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Chapter 10: Reunion

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Two people come into each other's lives again. Which two people? Read and discover!

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-Eden's POV-

Today they come back. I've spent the last few weeks moping around the house, eating ice cream, cleaning, and watching action movies. I don't know why, but they always make me feel better. I was going to watch Disney movies, but they remind me too much of Pete. I've done my best not to think about him, but its kind of hard when he's a rock star and his face is everywhere.
I try and stay awake for Gabe, but its already 11 pm and I've been up all day, so I conk out on the couch.
"E," he whispers, "shaking my shoulder. "I'm home." I open my eyes and see him on his knees next to the couch.
"Hi," I yawn. "I tried to stay up, but..."
He giggles a little bit. "It's cool. Do you want to go upstairs to your bed and sleep?" I nod and he helps me up. "Want me to carry you?"
"No, I'm good to go," I smile, stretching.
"You seem better, Eden," he says, rubbing my back as we walk up the stairs.
"Yeah, I've had a lot of time to think. How are they?"
"Do you really wanna know now? I'm tired...I wanna go to sleep."
"Fine," I whine, walking into my bedroom. "Night, Gabe."
"Night," he yawns.
The next day I am awoken by a terrible burning smell filling my nostrils. I run out of my bedroom and down to the kitchen. I knew it - there's Gabe, attempting to cook breakfast.
"Wow, what died in here?" I laugh, plugging my nose.
"Hey, don't be mean! It just...burnt really easily." He pouts at me.
"Aww Gabe," I sigh, going over to him and hugging him. "It's alright. This is what they make McDonald's for. So boys like you don't attempt to cook."
"Ha ha...very funny. I could go for some Mickey D's pancakes though. Those are the best."
"Let us venture to the world of Ronald McDonald!" I declare.
"Sounds good, mi lady. We can ride my noble stead." We go out to the driveway and there it is - the Ford Cobra. I thought it was hilarious when Gabe bought it. He said it was love at first sight - but it is really old and shitty.
"Seriously, Gabe. You're a famous rock star. Get this car pimped. Where's Xzibit when you need him?"
"Don't trash talk my angel," he says, patting the dashboard. "She didn't mean it."
"Okay let's go, loverboy." We drive to Mickey D's and pick up our food and then go back home to talk.
" was the rest of the tour?" I ask, biting into my bacon, egg, and cheese bagel.
"It was a little rough after you left, honestly."
"Brendon didn't hurt Pete, did he?"
"Ha Brendon could hurt Pete? That's funny. No, he pretty much just stayed away from him."
"So he actually listened to me," I whispered to myself.
"What?" he asks
"Oh, nothing. I just told Brendon that it wasn't Pete's fault and apparently he believed me."
"But it was Pete's least partly."
"Yeah, but I really ruined everything and I didn't want their work to suffer, so I made a little white lie."
"That's sweet of you," he says, reaching out and patting me on the shoulder.
"So...after that. How was..."
"Pete? He was really down the night you left. He tried to hide it, but it was obvious. That was like...the worst show they ever played." I don't know why, but that makes me smile a little bit. "But I think after Dani talked to him he calmed down. He was a lot better after that, but I could still tell he missed you. We all missed you."
"Except for Brendon."
"Well, yeah. But do you miss him?"
"Not really," I reply. "I miss Pete like crazy..."
"You should see him."
"I can't," I mutter, feeling my eyes fill up with tears.
"Yeah, you can."
"If he wants to see me, I will see him. But other than that, I won't contact him."
"Okay," Gabe says, smiling.
"Don't tell him I said that! I will cut of your nads." He puts his hands in the air.
"Whoa, okay! I won't say a thing."

A couple weeks later...

I knew he would say something. There I am, looking through the CDs at a local record store, minding my own business. I look up and see Pete, looking through the CDs opposite me and down the way a bit. I immediately look back down at my records, hoping he doesn't see me. I don't know why I don't just get up and leave - my feet won't let me leave the ground.

-Pete's POV-

I pick up an old Lifetime CD that I need a new copy of and when I lift my eyes there she is. I haven't seen her in almost two months and she looks phenomenal. I bite my lip and think to myself, "should I say something?" But then I think about what Dani said to me about giving her time to cool off and decide to go for it. Two months is enough to cool off. I walk over a little bit so I'm directly opposite her and look down at CDs, playing it cool. After a couple of seconds I look up and see her looking at me.
"Hi," I whisper, pretending to be shocked.
"Hi," she smiles. I missed that smile. "How are you?" She asked me how I am. I can't believe she's talking to me.
"I'm...," I stutter. Great, Pete, way to be a dork. She giggles a little - she always thought it was funny when I stuttered. "I'm good. Good to be back in L.A. for a little while. We're going to start putting together the new album soon. It's gonna be really great." Now I'm rambling.
"That's great, Pete," she smiles. "It's good to see you."
"It's good to see you, too. Do you want to go get a coffee or something?"
"I don't drink coffee."
"Oh, right. I forgot. Silly me, do you want to go to a bar?"
"I stopped drinking alcohol, too."
"Really? Wow, good for you."
"Yeah, I just didn't like what it did to me. I hurt too many people." I know she's talking about me. "I'll go eat with you, though."
"Yeah, really. I missed you."
"I missed you, too." We walk out of the record store and into the café right next door.
"So, how do you like living with Gabe?" I ask, sipping at my Diet Coke.
"It's good. He's insane. But he's really fun, too. However..."
"He has a new girl over like, every weekend. The boy is a...cobra." I burst out with laughter. "Quiet down!" she giggles. "It wasn't that funny."
"It was the way you said it."
"Ah," she laughs. I'm being such a nerd right now....I'm just so happy to see her again.
"So look," she says, after a bit of dancing around the subject, "I'm really sorry. I know I hurt you and I'm sorry."
"I hurt you, too. We hurt each other for silly reasons. I shouldn't have done what I did. I should have let you be."
"No, I'm actually happy you did what you did. Looking back on it now, I don't see how else I would have gotten out of that relationship. I just wish we hadn't ended our friendship, too."
"Yeah, well maybe you guys will get it back again."
"I don't think so, he was so furious with me."
"What exactly happened, if you don't mind me asking," I ask, leaning in a bit. Her face falls into a frown. "Okay, you don't have to tell me."
"It's just...embarrassing. And terrible...and I can't tell you. I haven't really told anyone."
"Brendon hasn't either, if that makes you feel any better."
"Yeah, it does. Pete?"
"Yeah," I smile, gazing into her eyes.
"Do you think you and I could be..." she pauses and looks down, "friends?" Friends? Friends!? I want to be more than friends with her. I want to kiss her so badly right now it's taking every bit of me to hold myself back, but I can't lose her again. I have to lie.
"Yeah...we can do that," I smile.
"Really?" she asks. I place my hand on her hand and jump back. "Ouch! You shocked me!"
"You shocked me!" I giggle, nursing my hand. We finish our meal and talk a little bit longer - I don't want to leave her.
"Well, I should probably get going. I have work tomorrow. Casting the new DiCaprio film - big fun," she giggles, giving me two thumbs up.
"That does sound like fun," I say, sincerely. "Seeing all those passionate, crazy people."
"Yeah. It is. Hey, do you want to hang out tomorrow night? I mean, its Friday so Gabe is gonna have a lady over and I'm sick of spending the night listening to music on my headphones every time a girl walks through the door."
"Yeah. We could have a movie night at my place if you want."
"Sounds like fun times. Invite Dani and Patrick." Damn...I want to be with her alone. I guess she doesn't want to be with me alone yet.
"Okay," I smile. I give her a hug and we linger there, longer than we should, but it just feels so nice.
"Okay, well goodnight, Pete," she smiles shyly before getting in her car. I stand there smiling as she drives away, waiting for her to get out of eyesight. As soon as she turns the corner I jump up and yell.
"YES!" The people on the street stop and stare and I give them a little wave and walk down the street, whistling to myself. I've never been so happy.
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