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54. I'm Just Another Heart in Need of Rescue

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in which Molly heads back to New York City...and act's like Molly.

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A few days after her conversation with Patrick Molly was starting to pack up the things she had brought back with her for the summer when it something suddenly occured to her. 'wait a second....' she thought grumpily before grabbing the contract she had been contemplating but had ultimately decided not to bring up.
"Dad?" Molly asked as she walked into the living room. Her father looked up and answered,
"Yes Molly?"
"Umm....I was wondering, you know how Sean is getting his own place in Boston?...well being that I'm a sophmore and I think it would help me focus more..." Molly trailed off and stood there awkardly until her father held his hand out for the lease, "Thank you Daddy!" Molly squealed and handed her father the paperwork before hugging him and running out of the room to keep packing.
"I didn't say yes yet." He called after her.
"So, you're really going back?"
"No. This is all a figment of your imagination. Pretty soon you will wake up and you'll discover you are actually a good bassist."
"Haha..except that it wasn't funny. Nice try though. Next time try harder." Molly reached out and smacked Pete on the arm for his response. The two friends were sitting on a foot bridge with their legs hanging over the edge while they threw stale bread at the ducks. When Pete had suggested they throw bread at the ducks, Molly had corrected him.
"you mean TOO the ducks right?"
"If I meant too..I would have said too. Duh. I want to throw bread at them."
"Oh geez."

"No Seriously Mol...why go back? You didn't exactly have a good first year." Molly sighed in response to his question as once again Pete was one of the few people who knew everything that had happened during Molly's freshmen year.
"Dad's getting me a place near campus. I'll be on my own. I'll be able to really focus on school work."
"Right. I'm sure that's what a nineteen year old will be doing with her own apartment in Greenwich Village."
"I will. I promise. You can come visit and check up on me."
"Don't think I won't."
"Believe me. I wouldn't put it paste you. Come on. You've tortured the poor animals enough, what would Andy say?"
"Probably "Give me a piece!" long as we don't eat them..."
"You're going to go to hell. You realize that right?" Molly said as she stood up to lean against the railing
"I've accepted. I've moved on. I figure if I'm gonna burn it should be for something worthwhile."
"That's besides the point, I really need to get going. My flight is early tomorrow."
"Alright. Let's go." Pete said softly looking up at the younger girl.
The next morning Molly stepped off the plane at LaGuardia Airport in Queens, New York and headed for the baggage claim. Once she had all her things gathered she debated between a taxi cab or the shuttle to the train. However, one look at the line for the shuttle and Molly had made up her mind. After standing on the taxi line for about ten minutes she reached the head of the line, threw her things in the back and gave the driver her new address right across from Washington Square Park.
Pulling up to the apartment building Molly paid the driver and grabbed her things before straightening her shoulders and walking up to the brownstone. Walking up the long stairs to the first floor of the building Molly pulled out her keys and unlocked the heavy oak door that led into what was once the foyer of a house and was now the main lobby of an apartment building. Looking around curiously Molly looked down at the paper in her hand.
"Apartment 1C where are you?" She muttered to herself.
"Right past the staircase." Molly jumped at the sound of a voice from above her. Looking up she saw a man standing on the stairs holding a pack of cigarettes. "Sorry, didn't mean to scare you."
"No...just startled."
"Ok...we'll I'm in 2C...and 1C is below me. So its right...there." The man pointed around the corner from the stairs and Molly spotted the door to her apartment, with all her boxes sitting out in front of it.
"Ah...thanks. So we're neighbors huh?"
"Looks like it. I'm Rick Jackson."
"Molly O'Connel."
"Molly...nice to meet you. I'll see you around ok?"
"Yup." He smiled again before heading out the front door of the building.
"Ok O''ve seen cuter."

Three weeks later Molly swung her door open at the frantic knocking.
"Keep your pants on Rick I'm coming."
" you really want me to keep them on darling?" The good looking man responded as he grinned down at his girlfriend.
"Normally I'd say no, but we're late for work as it is." Molly replied as she walked past him pulling her door shut behind her.
"True...later then." He reached out and slapped her ass before taking off running with the brunette screaming his name after him.

"I need three bud light drafts, 2 screwdrivers, and an amstel. God these people have crappy taste."
"As long as they tip it's fine." Rick said from his spot behind the bar of The Mercury Lounge where the couple worked. Molly as a cocktail waitress and Rick as a bartender. "Are you sure you want to be working tonight?" Rick asked his girlfriend curiously.
"Yea I need the cash why?"
"Wellll...." he gestured to the back room where the stage was and Molly shrugged non-comittally despite the fact that the lyrics to "Runaway" could be heard very clearly as The Pat McGee Band jammed out at the venue.
"I can still hear them even if I'm working. Now gimme the drinks." He laughed as he handed her the tray full of alcohol. "You got it?"
"Yup. MWAH." Molly wiggled a little bit for her boyfriend before heading back into the back room to deliver the drinks and hopefully get tipped.
Walking through the velvet curtain Molly slapped a big friendly smile on her face as she went about delivering the drinks to the various patrons. Glancing up at the stage she tried to avoid swooning at the sight of one of the few people who could elicit butterflies in her. It had nothing to do with him being a "rockstar", it just had to do with the quality of the music he managed to make and what it did to her.
'Pete makes fun of me for it, but one day he'll have girls saying the same thing to him. And then payback's a bitch.' Molly thought to herself with an inner chuckle as she dropped off the last drink. Swinging by the stage as they ended their live verision of Runaway, turning a three minute song into ten, and asked Chardy if the guys wanted anything to drink. When he told her to just bring up a couple of pitchers of beer and water she grinned and told him "Right away."
Hurrying back out to the bar Molly stopped short just before going through the curtain at seeing Rick leaning over a giggling blonde. Shaking her head and pushing the curtain aside she was about to rip into him when he immediately said, "Gorgeous!", and turned away from the blonde like she didn't exist.
"The band needs a few pitchers. On their tab." Molly said as she turned in the order.

"Shit." Molly mumbled as she took a swig of the beer she had been drinking.
"What's wrong babe?"
"Either I can't balance my check book for shit or my parents aren't telling me something."
"I just got my bank statement and...there isn't anything extra in it."
"Yea." Molly sighed and grabbed the phone and dialed her home in Chicago. After a few rings her father answered.
"Dad?....Yea, listen, I just got my bank statement....what do you mean you were expecting me to call sooner? WHAT?!....but....bu.....fine. Thank you sir." Molly slammed the reciever down on the table and glared at is as though it would change the conversation she had just had.
"Baby?" Rick asked curiously from the couch of the small apartment.
"They cut me off."
"WHAT?!" he sat up quickly and stared horrifed at his girlfriend.
"Well...sort of. He said he'll keep paying my rent, 'cause he's not about to have his daughter out on the streeth. BUT they aren't going to give me any money until I go back to school."
"That's lame." He mumbled from his position finally laying back down on the couch.
"Lame or not it's the truth. So that means I'm gonna have to do something for money, I'm not making enough at the venue." Molly walked over and layed down on the couch next to him.
"I've got an idea." Rick said a few minutes later.
"Yea? What is it?"
"I'll move in here. Then you're parents can pay for our apartment and my rent money will cover everything else. It'll work baby. This place is way nicer then mine anyway."
"I dunno Rick, I mean...maybe I'll just go back to school next semester. I only left 'cause I couldn't tolerate Robinson follwoing me everywhere."
"NO!" Rick said suddenly grasping her arm hard.
"Shit sorry," he quickly released her before continuing, "It'll work perfectly. We can keep our jobs at the club. Great jobs, free live music, and you're parents will never know that I'm here with you. I can handle the bills with the money I used to use for rent."
"Are you sure this will work?"
"Trust me baby. I know what I'm talking about."
"I know...I just..."
"We'll be fine. I love you remember."
"Yea I know.....I love you too." Molly said softly into his chest.
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