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chapter 21

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I woke up the next morning with a vengeance I had done my grieving now it was war. If he wants to fight then I'm more than willing to play. I had a shower got dressed and went down stairs to find the house empty and a mess. I guess everyone stayed at the Madden's house last night including my mom.

I went over to the Madden's the front door was open and I heard voices from inside so I knocked then walked in. my mom, Robin, Sarah and Julie Sarah's friend in the kitchen with josh, Joel, Tony, Matt and Wes in the living room lay all over to couch looking very tired and hung over apart form Joel who just looked tired.

"Hi Sophie where did you go after eleven last night?" my mom asked.

"Oh I had to see Benji about something then I didn't feel too good so I went to bed." I said trying not to make a bug deal out for it but the minute I motioned Benji everyone's attention was on me and interested. The boys made some rude joke and burst out laughing but I didn't quiet hear it so I just glared at them.

"Aw I hope you're feeling better now?" Robin said sounding considered.

"Yeah I'm fine thanks I think I just drank a little too much."

"Well you must have been drunk the way you where getting along with Benji." Sarah laughed.

"Yeah well don't get you hopes up we still hate each other if not more after last night." I said bitterly. Everyone got the sense that something bad went on between us. I went t and sat in the living room with the boys.

"So what's the deal with you and Benj?" Joel asked.

"Ooo tell me I want to know." Sarah said coming sitting with us Julie following her.

"Oh it's fucking go time, I apologise now to you all for what I may do if he starts." I said. I didn't get chance to tell them any more because Benji walked in looking as pissed off as me. he glared at me then walked into the kitchen to get some breakfast.

"Benj come sit in here." Tony said. Remind me to kill him later too.

"No thanks I don't like to company in there." he said glaring at me I glared back. He sat down at the kitchen table with he mom and my mom.

"Oh yeah mom I forgot to tell you Liam said it was lovely meeting you and thanks for letting him stay but he had to leave for business in Chicago." I called to her.

"What Liam's gone when?" my mom said shocked everyone else looked confused too.

"Yeah he said he had to leave last night." I said Benji looked up at me gave me a dirty look then turned away.

"Why don't you tell them the real reason." Benji spat.

"What that is the real reason."

"No I mean the part about you being a slut and that he left you because you're a gold digging whore that never really loved him because you're in love with someone else but you're gutted now because that person fucking hates you as much as I do." He said. Robin smacked him twice up the side of the head.

"Don't talk to Sophie like and that and don't use that language in my house." She said angry at him. Everyone else looked at me worried for my reaction.

"Oh yeah you say all that about me but you don't think what your like. What people really think about you do you." I said being careful not to swear in front of Robin, we both stood up and started walking towards each other. Or moms looked horrified and the guys looked worried and concerned at what we where going to do to each other.

"Oh really care to enlighten Me." he said looking down at me we where now inches from each other.

"I can't say the truth in front of your mother." I said quietly but still with as much anger.

"Go for it." He demanded.

"Ok, ok break it up." Josh said. Him and Joel pulling us apart, seeing that we where about to explode at each other, we never broke our eye contact as we go dragged out side Benji by Josh and me by Joel.

"Ok what's going on with you two, you need to sort yourselves out." Joel said getting angry himself once we where outside.

We didn't say anything we just stared each other. It was hard to tell who was going to hit who first or who was going to get upset first. Joel sighed.

"Look I have no idea what's going on between you two but you need to bang your heads together or something and sort you shit out because I for one and I know for a fact everyone else has had it with you being at each others throats all the time. It makes everything so hard and uncomfortable for everyone with the atmosphere and tension between you two and we can't take it any more and I know by what's just happened you two can't take much more either so fucking sort your selves out." Joel ranted shocking all of us including Josh.

"Fine what ever I'll call a truce." I said giving up I was fed up with all the arguments and drama too. We all looked at Benji for him to agree.

"Like fuck I'll call a truce with that slut, you nothing more than a gold digging, dirty fucking whore." Benji spat staring me down. A new lease of furry went through me.

"Well. Fuck. you." I said in little more than a whisper through gritted teeth with all the anger and furry in it, I could to much more because I was so angry I was shaking. Benji sarcastically smiled then pushed past me and Joel and went into the house.

"Soph you ok?" Josh said looking at me concerned. I just walked off back to my house not answering them. It was weird how me and Benji where because we both loved each other and wanted each other, nothing was stopping us from being together we just couldn't back down' for some reason we found it easier to fight each other than admit or feelings for each other. We could see past all the furry and hurtful words to the undying love we have, always had and always will have for each other.
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