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Chapter 24 Part 2

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so here's the second part, hope you like it. please review or i night not update; thanks to those who do.

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"How can you love me after all I put you through. I'm a bitch form hell remember."

"I deserved it with all I put you through too, I'm sorry I was an ass to you and... I'm sorry I wasn't there for you the first time but I'm going to make it up to you, I'm here for you now no matter what." He said. This just pissed me off now he thought he could 'be here for me' and that would make everything alright. Well I got through a lot worse before alone because of him and I can do it again. I jumped of the unit instantly feeling the sharp pain in my ribs but I was to mad to be bothered about the pain.

"Well maybe I don't want you here for me now, I got through much worse than this before without you and I can do it again." I said bitterly. I seen all the hurt in his eyes from my words and it killed me it hurt my seeing that I'd hurt him a lot more than all what Jake had done to me hurt me. I managed to tear my angry eyes from his hurt ones before I caved, I stormed over to the door the best I could, I had to get out of this house and away form Benji before anything happened between me and Benji the feelings where too strong from both parts.

As I got to the bathroom door but the second I opened the door it was slammed shut again by Benji. I spun round and nearly slammed right into Benji as he was that close to me. He had his right hand leading on the door just to the side of my head and his left hand over my right hand on the door handle.

"Let me go now." I said calmly through gritted teeth.


"Benji let me go now." I said getting angrier.

"Sophie stop it, stop putting on this brave face everyone can see straight through it, all the hurt, pain and...fear." He said. I just looked at him, once again he was right I could read me like a book I couldn't hide anything from him.

"You haven't got a clue what's going on with me. You turned your back on me and didn't give a shit about me when I needed you. I got through all that with out you, I don't need you know."

"You do need me you're not dealing with it you're just bottling it up and hiding it. That's what you do you put on this tough girl act but deep down inside your falling to pieces. Just fucking let me help."

"When you needed help and I wanted to help you, you rejected it and pushed me away well guess what? I may have wanted your help before but I don't fucking want it now. I'm pushing you away just like you did to me. How does it feel Benj? How does it feel seeing how much someone you love needs your help but won't take it, you can see them falling to pieces but there's nothing you can do about it? It feels like shit doesn't it, it kills you inside seeing what there going through alone and you can't do anything to help them because they push you away. Welcome to my world." I said bitterly and angrily.

"You don't mean that. You're just trying to hurt me to get back at me. There's nothing I can do to change the past but you've got to get over it and let me help you know."

"What part of I don't want or need your help I got through all this alone last time and I was fine..."

"You're not fine and everyone can tell you just bottle it up and try to hide it putting on this cold hearted bitch act but I can see straight through it. Give it up Soph you need help and I'm here for you."

"Pity you weren't there eight years ago when I actually needed you to say that too me."

"Look I was a dick head I was an ass too you and I've apologised to you for that so many times but I cant change the past I'm just trying to make it right with you. you need to stop with this grudge against me and see that you need the help."

"And what makes you think I'd come to you for help if I needed it."

"Well you having been to anyone else have you?" he said, he did have a point considering how me and Benji haven't been getting along he was the one who knew more about me and everything I've been through if not all of it than anyone else.

"Fuck off." I scoffed.

"No I won't 'fuck off' until you admit that you're hurting and need help."

"Look get it through your thick skull that I don't want you, I don't need you and I DON'T LOVE YOU."

"Ok that was a good one," he laughed sarcastically. "Now try saying like you actually mean it." He said seriously looking into my eyes. I lifted my eyes to look him in the eyes ready to shout back at him but I couldn't our eyes locked in an intense gaze. Before I knew what was going on he'd pressed his lips to mine. I was shocked I didn't kiss back but I certainly wasn't doing anything to stop him. After a second he pulled back avoiding my eye contact now.

"I'm sorry, I..." he started but was cut off by me kissing him this time it didn't take him long to start kissing back then the kiss got more intense and passionate both of us kissing the other with all the love built up all these years. This is what both of us have wanted for years. When we pulled away and just stood there for a second staring at each other.
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