
Jay pursed his lips. 'Interesting question, Arch.'
'Oh just answer the question, Jay.' Theresa said, rather annoyed.
Jay sighed. 'Her name was Brook McQueen. She was another camper at a sailing camp with me a while ago. We've been friends for a long time now. It happened a long time ago.'
'Well how long is 'a long time ago'?' Theresa said, moving from Jay's chest.
'When I was 15.'
'15? 15!' Atlanta exclaimed. 'You lost your virginity when you were 15? I'm 15!!'
'So?' Theresa asked, leaning back onto Jay's chest. 'I lost mine when I was 15.'
Atlanta gaped at her.
Theresa sighed. 'and a half.'
'I lost mine a couple months ago, still 15, a score!' Archie piped in.
'I lost mine on my 16th birthday...what a day!.' Herry added.
'I lost mine at 15.' Neil said.
'I'm still virgin.' Odie said very, very quietly.
'Same here, Odie.' Atlanta said, standing up. 'C'mon, Odie, let's go to the mall and do some virgin stuff.'
And at that, they marched off to the door and slammed it shut, well, Atlanta slammed it shut. Theresa leaned over to Archie and gave him a hard punch on the shoulder.
'Nice going, Archibald Owen.'
Archie hated it when someone called him his full name.
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