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55. So I Guess We're Back To Us

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in which the new and the old worlds collide. quite literally.

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So I Guess We're Back To Us

September finally passed and finally it was midway through October. Molly and Rick had been comfortably living together in her small apartment since about a week after their conversation on the subject. She had realized very quickly that a roomate was what she needed, and this way Molly figured at least she wouldn't have a strange person moving in and being around her things. Unfortunatetly not everyone saw things the same way.
"YOU'RE WHAT?!" Molly quickly pulled the phone way from her ear in order to avoid being deafened by her screaming friend.
"Peter would you just calm down."
"I will NOT calm down young lady"
"Who are you my father?"
"No! If I was your father you wouldn't be in New York in the first place. You'd be locked in your room until you were thirty at the rate you're going."
"Hey Pot. Meet Kettle. I'm moving in with Rick and thats finale Peter Lewis. I wasn't calling to ask your permission."

The ringing of the phone broke Molly's reverie. Picking up her cell phone from the kitchen counter Molly didn't even bother to glance at the caller ID before answering.
"umm...hey." answered a soft voice.
"Patrick. Hey. Whatsup?" Molly asked awkwardly going back to chopping carrots.
"Nothing. So...I hear you're seeing someone."
"I hear you need a new bassist."
"That isn't new news."
"True story." Molly said with a snicker, "But yea, I'm living with my boyfriend Rick."
"Rick? What kind of a name is Rick?"
"No...his name is Patrick. Patrick Jackson."
"Don't even go there. Pete already tried. You were right Patrick things between us are too broken to get back to the way they were. We're better off this way. Did you call for a reason?"
"Umm....yea. We're going to be playing a show on Long Island. Club called The Downtown. You should come."
"When is it?"
"Next week."
"I'll check into it. Put me and Rick on the list."
"....yea. I'll do that. Bye." Molly sighed at the sound of the click on the other end of the phone.
"I'm sorry Patty Cakes." Molly whispered to the empty apartment.

A week later Molly brought the show up to Rick after dinner.
"So my friend Patrick called me the other day."
"Patrick? As in your ex boyfriend Patrick?" Rick responded with steel in his voice.
"Uhh...yea." Molly glanced at her boyfriend curiously. "He wanted to invite us to a show out on Long Island. We should go. I think you'll like the guys." Molly moved to walk past Rick and almost screamed when his hand shot out to grab her arm. In one motion he had her pinned against the wall. Staring into her face he growled out,
"I do not want you talking to him. Thinking about him. And most definitely not going near him." Releasing his hold on Molly Rick spun on a heel and slammed the door as he left the apartment.
Two hours later he walked back in with flowers and a necklace.

A week after that and it was finally the day of the show. Molly and Rick stepped off the train at Farmingdale station and started walking the short six minute walk to the venue. They were both more then a little surprised at the amount of kids lined up around the back for the show.
"I thought you said they were up and coming?"
"Apparently they up and came a lot faster then I realized."
"Hmm..." Rick trailed off as the couple walked over to the door of the club. Molly reached out and knocked hard on the steel back door which quickly swung open to reveal a male in his early twenties, possibly younger, sporting a faux hawk and a lip piercing.
"I told you kids it would be...oh? Can I help you?" His loud tone softened as he realized he hadn't seen these two yet.
"Yea Hi. We're on the list."
" still can't get in until doors at 7."
"No...I'm friends with the band. I went to high school with Patrick, the lead singer." The guy at the door asked for her name and Molly gave it to him.
"I'll be right back." he finally said to Molly and Rick and closed the door behind him. Not five minutes later the door swung open again and the boy said, "Come on in."
Once the door had closed behind the three and they were moving down a short dark hallway he introduced himself, "I'm Brian by the way. Sorry bout that out there, it gets a little hectic when we get bands that attract this age group."
"Yea...I can imagine. Last time I was on tour with the guys they weren't exactly what you would call really popular."
"Well, that's changed."
"Yea I noticed."
"They're right through there." Brian pointed at a doorway, "I gotta go finish some stuff before the show. See you around"
"You were flirting with him."
"I was not." Molly sighed and walked through the door and said "Hellllllllllllo boys!" before she was bum rushed by three members of Fall Out Boy. The fourth sat slouched in a chair and continued to tune his guitar trying to ignore the feel of two blue eyes boring into him.

The next few hours leading up to the show time were awkward as hell for Molly. Anytime she tried to include Patrick in the conversation he seemed to find something else to do or to talk about. Or he would just blatently sit there and stare at the floor. Pete finally tried kicking him, only to recieve a harder kick back from the normally mild mannered guiarist. After that, everyone decided that maybe leaving him alone would be the best idea. Luckily the show went off without a hitch. Molly joined the kids in the small club, all six hundred of the sold out crowd, and moshed like she was still in high school herself. Pete spent the entire time laughing at her and even then in the middle of all those memories, just like they were kids again---Patrick ignored her.

It wasn't until after the show when the boys were supposed to be meeting fans that Patrick even showed a spark of his old self. Molly was chatting with Brian about some local scene bands that she used to see on a regular basis and what they were doing when she saw Patrick suddenly grab her boyfriends forearm and drag him back towards the dressing rooms. Glancing around she didn't think anyone else noticed and before she could follow Pete intercepted her and dragged her off to meet some interesting fans.
'oh to be a fly on the wall in there....they better not kill each other...'

"What the FUCK man?!" Rick exclaimed as she was tossed into the wall as simply as he had thrown Molly the week before. Before he had a chance to push off the wall Patrick was in his face.
"I'm gonna lay ONE thing out on the line for you Rick. I do NOT like you. It has nothing to do with you dating my girlfriend I just don't like you. I saw the bruises on her arms. I'm NOT stupid. Neither are the other guys."
"Listen you little snot nosed punk." Rick said pushing Patrick who stumbled a bit before snapping and landing a right hook in Rick's jaw. Hard. Standing over Rick, who had hit the floor hard at Patrick's punch, Patrick looked down and said with steel in his voice,
"If I EVER get proof you laid a hand on her you will not LIVE to see another night. And lord help you if Pete notices, 'cause I think he might have been the only one who didn't yet. The only reason I haven't really laid you out is cause for some strange reason Molly's sick little warped mind had decided you're worth something more then the dirt on her shoes and for THAT reason alone I'm not gonna mangle that pretty little face of your's."
"As if you could." Rick shot back and then groaned as Patrick's converse connected with his stomach.
"Try me."
The slamming of the dressing room door clued Rick into the fact that he could get up again.

Molly glanced up at the sound of a slamming door but didn't see anyone for a few minutes until Rick came out looking slightly rumpled but none the worse for wear. When he reached her side he immediately yanked her away from Pete's loose hug and said "let's get home before we miss the train babe. ok?"
"But...I wanted to go out with the..."
"We're going home." he hissed in her ear.
"Ok. I'll get my coat."
As the couple was leaving the club Molly glanced behind her and her eyes met Patrick's from where he was standing leaning against the van. He hadn't been inside to say good bye to her and now she saw that he was outside without a coat on and seemed to be rubbing his hand.
"Baby?" Molly asked Rick cautiously.
"What did you and Patrick talk about?"
"Hmmm....oh nothing hun. He just wanted to reassure me that there was nothing between the two of you anymore. And to let me know that he's seeing someone pretty serious so I shouldn't be worried about him making any moves on you."
"...he's seeing someone?"
"Yea. Apparently she's all kinds of gorgeous. Why? You didn't know?"
"Umm....nope. he must of forgotten to mention it."
"Must have." Rick trailed off as they stepped onto the train and headed back to New York City.

A/N: Title is from "Lying Is the Most Fun a Girl Can Have blah di blah di blah" by Emergency! at the Club...or something like that.

I kinda feel like this chapter is a band aid. rip it off really fast to reveal the healed wound. or whatever. It took 2 weeks of planning to try and get myself the brilliance to write this piece of trash--and i turned it out in 15 minutes.
Hopefully whatever was causing my block is gone w/ this chapter being done.
...also its called beta/edit-ing....I didn't do that. at all.
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