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Chapter 10

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Movies... or not? And one shared changing room?

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Woot! I've gotten this chapter done and up pretty early eh? Anyways, not much to say, but, uh, is anyone willing to do my English essay:P lol, I probably should get started on that.. annyywways. I hope you guys like this chapter, and ignore my attempt - keyword here is; attempt, at writing a minor "fight" scene. I've rewritten this chapter at least 4 times, changing it completely. And as for jennieman, I hope I've filled this chapter with as much AT fluff as I possibly can for the moment! (L) At least until they get a little bit closer, which they wiil:D yay. Well, hope you guys enjoy!

Chapter 10

"Theresa, I'm not watching a chick flick. End of discussion." Archie crossed his arms over his chest in a way that told Theresa he wasn't going in there without a fight. They had been standing outside the old fashioned movie theatre for almost an hour, unable to agree on a movie title.

"It's not a chick flick! God Archie, just cause it isn't completely gory and filled with car chases and things blowing up every two seconds, doesn't mean it's not a good movie!"

"Then go watch it yourself!"

"Fine, leave me here alone then. But if I get kidnapped, and raped and murdered, it should be on your conscience."

"Who the hell would want to kidnap you? You'd drive the guy insane before he'd have pushed you into his car!" Theresa scoffed at this, and glared at Archie. The purple haired boy glared back evenly before Theresa took off. She purposely walked slowly and passed by a group of dirty looking gang members, who nudged each other as she walked by. The streets were completely deserted, as it was Sunday night, and Theresa just kept going down the street. Archie was about to head off in the opposite direction home when he had seen her turn into an alleyway, and noticed the guys slowly walk towards the same direction as her. He stood still for a moment as the tallest of the group leaped around the corner where Theresa was.

Archie began to worry when neither the gang member nor Theresa walked out of the alleyway. Soon the rest of the group had joined 'The Tall One', wherever he was, and all Archie could hear were a couple of muffled voices. He raced forward as he thought the worst, his worry growing stronger by the passing second. As he turned into the alleyway he stopped dead in his tracks. His worry quickly fell as he smirked when Theresa landed a fat one straight on the guy's nose, which would surely be broken now.

"Bastard," she whispered as the broken-nosed guy held on tightly to his nose in pain.

"Billy!" Another gang member yelled as he saw his friend fall to the ground moaning in pain, courtesy of Theresa.

"Billy?" Archie snorted. "Nice name."

"Need any help there Theresa?" Archie asked sarcastically as Billy's friend grabbed Theresa from behind, earning him a violent flip to the ground and a blow to stomach. Theresa looked up and smiled when she saw Archie.

"No thanks. I've got this," she said as she flipped another guy down. "all covered." Archie wore a smug smile as he leaned back onto the wall and watched Theresa kick about 4 or 5 guys' asses multiple times. When he figured she was done, he pulled her away from the fight before these guys got really violent.

"We should go," he whispered as he grabbed her arm and quickly led her out of the alleyway. "Now." He added as 'The Tall One' began to slowly lift himself off the ground.

"Hey! Come back here!" 'The Tall One' yelled after them as Archie and Theresa ran off. They ran faster and past the movie theatre as they heard faint moans and grunts coming from behind. When they were sure that they had lost the group, Archie stopped to catch his breath. Archie wasn't one to run away from a fight, but he was sure those guys' egos were pretty bruised, considering they got beat up pretty badly, and by a girl no less. At that thought, Archie looked behind him.

"Theresa, are you completely insane?!" he asked. Theresa rolled her eyes in return.

"You could have gotten hurt, or worse!" Archie was flailing his arms in the air, looking completely worried, yet completely relieved.

"But I didn't."

"What?" he asked breathlessly, letting his hands drop to his side.

"But I didn't get hurt Archie. And maybe now they'll think twice before following another girl." She said, dropping to the grassy ground. Theresa looked around, and tried to make out her surroundings. They were in some sort of a field and the sky was pretty clear out and- wait, had Archie been worried about her?

"... and who said it was your job to teach those guys a lesson? Honestly Theresa, do you just waltz into these things purposely?" Theresa hadn't noticed Archie ranting off, but realized that he looked truly concerned.

"And since when do you care what I do?" she asked. Archie breathed in and out slowly, looking uneasy as he rubbed the back of his neck fiercely.

"Listen," he started, sounding almost completely out of breath. "as much fun as it was to see you beat the shit out of guys twice your size, they could have been dangerous and you could have really gotten hurt over there Theresa." Archie said, more calmly now, but still unable to look Theresa in the eye for over a second.

Theresa smiled at his concern. "Thanks for caring Archie...and for coming back to check on me. That really means a lot." He smiled back but was caught off guard when Theresa leaped over and hugged him. He coughed uneasily, but then slowly wrapped his arms around her waist, returning the hug.

"At least you care enough to check on me..." she whispered into his shirt, unaware that Archie had heard her as she nestled closer to him. He moved away slightly and gave her a questioning look, one she chose to disregard. She sighed deeply before gently twisting her body around in Archie's arms, so that her back was leaning against his chest, her head nuzzled slightly into his neck, his arms still wrapped tightly around her.

Suddenly he was extremely aware of the warm body pressed up against his, and of Theresa's hot tingling breath steady on the base of his neck. He heard every little breath, felt every little move she made under his arms. He was more than aware of how close they were, or how tightly he was holding onto her.

He felt himself pull Theresa closer when she shifted slightly. It was like he had no control over what he was doing, like his mind was just shut out as he sat there with Theresa. She shut her eyes, nuzzling deeper into his neck, inhaling the faint fading scent of Old Spice.

Archie noticed her shut her eyes, and was wondering if she was falling asleep. He moved slightly so that her head was now under his chin, not wanting to disturb her if she was. He quietly checked the time and gently nudged her when he saw that it was getting late. She stirred a little at his sudden movement and he quickly stopped.

"Theresa," he whispered softly, trying to get her to get up. But all she did was yawn. He tried whispering her name again, this time a little louder.

"... hm?" She asked, half asleep.

"Terrie, we really have to go home now," he said to the half conscious Theresa.

"Okay..." she said yawning again and then nodded off. Archie wasn't sure if she had even understood him. He felt really bad for trying to wake her when she seemed so tired, so he gently pushed her off him. He was afraid she had woken up but she was still asleep.

"Guess she's really tired..." he murmured to himself. He got up and lifted Theresa onto his back, quietly telling her to hold on. He pushed her up one more time so he could get a better grip and not drop her, and started to look around him. He immediately recognized the field they were in, since he and Atlanta always used to run by it. He started to walk up the pathway, surprised at how light Theresa was. Her arms were loosely draped around his neck and her hair had cascaded halfway down his chest. Her face was buried in his neck as he passed by the park, trying to think of something to say to everyone when he gets home. Hopefully they won't still be up, he thought.

- - all the things left undiscovered;; leave me empty and left to wonder. - -

"Michael? You mean Sarah's Birthday Bash guy-who-ate-all-the-cake Michael?"

"Yeah... wait, you look familiar."

"I should. But then again you were pretty drunk."

"Ashley?" Ashley nodded as Michael began to recognize her.

"Shit girl, I didn't think I'd see you again after that!" Ashley quickly shushed him as the two began talking. By the end of their conversation, they had both made a simultaneous decision.

- -later...- -

"Uhh, Jay, we really need to talk..." Ashley said as she fidgeted in her seat. Jay raised his eyebrows in surprise, almost positive he knew what was to come.

"Yeah, Atlanta... we kinda need to talk too..." Atlanta and Jay both glanced over at each other and sat down across from the two. Michael and Ashley shared a glance before continuing.

"Well, you see..." Ashley sighed and looked over to Michael, a look pleading for help. Michael cleared his throat uncomfortably.

"Okay guys... see, uh, me and Ashley kinda met at this party.. and well, one thing led to another, you know.. and we kinda hooked up." Ashley nodded before she took on the rest of their story.

"We didn't think we'd see each other again, cause, well, he was drunk and probably wouldn't have remembered a thing the next morning. But now that we've well, met, uh, again, more formally at least, we think we should give us a try..."

"So you're breaking up with us?" Jay asked, in a surprisingly calm tone.

"Yeah... listen, we're really sorry and everything.. but..." Jay cut her off.

"It's okay.. you weren't my type anyways," Jay smiled. Ashley snorted.

"Yeah, and you weren't really mine either... all you talked about was 'where have you worked?', 'what do you plan on doing in the future?' and this really weird question about my non-existing criminal record..." Jay chuckled lightly.

"But you are really really cute." She added smiling, before Michael turned and gave her a warning glance.

"Michael? I took you back and now you're breaking up with me?" Atlanta asked incredulously. Michael rubbed the back of his neck, something that reminded her of Archie's old habit. Suddenly she realized how much she missed hanging out with him.

"Yeah, listen Atlanta, I'm really really sorry. I-"

"Save it Michael." Atlanta got up furiously and walked up to her room, slamming the door loudly behind her. Jay noticed that Michael looked really uncomfortable so he assured him Atlanta would be okay. Then he led the new couple to the door.

"Thanks for understanding Jay." Ashley said smiling, before they left. Jay sighed as he shut the door behind them. His weary mind didn't feel like going over what had just happened, so he made his way up to bed quietly.

- - sometimes love is addiction;; sometimes it hurts like hell. - -

Archie quickly unlocked the front door and prayed no one would be up. He walked inside and noticed that all the lights were off. He quietly kicked off his shoes and gently pulled off Theresa's shoes too, letting them land with a tiny thud on the ground. He tried to make the least noise as possible as he carried her upstairs. Fortunately for him, everyone seemed to be asleep so he silently pushed open Theresa's room door. He tried not to wake her as he slowly dropped her off his back and onto her bed. She stirred around a little in bed but when Archie pulled the covers over her she stopped moving and relaxed. Archie quietly tip toed out of her room, afraid the wood beneath him would make a cracking noise.

- - mooorrnning!- -

"Guys! We're late! Let's go Neil!" Jay yelled from the bottom of the stairs.

"I'm coming, I'm coming! Right after I find my mirror!"

"Neil!" Jay yelled as the blonde teen ignored him and continued to search for his precious object. Jay sighed loudly and entered the kitchen.

"So, we leaving?" Herry asked, dangling his keys around on one finger.

"As soon as Neil decides to come downstairs." Everyone immediately rolled their eyes as they heard Neil cry out in frustration. Atlanta quickly came downstairs then, looking very pissed. She ignored everyone's good mornings and reached for an apple from the fruit bowl. Everyone, except Jay, looked at each other confused at her sudden moody behavior.

"Well, I'm gonna start the car." Herry said, leaving. Atlanta and Theresa joined him outside, waiting for the others.

"So, what's up with Atlanta?" Odie asked as Archie grabbed a cereal bowl. Jay sighed as he ran a hand through his hair.

"Last night Michael broke up with her... cause he apparently hooked up with Ashley before at this party... so Ashley broke up with me too." Jay said as Archie listened carefully, pretending to be fully engrossed in the making of his cereal.

"Really? Poor Atlanta... Did you at least figure out if Ashley was working for Cronus?"

"Nah. She's too... shallow for that. I don't even think she knows what Greek mythology is..." Odie laughed. Then they heard Herry honk loudly outside, just as Archie was placing his bowl in the sink.

"Neil come on, Herry's waiting!" Jay yelled to Neil one last time before Neil came downstairs, looking completely depressed.

"I can't find my mirror!" he said in a whiny tone that Jay knew he wouldn't be able to handle for much longer.

"Neil you can look for it once we get back."


Neil. Let's go." Jay said in a demanding tone. Archie snickered as he walked down the stairs and chucked Neil's mirror into the open trash can. He got into the car and sat next to Theresa, just as Neil got in, pouting. Theresa smiled at Archie, who returned the gesture back.

"Terrie, you owe me big time." He said as Theresa raised her left eyebrow, confused.


"A piggy back ride all the way back home." He said quietly, not wanting the others to overhear. Theresa's face flushed as she recalled the night before.

"Oops, sorry about that... I guess I fell asleep." She said, smiling. "But you really gave me a piggy back all the way home?" she asked. Archie nodded.

"Yeah, and you're not that light either." He said teasingly. Theresa scoffed, playfully punching him in the arm.

"Hey, is that the way you treat the guy who saved you from Billy and carried you home?" he asked jokingly. Theresa laughed as she remembered Billy and his friends.

"God, that was actually pretty fun. We should do it again sometime."

"What? Watch you fight some weak gang members with screwed up names by a movie theatre?" he asked, smirking.

"God no. But maybe next time we could actually see a movie?"

"It was a /chick flick/!" he said rolling his eyes. Jay turned around when he heard them laughing.

"Hey, where were you guys last night anyways?" Archie and Theresa both immediately blushed hard as they struggled to answer.

"Uh.. I was with Ares, you know, to get in some extra training." Archie sputtered out quickly.

"Yeah, and I was, uh, with Persephone until really late." She said, and both she and Archie sighed in relief when they saw Jay's satisfied smile.

"So how was your training with her Theresa?" Jay asked.

"Uh.. it was... good. No one got hurt." She said smiling as Archie snorted.

"Can't wait to see what Persephone's gonna say to you." He whispered to Theresa. Theresa gulped hard as she imagined what the goddess would say, or more importantly, do.

The morning classes went by fast and soon it was lunch. As everyone reluctantly gathered their books for their afternoon classes, Neil was complaining even more now, claiming he had found his mirror in the trash. Theresa and Archie were in the next class together, English, and Archie sat behind her. As their English teacher drone on, Archie ripped a small piece of paper out of his notebook. He kicked Theresa's chair, and when she looked back, he shoved the note in her hand. Theresa quickly stuffed it in between her papers and tried to quietly unfold it when her teacher wasn't looking.

Guess what?

/what?/, she wrote back, and passed it back to him. Archie quickly sent it back flying, and it landed on the ground beside her desk. She glared at him before quickly pushing it under her desk with her foot, and then grabbed it before anyone noticed.

Ashley dumped Jay. Theresa was surprised at this, but kept reading.
Ding Dong, the Bitch is dead. Which old Bitch? The Wicked Bitch! MOAB is no more! she read as she tried to suppress her laughter.

How do you know?

I hear things...

eavesdropper, lol.

haha, well, aren't you happy?

i told you, im over jay. but i've got to admit, im glad she wont be coming back.

hell yeah. and neither is mike.

?? what happened?

he dumped lannie too.

omg, nooo way. what an ass. although you must be happy:P

... im over atlanta too.

really? i didnt think youd be for a while...

why not?

uhh, you were kinda in love with her and all?

so? im not nemore.

haha, good to know. arg, i really dont feel like going to training later.

yeah, being carried home asleep is so tiring:P

lol, it is. ugh, doesnt this guy ever shut up? hes been going on for the past hour!

As soon as Theresa passed the note back to Archie, the bell rang, signaling the end of class. Theresa groaned as they walked out of class, feeling too drained to go up the stairs all the way to another 75 minutes of science. Archie gave her a mocking sympatic look when she explained this.

"Gee, thanks for the sympathy Arch." Archie smiled.

"Anytime." He said before heading for his next class himself, gym.

- - training. Oh my. - -

"How's my drama queen feeling?" Archie asked, standing over top Theresa, who was lying on the ground. Theresa moaned out in pain.

"Arrcchiiiee. I can't feel my legs. Give me a piggy back ride to the changing room. Pllleeaassee?" she begged on the ground, too lazy and too tired to get up and beg properly. Archie snorted.

"Ha, you wish I would."

"Yeah, I do wish, so grant me my wish already dammit." Archie chuckled as Theresa pouted.

"That pout might work on Jay, but not on me."

"Fine." Archie smirked as Theresa reluctantly pushed herself off the ground and walked over to the changing room. Atlanta raced behind her as the boys cleaned up the rest of the equipment. Suddenly they heard a shriek come out of the girls' changing room and everyone lifted their heads up to the sound. Someone, whom they quickly identified as Theresa, shrieked again, louder this time before running out of the changing room, wearing only her tiny white short shorts and her peacock blue bra.

Theresa was quickly followed by Atlanta, who was still fully clothed, as they both ran as far as they could away from the changing room. The boys quickly blushed when they saw Theresa running out so... underdressed.

"Eeewwwww!" Theresa cried out in disgust as she wiped her hands on her shorts.

"That was disgusting!" Atlanta added in, looking just as grossed out.

"Guys, what's wrong?" Jay quickly ran over.

"There's a fucking rat living in there. It jumped up on us while we were changing, the perverted bastard." Theresa explained quickly to the boys. Archie snorted [he's been doing that a lot lately:P] as Theresa glared at him.

"Oh my god, eeeeeeekk! It's a rat!" Archie tried to mimic Theresa shrieking, earning him a hard punch in the arm.

"Ow!" Theresa smirked.

"Ladies, get back in there and change." Ares called to them.

"I am not going in there!" Theresa protested. Ares sighed and rubbed his temples.

"Fine. Girls, you will be changing in the boys' changing rooms for now." Theresa wore a satisfied smile as she made her way to the other changing room, as Atlanta stared incredulously.

"Well I am NOT changing with them!" Atlanta cried out, cringing at the thought.

"Deal with it Atlanta. Or change out here." Ares said before leaving. They boys were all blushing madly now at the thought of showering and changing with the girls.

"Uh guys, I'm not gonna bite." Theresa yelled out when she noticed that no one was behind her. Reluctantly and red faced, the rest of the group made their way to the single changing room, now occupied with both sexes.

Theresa was already showering by the time everyone got into the changing room. Atlanta quickly made her way to the far back of the room as everyone fell silent. The only thing that was heard was Theresa humming the tune of a song they couldn't quite recognize as the smell of Theresa's floral shampoo wafted through the changing room. Theresa emerged out of the shower room wearing only her bra and a pair of lacy underwear. She let the towel fall off her hair as she towel dried it, the rest of the boys gawking at her. Odie and Herry coughed awkwardly as they all tried to shower and get dressed quickly. Archie's face turned beet red as his eyes wandered halfway down her body before he mentally slapped himself. But Neil was the only one who let his eyes wander freely down her body.

"So Terrie, are those real, or fake?" Neil asked, his eyes still half glued to Theresa's breasts. Theresa scoffed at him.

"As real as my ass." She answered, earning even more uneasy coughs from the rest of the males in the room. Neil smirked as he let out a small 'nice' to her. Theresa rolled her eyes before pulling on a tiny white miniskirt, with a thin same white belt looped loosely down the skirt. She pulled on a satin blue halter as the boys subtly watched her. Theresa tried unhooking her bra from under her backless shirt, but couldn't manage. She tried calling Atlanta, but Atlanta wouldn't move.

"Guys, can someone help me?" She asked the boys. Jay cleared his throat again, pretending to lace up his shoes as the rest of the boys busied themselves. Finally Neil looked up and walked over to Theresa.

"Babies." He called to them as he unhooked Theresa's bra. She pulled it from under her shirt and thanked Neil.

"Anytime gorgeous."

Theresa walked over and sat on the bench between Archie and Neil.

"So Neil," Theresa started, turning to the blonde boy who was currently checking himself out. "Me and Atlanta had this argument where I thought you weren't a virgin, and she thinks you are. So was is it?"

"Thereesssa! You can't just ask something like that!" Atlanta yelled from the other side of the changing room, blushing madly as the boys turned to look at her.

"Why not?" Theresa asked. Atlanta rolled her eyes.

"Anyways Neil, so tell Atlanta I'm right."

"Terrie, you're not. The guy's too in love with himself to screw anyone but himself!" they heard Atlanta yell out.

"Hey!" Neil yelled back. "For your information, I'm not." Theresa smirked at Atlanta in an I-told-you-so way.

"So Lanta, you still a virgin?" Neil asked. Atlanta threw her shoe at him.

"Of course I am, you dummy. I'm only 15, god." Neil smirked and turned to Theresa.

"Terrie? How about you?" Theresa smiled.

"Wouldn't you like to know?" she answered. Archie snorted. [ha, again!]

"I bet you slept with Billy." He smiled. Theresa grabbed Atlanta's fallen shoe and threw it at Archie too. "Or 'The Tall One', in the car he wouldn't have been able to push you in." He added. Theresa started to laugh uncontrollably, trying to yell out a 'hell no', but only managed to laugh even harder. But Atlanta and the others were confused.

"Who's Billy?" she asked.

"N-No o-one." Theresa couldn't control her laughter, earning Archie many confused looks from the rest of the team. Theresa fanned herself with her hands as she started to calm down.

"Oh god, I feel like a smoothie now." She said to no one in particular.

"Yeah, and you could buy me one too, you know, as payback." Archie said. "and pizza too." He added.

"Fine. But your ass better be in my car in the next 5 minutes or I'm leaving without you." She answered.

"Do that, and I'll get Billy to jump you." Theresa laughed again before running out of the change room, claiming she needed some air. Archie quickly followed behind her.

"Uh, since when are they friends?" Odie asked. Jay just shrugged as they all gathered the rest of their belongings.

Done! Yay! Okay, tell me what you guys think. Enough AT moments in there for one chappie? Are they going too fast? Review! Lol, I hope you liked those little fluff jennieman, and like I said, more to come! Billy! Yay! Lol. Okay, now its just my lack of sleep talking here, so im going to bed. But I expect many reviews in the morning! Lol. Rate and review guys!! (L)
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