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Chapter 23

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Thanks for all the review guys glad to see your still liking my writing. keep them coming the next chapter comes in three parts bacause it's really long and as you can tell from the ending to this ...

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At six o'clock I was almost ready just putting the finishing touches to my look ready for the girls to pick me up at six thirty. I had my hair down in loose curls again, my usual make-up like I had for the new years party, a lacy fitted strappy top and black mini skirt with knee high black boots on.

At six fifteen there was a knock at the door I thought it was Jenna and Roxy here early but when I opened the door it was Josh.

"Josh what are you doing here aren't you meant to be going on that date?" I sighed leaving the door open for him to follow me in.


"What's wrong with this." I said smiling.

"It ... it's... too"

"Josh there's nothing wrong with it everyone dresses like this and you know it, now stop worrying and go have fun on your date." I laughed pushing him out the door as I noticed Roxy and Jenna arrive.

"OK you have fun too and be safe." He said smiling and getting into his car too leave for his date. I locked my door then went and Joined Jenna and Roxy.

We had a really good night getting drunk, dancing, drinking, chatting, drinking, flirting and more importantly drinking. We where having a laugh in one of the newer clubs Roxy and Jenna where completely out of it, I was drunk but I still knew what was going on I could always handle my drink well. We where on the dance floor dancing when I noticed some guy staring at me. I ignored it at first but every time I seen him he was glaring at me. There was something familiar about him, I recognised him from somewhere. I tried to ignore it and have fun dancing with my girls. After a while I decided I needed a drink so I went to the bar leaving Jenna and Roxy dancing. When I got to the bar I was closer to that guy and he was still glaring at me in the 'psycho mass murder' way. while I was waiting for my drink I glanced over at him, to my surprise he wasn't there any more but then I noticed him walking over to me. As he got closer I released who it was... it was Jake! He'd changed a lot since I last seen him but those eyes... the anger in his eyes never changed. I had to leave I had to go find Roxy and Jenna and get the hell out of here. I turned to go and find them forgetting about my drink but someone grabbed my arm tightly from behind and pulled me into them. I knew straight away it was Jake.

"Don't scream, don't try anything just follow me outside now." He said whispered the same anger and hatred in his voice that he had years ago. Fear running through my body as he gripped my wrist not letting me go as he pulled me outside and round the back of the club.

He dragged me into a dark alley round the back of the club. He stopped abruptly and slammed me against the wall using his full weight to pin me against the wall. His eyes boring into mine, his right arm across my throat and his left arm pinning both my arms down.

"You stupid fucking bitch coming back here. You should never have returned here. For seven years SEVEN FUCKING YEARS I was locked in that shit hole because of you. Seven years of anger building up waiting to find you and make you pay for what YOU made me have to do. YOU FUCKING RUINED MY LIFE I was supposed to go on my football scholarship but no because of you, you stupid fucking bitch, I had to pay in the military. Do you know what they put 'guys like me' through in the military. HELL THAT'S WHAT and now, now it's your turn to go to hell." His every word dripping with spite, anger and hatred. He was showing no signs of backing down or showing any mercy. I was frozen in fear I wanted nothing more than to be able to stand up to him and push him away but I couldn't he was too strong and over powering.

", J...Jake please...please Jake...I..." I stuttered sobbing and clearly begging. There was no telling what he was going to do to me and there was nothing I could do about it.

"Don't worry I'm not going to rape you." he spat with a bitter laugh. "But this I will do..." all I seen was his hand rising and hitting me across the side of the face making my head bounce of the brick wall. Tip when human head meets brick wall, brick wall wins. Everything went black all I remember was pain and lots of it.

When I woke up I was lying on the cold floor still in the alley behind the club. I was in so much pain, I felt weak and dizzy everything hurt. I was confused and disorientated. I managed to pull myself up of the floor with great difficulty and pain. My left eye hurt from where he first hit my causing my head to crash into the wall no doubt I'd have a black eye there, my ribs where killing my it was so hard to breath I knew some of them must have been broke, my throat was sore from where he was strangling me and pretty much everywhere else; I had cuts and bruises everywhere and the biggest head ache ever. I knew I had o get myself home, I managed to get a taxi home getting strange looks from everyone. I don't know how I made it all the way home without passing out from the pain, I felt so weak I could hardly stay awake and alert. I managed to pay the taxi driver and stumble to the house but I didn't want to be alone, I don't know what made me do it but I found myself knocking on the Madden's door. I was leaning my whole weight against the door frame as I was going dizzy and everywhere was going blurry. The door opened just in time for Benji to catch me as I collapsed into his arms.
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