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Chapter 22

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I went straight home not wanting to be bothered with Benji's shit or the hundreds of questions everyone was going to ask. I decided me and Benji would never be able to get along no matter how much we really did love each other it wasn't meant to be if it was we wouldn't still be fighting the way we are. I decided the only possible solution would be for me to leave and go back to my new life in Miami. I rang the airport got myself a flight later that day and arranged for a taxi to pick me up. I got all packed and ready to go when my mom came home.

"What's going on?" She said looking a little worried seeing my cases.

"I'm going back to Miami early I can't stand being around Benji any more." I said.

"Sophie I don't know what's wrong with you two you need to stop fighting for long enough for you to get together. You both know it's what you both want so just do it."

"I can't I tried but he threw it back in my face."

"Well you can't leave because I need you to watch the house for me because I and Robin are going on holiday to France for two weeks tomorrow."

"And when where you going to tell me this?" I said annoyed that she expected me to mind the house when she hadn't even told me she was going on holiday.

"Well when you'd stop with all the drama and give me a chance to talk to you."

"Well you're going to have to get one of the boys to watch it for you because I'm not staying here."

"It's not fare asking them to because it's not there's house. You need to stop being so selfish and get over your problems. You need to stay here to sort you and Benji out before something you'll regret happens."

"You owe me for this." I sighed defeated.

"I'm your mother I owe you nothing." She smirked.

"Whatever, I'm not happy about this I can't promise I'll still be here when you get back... or Benji for that matter." I said laughing slightly making her laugh too.

"Just behave yourself, don't get into too much trouble, I'm going packing." She said walking upstairs. This was going to be a long two weeks.

"Anyway when are you leaving?" I said following her upstairs.

"Tomorrow." She grinned.

"Well nothing like leaving it till the last minute to tell me." I laughed she was unbelievable.

"Well I couldn't give you too much time to try and get out of it could I." she laughed knowing I'd probably have done anything to find an excuse not to stay here. I helped her pack for the rest of the day. At one o'clock the next day Josh came to put my mom's bags in his car as he was taking Robin and my mom to the airport for their three o'clock flight. I went with Josh to drop Robin and my mom off at the airport.

"You be good." My mom warned me giving me a hug. "You make sure she behaves Josh." She said turning to Josh to give him a hug.

"I'll do my best." He laughed. Then Robin gave us a hug goodbye and they left to go to the plane.

"You wanna come over to ours for a bit?" Josh asked when we arrived back home.

"Nah I'm supposed to be going out tonight actually." I said.

"Really where, who with?" he asked. I laughed at him.

"You're sounding like my mom already."

"No really I'm interested." He said turning to me.

"Just some old friends who I went to school with." I said.

"So as in who?" he asked sounding suspicious.

"Josh I do have other friends here you know, just some of the girls I used to be close too before all the Jake shit, I've not seen them in ages. I bumped into them when I was shopping the other day and we arranged to go out to some clubs tonight to catch up." I explained. He looked worried like he was the dad and I was the daughter going out for the first time. I laughed at his expression. "Josh I'm a big girl I'll be fine I can look after myself. Stop worrying."

"Ok well you've got to let me or Benj or Joel drop you off and pick you up." he said.

"Can't we've already made travel arrangements? Besides don't you have a date tonight anyway and Joel was supposed to be going somewhere with Paul."

"Yeah well there's still Benji."

"Like I'd let Benji drop me off and pick me up, he'd probably forget or leave me on purpose." I said he gave me a 'don't be silly look'

"Ok well just make sure you call me to let me know your ok." He said.

"Whatever dad." I said saluting him then getting out the car going into my house.
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