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Lily walked back to her tourbus in the morning sun.
The clouds had melted away in the summer day, and the parking lot was buzzing with action. She ran her fingers through her hair, squinting her eyes as she looked up at the bright dot in the sky beaming down on her.
Soon she'd be hanging out at their merchandise booth, signing autographs...walking through the large crowds with her band...singing on stage in the heat.
Lily crossed her arms as she thought of Bert's harsh words...
She replayed this incident in her head..the throwing of the chocolate cookies...the look on his face and his soft, almost blurry eyes, filled with anger.
The irises of the deepest blue clouded over as he inhaled nicotine...
His long fingers and worn down fingertips; a cigarette between nails he had bitten down in nervous moments...
She remembered him, standing there, shoulders hunched and feet shifting...
mumbling under his breath about his immense dislike for Gerard.
"I just can't fucking stand you're dating that asshole..."
Lily's heart had could he say such a thing?
What had Gerard done to deserve..such wrath?
And he was a douche to make her feel bad about dating him...
After all she had shared with Bert, he had known for a year how she felt about Gerard...and he hadn't had a problem fact, he had supported it.
She hoped, deep inside, that he and Gerard would honestly drop this whole fight they were having.
It was ridiculous.
Lily shook her head and frowned as she stepped through a patch of cool shadows cast from the buses.
She sighed and tugged at her tank top, brushing the hair away from her warming forehead, beads of sweat threatening to form under the rising summer sun.
She took in a deep breath to see a small, tattooed man leaning out of a tourbus.
Lily shaded her eyes with her ringed hand,
"Hey Frank!" she called with a wave and a smile, bangles jingling with every movement of her slender wrist.
He looked around for a moment before he spotted her,
"Hey Lily!" he called, stepping down onto the pavement.
Frank looked up at the sky, hands in pockets,
"Looks like its going to be hot...fuck." he turned his eyes to her,
"Do you know the set list?" he asked as a pair of speakers were rolled past them.
Lily shrugged, absentmindedly running her black glittered nails through her hair,
"Uh..I think we're later in the day...after that local band..."
Her thought process was interrupted as Gerard poked his head through the bus doors curiously, grinning widely in realization as he laid eyes on her.
She smiled upon seeing him and gave him a small wave,
"Good morning." she said with a smile.
"Hey Lil." Gerard grinned, taking the steps quickly.
She watched as he walked towards her, dressed in a black hoodie in nearly 80 degree weather.
Gerard continued to amaze her with his choice of clothes.
His black hair wisped across his forehead, framing his hazel eyes playfully.
Those hazel eyes that she could call her own...
He took a spot next to Lily and draped his arm around her shoulders, pulling her tightly to him as he brought a cigarette from his pocket and into his mouth.
"Hey.." Lily said as he brought the lighter to the paper,
"Do you know smoking can kill you?"
Gerard smirked, taking the cigarette from his mouth and giving Lily a peck on the cheek,
"Yeah yeah yeah.." he mumbled, looking away and taking a drag.
Lily frowned, taking the time to brush the hair away from his face, pretending she wasn't slightly giddy from Gerard's public display of affection; as little as it was.
Frank smiled at the pavement, pursing his lips slightly as he caught Lily's gaze. He too seemed amused from Gerard's kiss and squeeze.
Lily smiled a small smile, tucking Gerard's hair behind his ear with a slightly shaky hand.
Gerard looked at her from the corner of his eye, smiling smugly.
Frank broke the moment,
"How come you guys never play acoustics?" he asked, nodding towards Lily.
Lily furrowed her brow, "Uh..shit, I don't know." she said with a shrug,
"I don't know if anyone on this tour wants to hear acoustic songs." she said, dragging the gravel across the black asphalt with the tip of her shoe.
Gerard pulled her tight against him, almost possessively, as he tapped the ash from his cigarette onto the warm pavement.
Frank continued,
"Naw, you should do it."
Gerard exhaled,
"Yeah...people love acoustic songs..." he paused and took a drag,
"Do that one song..the.." Gerard hummed the tune.
Frank nodded,
"Yeah yeah, that song!" he added, enthusiastically pointing his index finger and grinning.
Lily laughed softly,
"That one."she sighed,"You mean Paper Flowers?"
"Yeahhhhh!!!" they both said in unison.
Lily nodded,
" like that song?" she asked, eyebrow raised skeptically.
"Yeah." Frank admitted, scratching his forehead,
"It's..." he trailed off, thinking for the right words.
"Awesome. Moving." Gerard finished with a nod.
"Yeah.." Frank agreed,"I heard it on the radio the other day, and I was like, 'Hey, that's Lily'."
Gerard laughed,
"Yeah, and you had to ask me. Like it wasn't completely obvious." Gerard said with a shake of the head as he crushed out his cigarette with the sole of his shoe,
"You've got this voice...that no one else has." he said, looking at Lily.
"You know, Frank?" he asked, turning to him with a nod.
Frank agreed,
"Yeah, it's true but...Paper Flowers..I think it'd be pretty awesome." he persuaded with a boyish grin, shrugging with his hands in his pockets,
"Besides, you've never played it...and we've been on tour with you three times. Never. Once."
Lily sighed,
"I don't think any of these kids want to hear a depressing song about my drug addiction, thanks" she said, head motioning to a line of screaming kids off in the distance.
A couple fans dressed in Saint Lily merchandise screamed her name loudly, to which she waved.
"I'll be there in a minute!" she yelled through cupped hands.
Gerard laughed softly, staring at her through the sun's blinding rays.
"I'll think about it." she said with a smile, waving at her fans.
Frank nodded and began to hum the tune of the song as Gerard whispered out the chorus awkwardly,
"Look at her she' pretty just to see. And look at her she' beautiful...twisting the curves of her
And look at me as I dance through the room, balance on these toes as I soar through this tomb..
Oh this hole is so deep, so lend me your hand,
pull me out of this white, powdered land of....
Frank mumbled the rest of the song softly, under his breath,
"Of paper..of paper flowers.."
Lily's eyes widened in surprise as they sang their own clumsy version under their breath...forgetting words and skipping verses...
But that was least they knew it at all.
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