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Chapter 24 Part 1

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"Shit Soph what happened to you?" he asked as he helped me into the house. I couldn't stand I was so dizzy and everywhere was blurry.

"Jake's back." Was all I managed to whisper out of breath and weak. My eyes glazed over and I just let Benji carry me into the house. I must have looked horrible, a bloody mess, my make up ran and smudged from crying, my hair scruffed up and my clothes dirty and torn.

"Soph, Sophie listen to me stay awake." I heard Benji say panic and concern in his voice as he shock me gently.

"Ow, ow I'm... I'm awake." I said opening my eyes looking up into his still letting him support all my weight. "But so..." I yawned letting my eyes roll shut again. "Sleepy."

"Sophie, Sophie I mean it you have to stay awake no sleeping, open your eyes Sophie, open them now." He shouted but through panic and worry.

"I... I'm awake but ow my fucking head hurts... shit everything fucking hurts." I said as I felt him sit me down on the sink unit in the bathroom.

"Sophie what the hell happened to you?" he said eyes full of concern and worry.

"I told you, Jake's back." I said with a weak laugh. It wasn't a humour laugh it was a laugh out of 'how much worse can things get'.

"Jake? Jake from high school did this to you?" He asked this time with a hint of anger in his eyes. I just nodded my head.


"I don't want to talk about it, look this was a mistake I thought maybe Josh or Joel would be here... never mind I'm just going to go home." I said trying to stand but fell and Benji caught me again.

"You're going no where, not in this state. I promise no more questions." He said as I let him gently sit me back down onto the sink unit.

I just sat there not daring to look at him as he gently treated all my cuts and bruises. Every so often I'd wince in pain when he touched a sore spot and he'd quickly move and apologise. When he was done he stood back slightly and looked into my eyes.

"All done." He said softly. I slowly looked up into his eyes; they where filled with worry concern and ... love.

"Thanks." I whispered.

"Does it hurt anywhere else?" he asked.

"Just my ribs I think I broke some or something." I sat wincing in pain as I tried to take a deep breath.

"You need to go to a hospital." He said looking me over with worry.

"No I'm not going to a hospital, not now anyway I'll go in the morning." I said he went to say something but decided not too. I knew he was going to insist that I went to the hospital now but I couldn't be assed with being messed around with I just wanted to be left alone. I think he got that as he dropped the hospital subject.

"So do you wanna tall me what happened?" he asked gently lift my head to make eye contact with me. He knew I didn't want to tell him what happened but I knew he had the right to know I couldn't just show up on his door step in the state I did, let him take care of me then not tell him what happened.

"No... but I'm going to have to anyway." I said looking down at the floor not wanting to look into his eyes.

"Soph you don't have to..." he said quietly.

"I do." I nodded my head slightly; I took a deep breath before starting my story. "I was out at a club with girlfriends and I seen this guy I recognised glaring at me but I didn't know who it was at first, he's changed a lot; he kept glaring at me all night. I tried to ignore it not thinking much of it but when I went to get a drink I realised it was Jake. He dragged me outside into a dark alley and pinned me up against a wall. He told me I was a 'fucking bitch and that I was going to pay for all what I put him through. That I'd ruined his life and he'd been through hell; now he was going to put me through the same hell'. Then he hit me and it all went black now here I am." I quickly explained not wanting to go into too much detail. "Anyway why do you care you hate me just take me next door I'll be fine." I finished.

"You're not fine and you and I both know I don't hate you. Besides I'm not leaving you like this for all I know you'll fall asleep and never wake up if you hit your head which you most likely have."

"Isn't that what you'd want?" I laughed bitterly.

"What?" he said confused to what I meant.

"For me to fall asleep and never wake up."

"Don't be so fucking stupid that's the last thing I want." He said leaning on the sink unit in front of me with his hands either side on me. "Sophie I love you and there's nothing going to change that." he whispered looking deep into my eyes with concern and, love...........................
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