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56. It's Coming Down To Nothing More Then Apathy

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in which Molly and Rick have words. in which Molly and Kyle have words. in which Pete and Molly have words. in which Pete and Rick...have...well sort of a discussion.

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The next few days passed uneventfully. Molly and Rick both worked seemingly non-stop at the Lounge and kept putting their money away for what Rick coined as "a big surprise." The one day Molly dropped a plate.
'He didn't mean it' she thought to herself later as she held a bag of carrots to her swollen eye. From that night on "He didn't mean it" became her internal anthem.
Finally November hit, it had been a little over a month since the Fall Out Boy show on Long Island and Rick had finally announced his surprise.
"We're moving to California"
"We're moving to California." He repeated as he sat down next to Molly. Reaching out a hand he slowly stroked her hair and ignored the fact that she tensed up everytime his hand came anywhere near her face.
"But why?"
"Because its nicer there. Its warmer."
"But Rick..."
"But what Molly?" He asked tightening his grip slightly on her pony tail.
"Nothing. When are we leaving?"
"Next week. I've already made arrangements with the lease."
"Oh...ok. I'll start packing I guess." Molly said quietly getting up off the sofa, when she thought she was far enough away she muttered "crazy asshole." under her breath. And the next thing she felt was a boot in the middle of her back.

"...did anyone get the name of that truck?" Molly asked quietly as she blinked and looked around the hospital room she was currently in. Spotting someone she didn't think she would see anytime soon because of the way things had been going she was more then a little surprised, "Kyle?"
The other female was staring at Molly and twisting a napkin in her hands. Taking a deep breath, Kyle let it out and simply stated,
"You're coming back to my place with me. Then we are putting you on a plane home to Chicago."
"Who's we?"
"That'd be me." A gravelly voice said from the corner of the room. Turning her head Molly was surprised to see Pete standing there with red rimmed eyes looking as though he had been through hell and back.
"What the hell happened to you?"
"I haven't slept in 3 days. What happened to you?"
"I had a run in with a doorway."
"You too."
" much as I missed the banter, can we please get you out of here before he gets out of the treatment room."
"uhh...I believe the words you are looking for are 'Thank you Kyle and Pete two of my best friends ever.', but I guess I can pretend that was elation" Pete said as he handed Molly her clothes.
"Treatment room? What treatment room?"
"Molly, you've been unconscious for 4 days. Pete got here two days ago and when Rick showed up about 3 hours ago at your apartment Pete basically stopped short of putting his face through a wall."
"Excuse me?!" two voices echoed each other in shock.
"Why'd you hurt him Pete? He didn't do anything to you."
"No. Not at all. I didn't get a call at 3am from a hysterical Kyle sobbing about finding you with 5 broken ribs, 3 broken fingers, cuts and brusies and a fractured clavicale. No he didn't do anything to me. I didn't leave LA where I'm supposed to be taking a short break before we play more shows to fly across the country and NOT sleep. No he didn't do anything to me."
"I called him an asshole."
"GOOD!" Kyle yelled.
"You need to leave."
"Excuse me?" Kyle said in shock.
"You need to leave. You never accepted Rick. You didn't want to like him. I tried to get you to like him but you wouldn't even give him a chance."
"I saw the writing on the wall Molly."
"Whatever." Molly said rolling her eyes and turning her head away from the two.
"Fine." Kyle huffed out. "Don't think I won't be checking up on you. I'm not dumb, I know forcing you won't do shit. I'll be back tomorrow when you're in a better mood." The other girl walked out of the room slowly and defeatedly.
"So now that you've officially pushed away everyone that cares about you what are you going to do about me? How do you NOT care that this happened? How do you accept it?"
"You can go too. I need to go see how my boyfriend is doing. And I do care that this happened, I was wrong. You shouldn't have hurt him Pete." Molly said trying to get out of bed.
"Oh yea. You're going to get really fucking far by yourself with 5 broken ribs I'm just gonna ignore the whole. Battered wife syndrome thing you've got going on there." Pete said from his position in a chair and just watched her attempt to even sit up by herself.
"You could help me you know" She said huffily
"Nah...I don't do assisted suicide."
"fuck you."
"No thanks."
"ASSHOLE!" Molly screamed and threw a pillow at him before wincing in pain at the effort it took. Pete just laughed at her. "Give me back my pillow" Molly said.
"No." Pete got up and walked over to the bed, leaning down he kissed her on the forehead. "I'm going to go get some lunch for us. I'll be back in a half hour, hour tops. Don't go anywhere."
"Fine." Molly carefully laid herself back down and groaned in pain.

An hour later when Pete walked back in the room he stopped short and kicked the wall in dismay and fury at seeing the empty bed. Turning and hurrying down the hallway to the nurse's station Pete managed to gasp out his question.
"Molly O'Connel. Where is she?"
"She left with that obnoxious boyfriend of her's." The nurse responded.
"And you LET her?"
"She's over the age of 18 son. I can't tell her what she can and can not do. She signed out AMA and that's all I can do."
"DAMNIT!" Pete screamed and went over to sit down in one of the hospital chairs. Looking at his watch he restrained himself from punching the wall in frustration. "They're long gone by now." Closing his eyes Pete thought back on exactly what had transpired for him over the past few days.

"DUDE! Answer your phone or turn it off." was shouted across the hotel room by Patrick Stump.
"Hello?" Pete mumbled into the reciever..."Kyle?...WHAT?!...I'll be there as soon as I can. Watch her ok? Thank you." Pete jumped out of bed and hurried around the room grabbing his suitcase and shaving kit.
"Where are you going?" Patrick mumbled groggily from the other side of the room.
"Umm...away for a few days. I'll be back in time. Go back to sleep." Closing the door behind him Pete pulled his cellphone back out and started making arrangements for the quickest flight from LAX to JFK or LaGuardia.

A few hours later Pete met Kyle at the airport where she explained that she had gone over to Molly's quite late because she finally stressed herself out enough to go and try and patch things up.
"Well anyway I realized the door wasn't latched so I went in and she was just LYING there. I swear I thought she was dead at first." At those words Pete stumbled a bit and actually had to stop walking to process what he was hearing. "You ok?"
"Let's just say I don't like hearing dead and Molly associated with each other and leave it at that." The two acquaintences hurried through the rest of the airport quietly and headed straight for the hospital.

"I'll let you go in first and have some privacy. She's a mess though." Pete nodded at Kyle and walked into the hospital room where Molly was laying.
"Jesus Chris Molly." Pete said softly as he sat down next to his friend. Taking her hand softly in his he finally lost it and the tears started falling quietly, after a few minutes turning into chest heaving sobs. "I'm sorry." He whispered to the younger girl. "I shoulda seen this and done something about it. He isn't going to touch you ever again. I promise. I love you." Pete calmed himself and went to go wash his face before settling back in the chair for a long nights wait.

A day later Pete was gathering some of Molly's things together from her apartment and getting them ready to be shipped back to Chicago when the front door opened. Pete looked up to see Rick walk in holding the mail and red bled into his vision. The next few minutes were a complete black out to him but Kyle said she heard screaming and ran back into the living room to see Pete kneeling over Rick and punching him over and over in the face and upper body. Left and right and left and right. Back and forth is how she described it. All Pete remembered is grabbing Rick, throwing him to the floor, and then seeing Molly lying there as white as the bed sheets with black and blue marks being the only contrast. And then he felt the urge to kill the son of a bitch with his bare hands.
"It was like you weren't hitting a human being."
"I wasn't." He had responded when the doctor put two stitches into his knuckle. The one injury he had sustained from the attack. In fact, the "attack" was being ignored by the police after they spoke to the ER doctors who had treated Molly.
"Lucky you." Kyle had shot at him.
"Like you wouldn't have done the same thing?"
"I didn't say that."

As Pete let himself be dragged out of the memory of the past few days one thought kept plauging him the whole time,
"How the hell am I supposed to explaint this one to Patrick? I fucking lost Molly."

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