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The Mist Lifted...

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'You love Theresa, don't you? Then patch things up with her. She's leaving for the mall now, alone. Ask her if you can go with her. Things will work out, I promise.' She didn't realize how close...

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Ch. 5: The Mist Lifted...

'Jay!' Archie said, catching Jay right before he retreated into his room.
'What?' Jay asked him, anything but friendly. Is actually impossible
'Here,' Archie said, handing him a purple flyer. 'this is for today. It is a free buy at any store on sale.'
'Archie,' Jay said with a this-is-such-a-bad-joke tone. 'I'm really not in the mood and even if we were on speaking terms I would tell you that this is actually impossible to happen in any mall worthy of customers. But we're not on speaking terms, but I have the feeling that you know my opinion on this matter.' Jay was about to enter his room and lock the door when Archie held his shoulder back and gave him a hard look.
'Jay,' Archie said, boring into his eyes. 'You love Theresa, don't you? Then patch things up with her. She's leaving for the mall now, alone. Ask her if you can go with her. Things will work out, I promise.'
Jay stared at him for a moment then bolted down the stairs for a Saturday afternoon of 'fun', but stopped before he left the house.
'What do you want, Jay?' Theresa asked, starting the engine of the car.
'Can you take me to the mall?'
'Why?' Theresa clearly did not want to take him there.
Jay handed her the yellow flyer but her gaze was fixed upon the car handle.
'Archie gave me this flyer; it says that there's a sale-'
'Jay,' Theresa said, swatting his hand away. 'Don't believe a word that that liar of a boy s says. He'll twist everything and anything into a total and complete joke.'
'That's funny, coming from you.' Jay said, giving her one of his give-me-what-I-want/James-Bond looks.
Theresa tried to give him a cold glare, but melted under Jay's.
Theresa sighed and said, 'Get in.' they drove for about twenty minutes until the car started to make odd noises and the light showing the gas was red.
'Damnit,' Theresa muttered, trying to trigger the engine with her key.
'What's wrong?' Jay asked her, leaning over to see the how much gas was in the engine. 'No gas,' Theresa said, gesturing to the gas meter. 'I'm going to call for repairs, but it might take a while.'
'How long?'
'I would say around three hours.'
'So,' Jay said awkwardly. 'What do you want to do?'
Theresa paused. 'I think I have some cards in the back.' She said, leaning over and rummaging through the pockets.
'Ugh,' she said, frustration filled in her voice. 'I can't find them.'
'Here,' Jay said, leaning over also to look for them. 'I can help.'
'No, Jay, I'm fine. If you would just get out of here I could be able to find them.'
'Theresa, I'm helping you. Is that such a crime?'
'Depends-Ahh!' Theresa screamed as she and Jay fell into the back seats.
'Great, now we're stuck here,' Theresa said as she and Jay struggled to try to get out of the seats. 'Thanks a lot Jay. You know, if you just stayed beck there, we wouldn't be in this situa-'
She didn't realize how close she was to Jay. Their noses mere inches apart, Jay's breath hot on Theresa's cheeks and her heart beating madly. The leaned in closer until the gap between them disappeared and their lips touched. Jay's hand cupped her cheek and her hand slithered to the back of his neck. Eventually, they grew tired of kissing while trying to sit up and they leaned down onto the leather seats; Theresa on top of Jay. His free hand eagerly moved to the bottom of Theresa's shirt and hers to his. The kisses became more fierce and hard so after only a few minutes, Theresa's lip gloss was completely smeared and both pairs of lips were chapped. They were unaware that the car's windows were getting foggy or that the top of the car was still open, it being a convertible. Theresa took several seconds to go to the front of the car and press he button that would close the top hood; And so by that time Jay and Theresa had managed to take off their jeans and the inside of the red convertible had become considerably hot and sweaty.

By the time the nosy, fat repair man arrived in his rusty old blue truck, the convertible's hood was up and the windows were fogged. Jay had only his boxer shorts and white muscle undershirt on whilst Theresa had only her sexy black bra and matching black underwear.
The repair man wolf whistled twice and rubbed off some of the fog to see Jay and Theresa, both shirtless, covered by what looked like each others jeans and disregarded clothes. The repair man pointed to Jay and gave him a thumbs up, then winked at Theresa. Theresa opened her mouth slightly then tried to leap at him. Very fortunately, Jay held her back just when Theresa realized that she didn't have any kind of top on and she lay back down onto his bare chest.
'I think we should get dressed.' Jay said as the repair man started to pull her car along.
Theresa bit her bottom lip and said, 'Not just yet.' And she leaned in for another kiss.
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