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You're Longing To Sing

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A/N: This chapter's a little bit of a filler to give you some info and hopefully answer or bring up a few more questions. Not long to go now though grins evilly But the epilogue is gonna be pretty long for reasons that you shall find out. Kudos and cookies to anyone who guesses!
Disclaimer: Come on, have I ever owed?

Chapter 46
You're Longing To Sing

He wouldn't eat, he wouldn't drink - convinced that anything she fed him was his friend's flesh; any drink she pressed to his chapped lips was his friend's blood. Horrified and steadily crazed by the sick way that Frank Iero had died he was slowly fading away but she wouldn't let him go yet. She would force food down his throat, even if he was sick for hours afterward and make him drink. She didn't care how much he screamed, how many scratches marked her pale skin from where his nails had raked into her flesh.
But all he did was vomit and scream, he'd stopped crying - it was as if he had no more tears to cry. But as he faded the court and the city seemed to fade too, day by day more and more of the guard would be lost back to the forest, hating even with their black hearts what their mistress had done. And despite all of her power there was nothing Melaina could do to get them back.
Three days after Frank Iero had died no one but her, her daughter, Tiberius Penny and of course Gerard were left in the palace.
Two days later Tiberius disappeared. He was never seen again and it was felt in all of their hearts that no living soul would see him again either.
Four people in a massive city. Four people in a huge palace. For people in a cavernous room. Four people but one was missing.


"Why are you keeping me alive?" They were the first words to echo from his lips in days and she looked up from where she had been writing out more letters addressed to no one, surprised to hear his voice.
"Because I haven't finished." She told him curtly. He sighed and went back to tracing the carpet but just from looking at him she knew that he'd finally come back; there was a tiny spark now hanging on in his nearly empty hazel eyes. "Stop picking at the carpet Gee, you'll make holes." She told him quietly, her pen scratching across the surface as she even sounded to her own ears, like a scolding mother.
He looked up at her, leaning his head back against the bedpost that his right wrist was chained too. Half naked and covered in blood from the cell, his long black hair a tangle around his gaunt face he didn't half look a mess. "Why do you hate me Mel?"
She stopped, half way through a word as she swallowed hard. "Because I do." She muttered.
He shrugged "That's not much of an answer." He told her quietly, picking at the almost translucent skin stretched across his left palm.
She looked up slowly "Because you left, and because you make Kaela happy and because I thought I was going to die, and because you never came back to the grave and because..." She trailed off, her hands balling up into fists "Because you were perfect and then we went and fucked up and then I never wanted to see you again. But then the next thing I knew you were fucking everywhere and I couldn't get away. Kaela loved you to death never missed an interview but me...I just hated you more and more and more." She sighed and stood up, walking across the room to kneel infront of him. "So because I'm a fucked up ex-girlfriend I fucked your life up to the point where you don't want to live it anymore." An evil, almost manic grin spread across her face "But what about the fans? Your loyal grassroots? What will they do when you're dead?" He closed his eyes and looked away from her but she jerked his head back around "Look at me Gerard, you're a coward and a freak and you're just as fucked up as I am." She spat at him, her eyes blazing "So go fuck it all my friend cos it's gonna end soon." She muttered, her hand colliding hard with his cheek seconds later, leaving a nasty red mark.
He opened his eyes and looked at her with all the hatred and flaming anger in the world "You are a bitch Melaina Walker." He told her venomously "And the sooner this hell ends the better."


Kaela sighed as she watched her chrysanthemums grow, soon they would be ready and so would she but she cursed in her young mind what would have to happen before that. She was so wrapped in her thoughts that she didn't notice Penny slip in and only turned around when the woman was sitting next to her, her eyes also glued to the glowing plants.
"It's a dangerous game Kae," She murmured "Anything could go wrong."
The little girl nodded "I know." Was all she could get out.
Penny sighed and put her arms around the ten year old "I'll come with you," She whispered "I want to see him again. Anyway," She told Kaela, a little brighter "You'll need some help Miss Walker."
Kaela smiled up at her "Thank you Penny." She mumbled as she stood up, covering the plants again. "How long have we got?"
Penny sighed and closed her eyes for a minute "Three days." She told the child when she opened them "Three days and it'll be over."

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