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Apologies and Paper Flowers

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a new song and more pda?

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"Hey, wait up!"
Lily spun around, laughing at Gerard's request,
"Come on friend...gotta get going." she said, nearing the steps of her tourbus, waving her outspread fingers in the air playfully.
"Hey!" he defended as she flew up the steps, following closely behind her.
He snatched her wrist as she turned to walk down the hall,
"Lily, why are you mad?" he demanded to know, clutching her thin, pale wrist tightly.
Lily pulled her wrist from his grip,
"No, I'm not mad." she began, walking backwards down the hallway, hands outstretched
"Just a bit confused....I mean, I figured you asking me 'Hey Lily, do you want to date' and me saying yes.." she paused, "Meant that we were 'boyfriend girlfriend'" she said, making quotes with her fingers, eyes turned up to the ceiling in mock thought.
"Hey hey hey!" Gerard yelled ,walking after her as she stomped down the bus
Ryan and Adam sat on the couch, eyebrows raised, magazines poised in front of them.
"Uh...." Ryan began, putting his magazine down on the couch slowly. He shuffled off the bus quickly, Adam behind him with a sigh.
"Lily, come ON" Gerard groaned, grabbing her hand.
Lily looked down at her hand, clutched in his, with her eyes wide,
"Oh no no no, Gerard," she said, plucking her hand from his, softly,
"I think we're moving too fast...I wouldn't want our friendship to be ruined with this...hand-holding." she said sarcastically, crossing her arms and leaning on the bunk behind her with a smirk.
Gerard pushed his tongue into his cheek, running it along the inside of his mouth,
"Are you going to be like this all day, or what?" he asked with a raised eyebrow.
Lily shrugged, "Depends on you."
"Depends on me?" Gerard echoed.
Lily nodded, eyes cold.
Gerard sighed, "Lily, I don't want everyone in my business. I've let them in to every part of my life, but I just want to keep one part of me a secret." he began,
"You saw what they said about you and Kris. They into you...and its none of their business."
Lily looked at the ground and nodded. They being the media..the overbearing fans...
She remembered the headlines and snippets in the People magazine..
Kris's face smiling on the cover of TeenBeat, the words "Single" above his white grin...
Gerard looked at her long eyelashes and continued,
"I just want them to leave us alone...I don't want anyone ruining what we have...invading our privacy. I'm trying to help us." he said, putting a hand to her face softly.
"Ok?" he asked, looking into her blue eyes that were turned down to the carpet.
Lily nodded and sighed,
"Ok...fine." she said quietly as Gerard laid his hands on each side of her face.
"I just hate being a secret..." she whispered, avoiding his hazel eyes.
Gerard gently pushed her face towards his and softly kissed the tip of her nose, pulling her to him in a hug, face buried in her hair,
"You're not a secret..."Gerard assured her, taking in her sweet smell...the comfort of her body filling him with ease,
"You're like..." Gerard paused as he kissed her cheek,
"Hidden treasure..." he concluded as he kissed her face sweetly.
Lily laughed, rolling her eyes,
"Yeah right."
Gerard continued,
"Or uh.." he paused to stare at her eyes,
"A mermaid..."
Lily wrapped her arms around Gerard, burying her face in his shoulder,
"Great..I'm a mythical creature." she mumbled into his hoodie.
He tucked a piece of blonde hair behind her ear, stroking her neck with his fingers, smiling as he watched her lean against him, eyes closed peacefully.
He brushed his lips against her ear, pressing his lips against her smooth skin softly.
He kissed her ear, then ran kisses down her neck until she stood up, draping her arms around him loosely and pulling him to her in a kiss.
She drew in a deep breath through her nose, the chemicals in her brain from his soft, warm lips causing her to shiver.
One kiss turned into another, and Lily realized, for the first time in months..
they were alone.
Their lips joined over and over, Gerard's soft mouth meeting hers eagerly, slowly...
passion somehow bridled, leaving trembling finger tips and shaking breaths...
the pure excitement of a new body before yours..unexplored and foreign...beautiful in every way..a layer between the two of them...
heart beating beneath thin cotton barriers.
Gerard pulled her waist to his as he swept his tongue across hers, causing Lily's eyebrows to raise as she felt a hardness against her jeans...
A throbbing, yearning object pressed up against her inner thigh....
Lily ran her hands through his soft, newly cut hair, ruffling it with her fingernails, as she kissed him lightly in an attempt to calm him stop the testosterone raging through his veins.
Gerard moaned softly as she kissed him gently, her hand resting against his cheek, lips tenderly meeting his in a tease of a kiss. Her hands wandered down his neck, stroking the soft, vulnerable flesh beneath her fingers.
Gerard was a sensitive sweet and caring...sassy one moment, weak the other...
It gave Lily great pleasure to see his head tilted back, eyes closed, mouth open in bliss. Breathless moans escaped from within him as her lips teased his neck...kissing and sucking the sensitive, soft skin around the curve where his neck met his shoulders.
It made her smile to see Gerard, an idol to so many girls..
a sex symbol on stage, running his hands over dangerous parts of his body...
weak in the knees..over her.
Practically melting over kisses on the neck..
She grinned to herself as she kissed him one last time before holding him at arms length and brushing the hair out of his face.
Gerard looked at her, a tired smile on his face.
Lily ran her finger tips over his cheek bones, and once over his lips.
He grabbed her fingers in his own small, nail bitten, hand and kissed her glittered fingertips, causing Lily to beam in the dark of the tourbus.
"Hey." she whispered, "You're alright after all."
Gerard smiled,
"Yeah, you too." he said, knocking her jaw softly before pulling her to him in an embrace, "You too."

"Hey Lily, where are you going!!!!?" Will yelled through cupped hands from across the parking lot.
The sun was starting to set on the venue, and Saint Lily was up in five more sets.
Lily was currently being pulled across the asphalt by Gerard, hand clutched tightly in his.
He had just finished his set.....
Lily recalled standing on the edge of the stage, arms crossed...
Watching Gerard prance across the stage, hands on his hips, jeering at the crowd...
The way he spoke into the microphone..oozing appeal.
He turned around and saw her, turning around once more and grinning at her, giving her this look..this look of lust...
And now here she was, Gerard dragging her up the steps into his tour bus, wearing a bullet proof vest....
"I'll be back in a second!" she called, waving to Will in the distance.
Gerard grinned as they made it up the steps, kissing her face and wrapping her in his sweaty arms, much to her protest,
"Ew, Gerard, you're all slimy!" she complained as his arms enveloped her in sweaty bliss,
"Hey hey hey, I made something for you." Gerard said, pulling away from her and wandering to the back of the bus.
Lily followed him curiously,
"You what?" she asked, peering over his shoulder inquisitively
Gerard brushed her away playfully,
"No no no..wait." he said, pulling out his sketch pad.
He pulled back the thick paper cover to reveal a cartoon of a blonde singing into a microphone, surrounded by red hearts.
Lily laughed,
"Is that me?" she wondered aloud, hand to mouth.
Gerard nodded, "Yeah...I uh..drew it a couple days ago.." he said with a grin, proud of his work.
Lily laughed,
"Thats so sweet!" she said, kissing him on the cheek and pulling him to her tightly, squeezing him so he let out a laugh of surprise.
She loved it when he did that.
"You like it?" he asked with a grin, hand on her face.
Lily nodded, "I love it." she responded, beaming while staring into his hazel eyes.
Gerard grinned widely and quickly kissed her, smiling as he pulled away.
Their meeting was interrupted by Will, who popped his head into the bus,
"Hey lovebirds...sorry to interrupt, but we have to get going." he grunted,
"You know how long it takes you to get dressed, Lil." he added, waving a finger at her.
Lily nodded and waved him away, looking up at Gerard with a sigh,
"Gonna come watch me?" she teased, looking up at him.
Gerard shrugged, "Yeah, I always do." he said cheekily,
"You just don't see me."
Lily laughed, promising she'd stop by after her set to at least say good night.
She skipped off the tourbus after receiving one last kiss goodbye, breathing in the warm night air.
She thought of her possible outfits...and decided to just wear her current ensemble..with some primping.
After hours in her merchandise booth, clinging to Will for protection from overbearing male fans, and walking the venue signing and taking candid pictures, she had wilted a bit in the sun.
She dreaded she had freckled or burned in the time allotted.
As she neared her bus she heard a voice in the distance, singing loudly,
"Oh my boy make my heart go giddy-up"
She turned to see Bert and Quinn outside their bus, chatting happily.
She smiled and shook her head, taking the steps of her own bus quickly.
She'd had enough drama for one day.
Lily took the stage in her leopard print mini skirt, paired with black converse low-tops and a long white a-shirt, otherwise known as a "wife beater".
Lily did not prefer the unflattering term, and instead referred to it as her "white trash tank top".
Her blonde hair, which had grown a few inches since her last cut, spilled across her shoulders smoothly, bangs straightened into submission, sweeping across her forehead.
Her eyelids were powdered with smoky-black eyeshadow, her eyelashes heavily coated with black mascara...and her lips were simply covered in moisturizing chapstick.
Will seemed to have followed suit...wearing his hair swept across his forehead, grinning at the screaming of hundreds of teenage girls as he took the stage.
They were screaming for him, right?
Lily stepped to the front of the stage, microphone in hand,
"HEY OHIO!" she yelled, stepping onto a speaker and leaning forward,
"How the FUCK are you?!" she asked, hearing a collective scream as a reply.
She placed her free hand on her hip,
"Well, that's good." she mumbled, toe creeping over the edge of the black speaker,
"We're a band from Chicago...some of you might know us, some of you don't" she said, jumping off the equipment and landing onto the stage with a soft thud.
She turned to the crowd, balancing on her tip toes,
"We are SAINT LILYyy...ever heard of us?" she asked cheekily.
The crowd erupted into screams, to which Lily grinned, almost demonically.
She walked to the edge of the stage nonchalantly,
"We're going to play you guys a couple songs...thank you so much for coming..and thank you so much for supporting us." she said with a smile.
Moments later Will started to strum his guitar aggressively, Ryan joined in with his bass, and Adam pounded away at his drums.
Lily ran across the stage and jumped onto a speaker, spreading her arms open,
"This song is called Broken Bottles!" she yelled into her mic, above the guitar and bass.
The crowd screamed as she sang the intro,
"We're just broken dolls in this.... world. And you're just..yester-days big deal. And..I never was the only one in this..doll-house..this dollhouse of..." she trailed off to sing louder, with strong bass and guitar in the background picking up into a melody,
"Help me..I cant
seeee the way down this hallwayy..and..
IIIIII I I..can't step over these broken bones and ..broken
Oh..I've never been one to share or one to bleed but..
Help me...just help me..I'm not one to scream but...
The crowd finished the rest of the song with her moments later.
While singing a few more songs, Lily twisted and ran around the stage, throwing in random ballet moves much to the pleasant surprise of the audience.
Lily, and the rest of the band, had grown a bit sweaty in the heat of the performance...
She sighed into the microphone,
"You guys still with us?" she asked with a grin.
She laughed at the roar of the crowd and a simultaneous "I love you" from the skinheads in the mosh-pit.
"SO....I think we've all had a long day...and we all need to chill-ax a little bit." she said, slouching her shoulders.
"So..." she began as Will slid on his acoustic guitar, "We're going to do a song we haven't done...I think..ever since we've been on tour." she thought aloud.
The audience cheered as Lily stepped up to the edge of the stage and sat on a speaker, legs dangling off the edge,
"This song is called, 'Paper Flowers'" she announced with a grin.
A concurrent cheer spread across the sea of people, almost as if it was contagious.
Lily help up a hand, "Shhh." she whispered as the guitar started to strum peacefully.
The audience obeyed, hushing almost instantly...a few "WOOOS" piercing the silence.
"This song..." Lily began quietly, "Is about drug addiction..its about me..its about you..its about everybody."
She began to sing softly, almost gently,
"Look at her she' pretty just to see. And look at her she' beautiful...twisting the curves of her
And look at me as I dance through the room, balance on these toes as I soar through this tomb..
Oh this hole is so deep, so lend me your hand,
pull me out of this white, powdered land of....
Of paper..of paper flowers.."
Her voice became a bit stronger as she continued
"Beautiful and broken laid out on the grass
bleeding and screaming on the wings of the past
in the softest of voices the flower screams
trying hard to wake up from these nightmares, these dreams
and she shattered the mirror when she saw her white skin, the crinkle of the folds
the mess she was in
covered in powder and stained in red
Looking out at the others, the field of dead..."

She began to sing the chorus strongly..yet gently,
"Paper flowers strung out on the floor,
covered in powder and wanting more,
stuck in a snowstorm of want and greed
stabbed with the daggers of broken dreams

Im not an angel and I'm not a saint
Im nothing and everything
Im something to break
and Im nothing to you and you're nothing to me
Im beautifully broken but learning to breathe

and I'll keep away from that flame
keep away from that scene
I'll push it and break it like it did to me and I'll
pick up this glass and heal these wounds
Plant her in the earth and maybe she'll bloom
a Paper flower among the green grass,
covered in pollen oh maybe she'll pass
Walking into the crowd with her head up high,
facing the world with a shred of pride
and its all right and its ok
you never knew it'd turn out..this...way...

Paper flowers strung out on the floor,
covered in powder and wanting more,
stuck in a snowstorm of want and greed
stabbed with the daggers of broken dreams

Im not an angel and I'm not a saint
Im nothing and everything
Im something to break
and Im nothing to you and you're nothing to me
Im beautifully broken but learning to breathe....
I'm learn-ning to be meeeee. To be meeeeee"
she belted the lyrics as the crowd screamed, and started out the next part in a whisper,

"A Paper flower so pretty to see,
delicate and twisted and covered in dreams.
And just be careful when you handle her bones
beware of the fractures and the heart of stone
Now its easy to say and easy to see
That paper flower used to be me and
All I needed was a little bit, just a little bit...
Just a little bit..."
She sang the last part softly, almost painfully..

"Im not an angel and I'm not a saint...
I'm a paper..flower..
I'm just a fake..
I'm paper...
Pap-er...oh Paper...Oh..paper...
We're all pap-er..flow-ers."

She finished the song with her eyes closed, opening them slowly with tears in her eyes, and waving to the crowd, which screamed loudly in applause.
She laughed softly as Will grabbed her hand and helped her up,
"Thank you." she said into the mic, waving to the crowd, which continued to praise them,
"We'll see you next time."
As she walked off stage with her band at her side, they stumbled upon all the roadies and techs backstage clapping, including Gerard and Frank.
Frank grinned his boyish grin, clapping his two tattooed hands together. He came up to her and grabbed her into a hug,
"Metal, Lily. Absolutely metal." he said with a grin.
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