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Chapter 8

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So many much drama. I cannot possibly summarize. Read on, lovelies.

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-Eden's POV-

It's been a couple of days since the night I got tanked and blacked out. Pete is being...weird. Yes I know what you're thinking - Pete's always weird - but he's stopped talking to me really. He says "hi" here and there, but the flirting has stopped. Ryan must have said something to him. I must admit, it's kind of a relief. Things with Brendon and I have definitely gotten better and I don't need Pete around me fucking up my mind.
"Hey," Gabe whispers in my ear, pouncing on me from behind the couch.
"Fuck, Gabe! Not cool," I say, spilling my drink all over myself. "Thanks, ass. Now I have to change."
"Whoa...frisky are we?" he giggles, doing his best impersonation of Fat Bastard.
"Sorry," I frown, trying to wipe the Diet Coke off my shirt with no success. "Something's just bothering me a little, that's all."
"What? The fact that Pete is like...ignoring you?" I scowl at him. "That IS it! Isn't it? I thought things were going well with Bren."
"They are. They really are. It's just...he gave up really quickly."
"Maybe it was just a game for him," he shrugs. "But I know Pete and I really don't think he'd play that game." He gives me a smile and sticks out his tongue, making me laugh.
"You are such a dork," I say, walking out of the room. "I'm going to go change."
I walk onto the bus and there is nobody there, so I unbutton my top and take it off. My bra and jeans got soaked, too, so I remove them as well. I turn around to grab my jeans and see Pete staring at me.
"Pete!" I yell, covering up my boobs with my arms. "What are you doing here?"
"I...I...," he stumbles, covering his eyes. "I'm sorry. I was running to my bus to pick something up and Spenc asked me to get his drumsticks. I'm sorry." He turns around and runs out.

-Pete's POV-

Holy dear Jesus. That was the most perfect body I've never seen in my whole life. Damn it...I hate myself. Seeing her there for just that one second turned me on more than I've been turned on in...well, a really long time. I can feel my pants start to tighten around my crotch area.
"No, not now," I mumble to myself. I feel so incredibly guilty, but I can't go around with a stiffy so I have to get rid of it. I hop onto the bus and go into my bunk, undo my pants and begin to stroke myself. I can't stop thinking about her skin and her breasts and her belly button and those red lace panties and the way she kissed me and oh my God....I stroke harder, biting my lip to keep myself from moaning. Her breasts were so perfect, so round, so big compared to her tiny little waist...God, this feels good. Pretty soon I explode into the Kleenex I had taken out of the bathroom so I wouldn't make a mess. I sit there for a second, catching my breath, feeling a mixture of shame, relief, and lust. She just makes it impossible...I have to get away from her. I need her to leave.
"Pete?" I hear her call. Why does she have to be here now? "Pete, are you in here? I need to talk to you."
"What?" I say, zipping up my pants and throwing away the Kleenex before walking out.
"I'm sorry about earlier. I shouldn't just change out in the open."
"Yeah, that's probably not a good idea," I mumble sitting on the couch. "What do you want to talk about?"
"Why are you being so weird towards me?" she asks, sitting close to me, gazing into my eyes. "Did I do something terrible that night I was drunk? Because I don't remember anything I did or said. Please tell me I didn't do anything stupid."
"Maybe you shouldn't get so drunk that you black out anymore, huh?"
"Wow...was it that bad? Seriously, Pete, what did I do?" She places her hand on my hand and I back away.
"You didn't do anything. Nothing happened."
"Nothing?" she asks sweetly, coming closer to me. I couldn't answer because her lips kept my closed. She was sober and she was kissing me. I kiss her back - slowly and passionately, running my fingers up her arms and then cradling her face in my hands - then Ryan's voice pops in my head.
"Don't play games. Brendon. Eden. Brendon." I back away.
"This is wrong. Why are you doing this?"
"I thought you liked me," she says, a look of surprise taking over her face.
"This is a game to you, isn't it? I bet you were just waiting for me to come in to the bus so you could drive me crazy. You know what happened the other night and you've been playing it cool until now...but really, enough is enough. I'm done with this shit. I can't stand you."
"Pete, what are you talking about?" she whimpers, grabbing my hand. I pull away and turn my back towards her. "I don't remember...I don't."
"Bullshit. Go back to Brendon. I don't want you. I don't like you. I fucking hate you. Leave."
"But you kissed me."
"It made realize how must I detest you," I hiss. I can't look at her. I'm so angry I'm afraid my head will explode, but seeing her cry will make me weak. "Go." I hear footsteps and then a slamming of the door.

-Eden's POV-

What a jackass. How could he say those things to me? He's a bipoloar, freakish bastard. I don't know what I wanted with him in the first place. I walk backstage and see Brendon sitting there, talking to Dani. I need to feel something else than what i'm feeling. I need to feel something other than my heart breaking and this sick feeling in my stomach. I walk up to him and sit on his lap, kissing him passionately on the lips.
"Well, hello to you, too," he giggles, kissing me softly.
"Brendon," I whisper. "I want some alone time with you." His eyes widen and he lifts me off of him, takes my hand, and walks out of the room.
"Alrighty, talk to you guys later," Dani says as we rush out. "Silly kids."
I rush Brendon to the bus. Still, nobody is in there. We walk towards the back, kissing passionately.
"Why this sudden rush of lust, Eden?"
"I dunno," I moan against his neck, "I guess it's because I just saw a clip of you on TV and you looked so sexy and I thought, 'I want to fuck him. Oh, wait...I can.' And decided to get all up in this." Not true, but convincing. I run my hands up his shirt and stroke his tight stomach, bringing my lips up to his once more.
"God, you're sexy," he moans in between kisses.
"Fuck me, Brendon."
"Gladly," he growls, throwing me on the bed. I slip of my jeans and my panties and he stares down at me. He smiles and then lowers himself down, kissing my stomach all the way down to my...ya know. He kisses it and slides his tongue inside me, hard, causing me to spasm and arch my back.
"Oh God, Bren," I moan. He licks me until I can't stand it anymore. I convulse under him and let out a little moan. "Wow, that was amazing. Come here." I pull him up to me and throw him down.
"Damn...aggressive." I nod and take off his shirt and jeans and begin exploring his body with my tongue. I kiss along the line of his boxers and then slide them down. Instead of returning the favor he just gave me, I decide to sit on top of him, sliding himself into me. He bites his lip and leans his head back. I lean down and kiss down his throat as I thrust against him. I sit up again, leaning back and closing my eyes. He grabs my hips and moans, "God, you have amazing hips." Why did have to say that? Pete loves hips...Pete. God, Pete. Why does he have to pop into my head right now? And why is he naked? God damn, I'm picturing Brendon as Pete and for some reason, I'm getting hotter. I grab my breasts and thrust harder, moaning.
"Oh God...Oh God...Pete." I moan.
"What the fuck?" he yells. "Pete? You're thinking about Pete?" He sits up and pushes me off him. "Nice, Eden...really nice. We're done, you fucking slut. How long have you been sleeping with him?"
"No no," I say, covering myself up with the sheet. "It's not like that. Him and I just got into a huge fight and he just popped in my head. He means nothing to me. We only kissed."
"You kissed him? That's worse!" he yells. "I'm gonna kill him."
"No," I plead, grabbing his arm. "This is all my fault. I kissed Pete. I did it. It's not him. It's not him...Brendon, don't." He pulls his arm away from me with such force that I fall back on the bed.
"Ya know what? That makes sense. You would do something like that, wouldn't you? You like having me around your little finger."
"I did it because you never pay attention to me and you haven't gotten me off in six months. That's why I did it." I can't believe I just said that, but it's true.
"Wow, Eden. Wow... well, ya know what? I don't love you anymore. Maybe that's why I don't get you off. In fact, I cheated on you when we were in London."
"WHAT?" I say, pulling my shirt over my head and my panties on.
"Don't tell me you're surprised. You don't love me, either." He yells.
"I'm fucking leaving," I cry. "I'm going to the airport. I don't want to see you ever again. I'm moving out of the house and I'll be completely gone when you get back." I grab my bag and storm out.
"Fine, good riddance, you conniving bitch!"
I run outside and grab my cell and call for a cab. I try to stay away from everyone - I don't want anyone talking me out of it. The cab pulls up and I'm about to get in when Gabe calls out to me.
"Eden!" he calls. "Eden, where are you going?"
"I'm leaving," I sob, wiping my cheeks.
"Did something happen between you and Brendon?"
"A lot of things happened between me and Brendon."
"What about Pete?"
"Pete is an asshole. He ruined my relationship. I don't ever want to see those to again." He grabs me and pulls me into his chest, letting me wet his shirt with my tears.
"Okay, if you have to leave you have to leave. But where are you going to go? You don't have a house of your own."
"I'm going back to Vegas to live with my mom."
"No, you can't. You'll move in with me."
"Are you insane?" I lift my head from his chest and look up at him, my eyes wet.
"No," he sighs, kissing my forehead. "You started a life in L.A. Do you really want to go back to Vegas?" I shake my head...I really did hate it there. I was in talks with some studios about getting a job as a casting director, so I really shouldn't leave. "Good then, you'll move in."
"How will I get in?"
"Hey, lady. The meter's runnin," the cab driver grunts.
"There's a code to get in." He cups his hand over my ear and whispers it in. "I'll be back in couple of weeks and everything will be fine. Call me when you get there. Okay?" I nod and get into the cab and drive away.

-Pete's POV-

Gabe walks in to my dressing room as I get my bass ready to go out. He looks like shit. "What's wrong, Gabe?"
"Eden left," he frowns. "Brendon and her broke up."
"What?" I gasp. "Are you serious? Ha ha...serves her right."
"What? Don't say that. I know she really cared about him...and you. She was so torn. I'm so worried about her."
"Why did her and Bren break up?"
"I don't know, she was in a hurry." I can't help but crack a smile. "Why are you smiling?"
"I don't know..." I sigh. I really don't know if I'm smiling because she's finally single or if I'm happy she's been hurt. She really hurt me and it makes me feel better that karma came back and kicked her in the ass...her beautiful, tight ass. God damn it.
"Time to go, Pete," Patrick calls from the hall.
"Right," I say, getting up and walking out to the stage.


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