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Chapter Six

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well here you go

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"Gerard. Way." He slowly sounded out every syllable. Gerard? How? Shit!
"I have to go." I grabbed my pants from the chair and ran off the bus. I didn't know where to go. I just ran and ran. Everything was spinning and I fainted in front of a bus. Someone must have found me because I woke up in an all too familiar bunk. I rolled out quickly and walked to the front. Bert was sitting there with the other guys.
"You feel okay Porcelain?"
"F-fine. I outta go."
"You sure you're alright?"
"Mhmm." I walked off the bus with tears in my eyes. Quickening my pace I finally reached my bus. When I got on all the boys were fighting over a cupcake. Normally I would eat it and solve the problem but today just wasn't the day. I walked to the back of the bus silently. When I reached my bag I pulled out the pulls and took more than the daily dose, like I always did. I felt slightly better and walked back to the front and decided on a movie. Rocko plopped down next to me.
"Oh! What movie?"
"Texas chainsaw?"
"Bomby." I flicked on the movie but I couldn't shake the memories from my mind. I did everything in my power to escape that boy and he found me! How did this happen?
'Calm down Alaina all you have to do is hide your identity. Like you've been doing for three years. Just don't let him find out the real you. Only three months.' I was talking to myself. Usually when I did that I made odd hand motions. I must have because Whitey, Snake and Rocko were staring at me.
"Explain?" I laughed nervously and told them the whole story. They sat there dazed and shocked.
"How did he find you!?" Snake flailed his arms around.
"I don't know! But he doesn't know who I really am."
"Lets keep it that way."
"I agree. I just have to avoid him. I'm going to take a nap." They all nodded and let me leave. I got into my bunk when I heard Whitey yell something.
"Where did you get those peejays?" I looked down and remember who gave them to me.
"Shit!" my head hit the pillow hard when I let myself fall back. He laughed and walked away. Maybe a nap would make everything better. If it didn't guess who was getting smashed tonight?
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