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57. The Cruelest Dream - Reality

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in which we spend some quality coffee talk time with Patrick.

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A few weeks later the boys found themselves back in Chicago for a short break around Christmas time. Patrick hadn't been speaking to Pete since the older boy had flown back to Los Angeles and told him exactly why he had left.
"Where the hell did you get off to dude?" Patrick asked Pete when the dark haired man walked back into their hotel room.
"Umm...New York."
"Do I want to know why?" Patrick hedged carefully.
"Probably not. But I'm gonna tell you anyway."
"Alright...hit me."
"Kyle, Molly's old roomate called me up the other night." Pete started
"Yes I know that part, although its nice to know who woke me up now."
"Shut up. Yea, Kyle called me to tell me Molly was in the hospital and that Rick put her there." At that sentence Patrick felt his legs give out underneath him and he fell into a sitting position on the bed behind him.
"Is she ok?" He asked standing up suddenly and beginning a frantic pace in front of his best friend, "I knew I shoulda done something when we saw her in New York, I didn't think she'd stay with him...this is my fault."
"Whoa...what? YOU KNEW?!" Pete suddenly screamed as the pieces fell into place in his mind.
"I knew...something. I didn't have any proof. But I just didn't like that guy. I Molly ok?"
"She'll live if that's what you mean. But I don't know where she is because she took off. Their apartment has pretty much been completely abandonded. All the valuables and clothes are gone, just the furniture was left."
"Where did they go?"
"Not a fucking clue dude. She left her cell phone on the counter of the kitchen too, so I can't even call her and ask her what the fuck is going on in her head."
"Shit." Patrick whispered leaning back against the bedroom wall. "You shoulda forced her to come home."
"Oh this is MY fault. You're the one who's telling me that you KNEW something shady was going on this whole time but you couldn't pull your head out of your ass long enough to put your own feelings for the situation aside and remember that BEFORE she was your ex girlfriend she was your BEST friend. DO NOT blame me on this one kid." Pete stood stormed out of the hotel room and slammed the door behind him.
By himself in the room Patrick wiped at his eyes a few times before finally loosing the battle with his tear ducts and let a few slip out as he thought about the one girl on the planet who could still do this to him.

"Patrick" a voice interrupted his memory.
Patrick glanced up from his laptop as he heard his mother call his name from the doorway.
"Yea Mom?" He answered her curiously.
"Hon, Molly's mother is here. She needs to talk to you."
"Molly's mom? Mrs. O'Conell?"
"Maureen O'Conell? You're sure."
"Don't be crass. Go downstairs. She doesn't look well."
"That's cause she's most definitely not." Patrick mumbled as he made his way downstairs to speak to the woman. Walking into the living room he was taken aback by the pale and shaken looking woman sitting on his couch drinking a cup of coffee. For all that she had always made him feel awkward and out of place, and for as crazy as everyone knew she could be, the one thing Maureen O'Conell always had been was classy and put together. This woman was a shell of that.
"Mrs. O'Conell?"
"Oh, hello Patrick." Molly's mother said with a slight smile as she looked at him. "Sit down please." she continued by gesturing to the couch next to her. Patrick shuffled over and plopped down wondering what his ex's mother was doing in his house.
"Can I help you with something?" he finally asked after a few minutes of watching her stare out the window.
"I'm sorry Patrick."
"I'm sorry I wasn't more accepting of your relationship with my daughter. I'm sorry my husband wasn't either. I know we weren't exactly terrible about it..but we could have been easier on both of you as well. She's obviously done a lot worse without you."
"Umm...thank you. I guess."
"Speaking of Molly, have you heard anything from her?"
"Not since October when we played a show on Long Island." Patrick broached carefully afraid to tell the mentally fragile woman that her daughter might not be in such great a shape.
"Oh....I was going to ask Peter but he doesn't seem like a big fan of mine or my husbands. I thought you might know because of how close you and Molly were."
"Yea....were being the key word in that sentence. When was the last time you heard from her?" Patrick asked quietly.
"About a month ago. She called me to tell me that she had fallen down and broken her wrist and she needed some money since she wouldn't be able to work for a few weeks. I sent her about three thousand to cover her expenses." At her statement Patrick nearly choked on the coffee he had poured himself.
"Three thousand? For expenses."
"Well, its New York City Patrick. It's expensive."
"God she could be anywhere on that kind of money." He said outloud without thinking.
"Umm...I mean....shit." he finally gave up, "Mrs. O'Conell, Molly didn't break her wrist. Her boyfriend broke five of her ribs, three of her fingers, and her collar bone. She needed the money because she was leaving town with him."
Molly's mother just stared at Patrick before calmly placing her coffee cup down on the table.
"How long have you known this?"
"I found out about three weeks ago. I....I didn't know what to tell anyone..."
"I understand. Molly and I haven't been close for years this is true. But that is still my little girl. I still love her with every piece of me, I just don't know how to show it sometimes."
"I'm sorry Mrs. O'Conell. If I knew more I'd tell you. Pete actually went to New York when it happened. Apparently he beat the guy to a bloody pulp."
"Good. Maybe I'll call Peter then." Maureen stood up and gathered her coat. Patrick just sat there watching as this mere shadow of what he imagined Molly would eventually grow into put her coat on and picked up her purse. "Oh and Patrick?"
"Yes?" He answered quickly as he stood up to walk her out.
"If you do happen to hear from Molly, will you let me know that she's at least ok."
"I doubt I'll be the one to hear from her, but yes, I'll definitely let you know if I know anything."
"Thank you Patrick. You really are a good boy." Maureen O'Conell left the Stumph house then and walked out to her car.
Patrick closed the front door behind her and headed up to his bedroom again. Walking up the stairs and into his room he softly closed his bedroom door. Leaning back against it he stared into the room and was bombared with images.
Molly line dancing across the room. Molly laying down on the floor eating twizzlers. Molly standing in front of him furious for missing their birthday coffee. Molly laying naked in his bed. Molly sleeping next to him. Molly climbing in through his bedroom window. Molly crying. Molly laughing.
"Molly." He whispered outloud into the emptiness of his room. "I miss you. Come home."
And almost as though something had heard him somewhere, a voice answered his call,
"You've Got Mail!"

A/N: title is from: The Kids Aren't Alright by The Offspring

No one die. I know I updated this REALLY fast. I had some time to kill at the end of work today. And I totally threw a gauntlet down to Ms. Kyle as I want more of Addicts for Dramatics (preferably with tons of the dramatics). I told her if she got her next chapter up FAST I'd write 2 today. ---wellll Kyle that's one down and its only 10 to 5pm.
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