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Light Bulb!

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Archie has an idea!

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Ch. 4: Light Bulb!

No one had a peaceful evening. Archie's Simple Plan music was on Ãœber- loud, Atlanta was working out to Avril Lavign music, Theresa was out at the mall until it closed at 1:00 am., Jay was continually telling Archie and Atlanta to turn their music down, and Herry, Odie and Neil were watching 'Friends' on TBS, not that it really fit the Brownstones mood. Everyone was grateful that it was a Friday evening.
'Hey, Herry?' Odie asked him.
'Yah little buddy?'
'Do you think the group will stay together?'
Neil laughed. 'Odie, we kept together after Jay's death, I think we'll be okay.'
Odie forced a laugh. 'Yah,' he said. 'I guess so.'
The continued to watch 'Friends' until Ross said to Rachel, 'I thought you were trying to seduce me with your nakedness!'
'I wish that our lives were like the ones in Friends, you know?' Herry said.
'What,' Neil replied. 'And have all the drama?'
'No,' Herry said. 'I mean always being friends, no matter what. Because even though there's so much drama, in the end they always stay friends.'
'Herry, in case you haven't noticed,' Odie said. 'Our life isn't a TV show.'
Neil laughed. 'Yah, and what would it be called? Class of the Titans? Team of the Titans? Or how about Neil.'
'Hey guys.' Archie said as he walked down the stairs.
'Hey,' Herry mumbled coldly.
Archie sighed. 'You guys aren't mad at me are you?'
'We're not mad at you, Arch,' Herry said. 'it's just that you are the one that came up with us playing truth or dare. That's all.'
Archie walked over to them and slumped onto the couch with the other three.
'What do I do guys?' he asked them. 'I mean, earlier on, jay came into my room and started yelling at me for ruining his life and his now non-existent ex-relationship wit Theresa who won't even look at me. I have gotta fix this or else...' Archie feared the worst. Then a little light bulb lit up in his mind.
'Odie, you have a colour printer in your room, right?'
'Do Monica and Chandler get married?' Odie replied in a sarcastic tone.
'Well I don't care about that, so can I use it?'
'Sure, man. Why?'
'I'll tell later,' Archie said, running down the stairs to Odie's room all the while muttering, 'I hope this works, I hope this works, I hope this works...'

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