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Forgiveness is Bittersweet

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Atlanta and Archie are having some issues and Jay and Theresa make plans...

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Ch. 2: Forgiveness is Bittersweet

'Atlanta please talk to me!' Theresa yelled at a white-painted door.
'Still nothing, eh?' Jay said, slipping his arms around Theresa's waist.
'No,' Theresa sighed. 'And it's all thanks to Archie's stupid Truth or Dare game. He was the one who brought it up. I just don't see how she can be overreacting so badly towards this. I mean, the Silent Treatment wasn't bad enough during lunch at school today, but now she can't stand to be in the same room as us, except for Odie.' Theresa twisted around in Jay's arms so that they were facing each other, noses mere inches away. 'What do we do, Jay?'
'About Atlanta?'
'About us. I wanted us to lose our virginity to each other, but we've already lost it. If only there was a pill to give us back our big 'V'.'
'Well then let's do it.'
'You know,' Jay said, tightening his grip on her waist, bringing her closer.
'Tonight we'll come over to my room and we'll-'
'Hey Theresa, Jay,' Herry said as he walked across the hallway. 'What're you doing tonight?'
Jay winked at Theresa and she smiled.
'Oh,' he said. 'Nothing much. You?'
'Eh,' Herry said, taking a giant bite out of his apple. 'Same old, same old; Neil, Odie and I're gonna watch a movie, or TV, or TBS, nothing special.'
'I think that we'll have a romantic dinner, then...' Jay didn't finish his sentence, he just smiled. He murmured just loud enough for Theresa to hear, but she still to him to 'shush'.
'Well have fun.' Herry said absentmindedly, walking past them, he was used to
lovey-dovey stuff like that around Theresa and Jay.


They ate by a candle lit dinner, the smell from scented candles wafted around the room,
Theresa and Jay were eating spaghetti on the table in the kitchen. Atlanta and Archie
(Whom she was still very cold to) were out on a run, Odie, Neil and Herry were out
seeing a movie, their typical Friday night. Jay and Theresa didn't even mind that the food
wasn't very good, but that the other was there with them. their food almost untouched,
Jay and Theresa quietly walked upstairs to Jay's room and locked the door behind them.
It didn't turn out as planned.


'So, if you could be any object, what would you be?' Jay asked Theresa. They
were both
sitting on Jay's bed, clothes still on, Theresa's makeup anything but smeared and their
hair neatly brushed from earlier before.
'I dunno,' she said. 'I guess I'd be a cell phone because that way anyone can
reach me and also I'd be a life line for some people. Just don't tell Archie that!'
Jay laughed and checked his watch. 1:03.
'Oh no.' he whispered.
'What is it?' Theresa asked, but then smile faltered. 'We didn't do it. We had
planned to, but we didn't.'
'How did this happen?' Jay asked. 'I mean, the whole us wanting to lose our non-
existent virginity to each other?'
'Peer pressure, I'd say.' Theresa answered. 'But then again, we're not what others
might call 'normal' teenagers. I mean, we save the world every so often from a tyrannical god.'
Theresa got up, off of Jay's bed and headed for the door.
'We'll make a date,' she said, smiling. 'Saturday night at the Metropolitan Hotel.
7:00. Room 214. We'll do it then.' And at that, Theresa quietly crept out of the room, leaving Jay smiling for the next night.


'Atlanta, you can't ignore me forever!' Archie said through his PMR.
'I can try can't I?' Atlanta's voice replied.
Archie checked his watch. 1:03.
'Atlanta, just please come home, you could get into trouble.' Archie replied
'Archie,' Atlanta said annoyingly. 'I'm at the movies. What trouble could I get
'Odie came home hours ago, the least you could do is follow his lead.'
'Well why don't you mind your own damn business!' Atlanta yelled and hung up.
Archie sighed. Atlanta had never yelled at him like that before. She must be really ticked, he thought, and glumly walked beck to his room.
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