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Are you guys dating?

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a fan ask an interesting question

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After Frank had wandered back onto the bus, Gerard and Lily stood there in silence.
In a smiling silence full of the awkward, delicious moments of new love.
Lily grinned and leaned on to the side of the bus, standing under a large shadow,
"So what're you doing today?" she asked, smirking at the way he stood, the curve of his lips....his sweet smile...
"Ah..." Gerard began, "I don't know..." he paused, taking a step forward to stand a foot in front of her,
"Singing, taking pictures..maybe hanging out with you, if you can fit me into your busy schedule." he teased with a grin, sticking his hands into his pockets.
"Maybe...I've got so many things to walk around and sign autographs..pose for pictures..." Lily paused,
"I MAY be able to fit you in. Maybe."
Gerard laughed,
"Ah, ok."
Lily looked into his hazel eyes with a sigh.
"It's good to see you" she said, brushing her hand against his.
Gerard nodded, looking at the fans from the corner of his eye...practically preying on their every move,
"I would give you a kiss but..." he motioned his eyes towards the yelling fans off in the distance.
Lily leaned her head back on the cold metal of MCR's bus, glancing over at her eager fans,
"Ahh..yes." she nodded slowly, "I should go over there. I hate making them wait." she said with a sigh and a furrow of her brow.
"Going with me?" she asked, turning to face him as she began to walk away.
Gerard shrugged,
Lily smiled before turning away, tucking her hair behind her ears as she made her way to the now screaming fans.
Gerard picked up the pace to catch up with her.
"Hey you guys!" Lily said over their screams and clicks of disposable cameras.
Gerard stood next to her with a smile as Lily signed a piece of paper. Two security guards stood by the metal barrier with walkie- talkies in hand, menacingly watching over the fans.
A few girls freaked out and called his name, to which Gerard politely smiled and walked over to them.
As Gerard signed autographs and took a picture or two, Lily stood behind the barricade, talking to a large group of fans after signing their t-shirts and band posters. She leaned over the metal bar and took pictures with each of them, humoring their requests and forming her fingers into the cliche devil horns and peace signs.
A fan wearing a homemade shirt, with pink hearts and Will's face silk screened upon it, leaned over the rail,
"Hey Lily, where's Will?" she asked, excitement dripping from her voice.
Lily grinned as she signed a piece of paper,
"Uh..." she mumbled, "I think he's on the bus right now. He'll be out in a bit." she assured with a smile,
"I'll go get him if I have to." she said with a smile, handing back the signed paper, ignoring the clicks of cameras.
Another fan pushed her way to the front,
"Hey Lily, It's really nice to meet you...I've been listening to your music ever since you guys came out and..." she paused, catching her breath, "I think you're awesome." the fan finished with a nervous smile.
Lily smiled, "Aww, thank you. What's your name?" she asked, politely, keeping eye contact with the eager fan in front of her.
The fan's face flushed red, "I'm Briana." she said, fumbling with the camera around her wrist,
"Can I have a picture with you?" she asked.
Lily nodded, "Of course," she said with a smirk, "How are we going to do this? Do you want to just lean forward or?"
Briana shrugged, laughing softly, nervously...cheeks red,
"Uh..uh...whatever you want."
Lily smiled, glancing quickly at the security guards,
"Here, give me your camera." she said, holding out her hand.
Briana placed the camera in Lily's palm, who took one last glance at the security guards before hopping over the barricade and into the crowd of fans.
She tugged down her skirt with a smile as she pulled Briana next to her in a squeeze, handing the camera to another fan who gladly took the picture.
Before Lily knew it she was completely surrounded by fans on all the middle of a large circle of people.
Gerard stared at her in awe, smiling softly as he watched the looks on her fans incredibly excited and grateful..
Gerard felt admiration well up inside him..expanding in a warm glow through his body as Lily smiled and pulled Briana close to her, putting her hand on her arm as she spoke briefly to her.
He smirked as he glanced at the security guards, who were red-faced, beefy men,
"M'am, back over this side." they demanded as Lily posed back to back with a fan, fingers folded into the shape of a gun, lips pouted.
Lily ignored the demands of the security guards, talking amongst the surrounding fans calmly, politely..happily.
The security guard forcefully asked once more, to which Lily sighed,
"Ok guys, looks like I've got to go." she said with a grin.
The fans sighed a collective "Awwwww" as the security guard grabbed her by the wrist and pulled her back over the barricade, much to Lily's surprise.
She rolled her eyes as she readjusted herself, smoothing down her hair and tugging at her skirt.
Gerard found himself staring at her smooth, pale thighs..the curve of her hips...
He looked up to see two fans staring at him, promptly covering their mouths and snorting with laughter.
Gerard laughed nervously and crossed his arms, to which Lily glanced at him.
A grin spread across her face,
"Hey, does everybody know GERARD from MY CHEMICAL ROMANCE?" she asked, walking over and draping her arm around him.
A couple "Whoots" and "YEAHHHS" from the crowd followed, to which Gerard smiled.
Then, suddenly, out of the back of the crowd, someone yelled,
Lily's jaw dropped open slightly in a gasp. She tore her arm off of Gerard, who had begun to giggle, nose scrunched up as he laughed.
Lily shook her head, "No no no, we won't be doing any of that." she said with a laugh, shaking her head.
"Are you guys dating?" asked a fan, adorned in yet another shirt featuring Will's smiling, silk-screened face.
Lily crossed her arms, opening her mouth to speak,
Before she could answer, Gerard blurted a solid and firm
Lily's face jerked to the side, brow furrowed and mouth twisted almost immediately into a frown.
Gerard shook his head,
"Just friends." he assured a group of upset looking fans dressed in My Chemical Romance t-shirts.
Lily heard a fire roaring between her ears..the flames licking the inside of her skull...fueling an anger inside her she hadn't felt since the video shoot... since Bert had dropped the bomb that Gerard, did in fact, have a girlfriend.
But she wouldn't let it show....she couldn't let it show in front of her fans.
Instead, she smiled,
"Yep, girls..just friends." she said with a laugh, walking over to him and putting her arm around him tightly.
"That's why I can do this." she said, folding her fingers into a fist and raking it over Gerard's scalp, to which he yelped in surprise.
Lily laughed and ruffled his hair once more,
"No competition ladies." she said with a wink as she broke away from him, crossing her arms.
Gerard glanced at her from the corner of his eyes as Lily tried her best to keep what Gerard had said from bothering her.
"Listen, you guys..I have to go. But I'll see you guys at the show, alright?" she asked, waving goodbye.
The fans waved goodbye, shouting "I love you" and "you rock" as she walked away from them, backwards at first, spinning around and sulking at the pavement.
Just as she walked away she saw Will step off the tour bus and heard the simultaneous shrieking of at least 50 teenage girls.
Will threw his hands up in the air and shouted one loud, "Yeah!!!!" before running off to the crowd, arms above his head.
Lily didn't look to see Gerard behind her...she could hear the shuffle of his footsteps off in the distance....
And she could see Bert standing on the steps of his tourbus...
arms folded...
and shaking his head.
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