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Chapter 11: Movies & A Paint Job

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Pete and Eden get a bit closer...

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-Pete's POV-

Eden is going to be here any minute for our movie night. I told Patrick and Dani to come a little bit late so I could have some alone time with her - to try and get her to warm up to me again. I fiddle around with the snacks on the table and then I hear the doorbell ring.
"Coming!" I yell. I run to the door and open it and there she is. She looks amazing - tight, skinny jeans, a bright purple tank top with a little pink heart on the left hip. Her skin is glowing, darker from the L.A. sun. I've never really seen her look so beautiful. Maybe it's just because I've been away from her for so long - but I doubt that's the case.
"Um...Pete?" she asks. "Are you going to let me in or are you just going to stand there?" God, I'm an idiot.
"Oh, yeah," I giggle. "Come in to my humble abode." She walks in and looks around.
"Wow, this place is snazzy, Peter." She's never called me Peter before...I fucking love it. She walks over to the couch and plops herself down. "So, when are the other two rascals getting here?"
"They're on their way. Dani had to run an errand."
"Oh yeah? What errand?" She asks, looking up at me with an adorable face. What errand? Fuck...I have no idea.
"I dunno...they didn't tell me." Phew.
"Ah. Okay. Come sit by me," she says, patting the couch. I smile and plop down next to her, making her jump a little.
"So, how's Gabe tonight?"
"He's...having a good time with a pretty blonde."
"Blonde, eh? I prefer brunettes." I see Eden's cheeks turn red when I look at her hair.
"Anyyywayyy...I'm glad I have sanctuary here."
"Any time," I smile. "So, what movie do you want to watch?"
"Ummm...something awesome."
"Harry Potter? I just got the 5th movie on DVD." I reach over to the counter and grab the DVD.
"Hell...fucking...yes!" she yells, grabbing the DVD from my hand. "I love this movie. But I warn you, when Sirius dies, I cry."
"That's what my shoulder is for," I say sweetly. She gazes at me with what I think is love in her least I pray its love. I gaze back, trying to let her know what I'm feeling through my eyes. Just then, the doorbell rings. Damn you, Patrick - I was so close.
I go to the door and let Patrick and Dani in. They look so cute together - they almost match.

-Eden's POV-

"DANI!" I yell. I saw her a couple of days ago for coffee, but I still missed her. I'm kind of sad they came in just at that moment though because Pete and I were having a moment...or at least I think we were. "Patrick!" I hug Patrick.
"Hey, I just realized I never got a hug," Pete pouts.
"Awww, you get one, too," I say, putting my arms around his neck and pulling him in for a hug. I didn't hug him before because I was pretty sure I would tackle him to the ground and rip his clothes off - he looks so amazing tonight. Tight jeans and a black t-shirt with that white and red striped hoodie and his hair all messy. Yummy. Friends, just friends. Like Rachel and Ross. NO, not like Rachel and Ross.
We all sit down on the couch and start the movie.
"Oh yay, Harry Potter," Patrick claps like a little boy. He's so adorable. I just want to hug him all the time. It's sad that he and I have drifted apart the last couple of months because of the whole Pete thing. We hardly ever talk anymore, but that's also because he's busy with Dani and I don't want to get in the way of anything.
We sit and watch the movie. I'm dangerously close to Pete, our thighs touching. I start to cry when it starts because movies like that just get to me and the music is so beautiful.
"Awww," he sighs, wrapping his arm around my shoulders and kissing my head. This just feels so right and so comfortable. It's like nothing ever happened between us. Dani looks over at me during one point and makes a face like, "kiss him kiss him", but I just shake my head.
"Something wrong?" Pete asks.
"Nope, I'm good." I smile up at him with my cheesiest smile.
"Alright," he giggles.
I did what I said I would do - I cry like a baby when Sirius dies. Pete just holds me close to him, letting me cry. I think he thinks its adorable. We watch another movie after that, SPEED, just to make fun of Keanu.
"Stay above 50!" I say in my Keanu voice.
"Wow, that was crazy good. I'm almost scared," laughs Patrick.
"Tis a gift," I shrug. By the time the movie ends, Dani is fast asleep on Patrick's lap, who is also conked out.
"They're so adorable together," whispers Pete. "Maybe we should just let them stay like that."
"Yeah, I should probably go. I have an early day tomorrow." I hate doing this, but I have to. If I don't leave now, I know I'll do something I'll regret and he'll either do it with me or kick me out and tell me he never wants to see me again.
"Oh, really?" he asks, his voice low with disappointment. I nod. "Okay, well I'll show you out." He walks me to the door and hugs me goodnight and then I drive off.

A Week Later...

I've been hanging out with Pete almost every night and it's been great, but it's also getting harder and harder to control my urges. I'm just so sexually drawn to him it's crazy. I feel ashamed, but I like thinking of him that way, too. God, why does he have to be so amazing? He's not only gorgeous, but he's sweet and funny and a complete dork. Before, during the tour, it was mostly just sexual and lustful, but now I'm positive that I am in love with him.
Gabe's gone on another tour with Cobra Starship so I'm all alone in the house. I asked Pete to come over tonight to help me paint my room (Gabe said it was okay) and he said yes...God, I'm stupid. I hear the doorbell ring and go to answer the door.
"Hello, lovely," he smiles. "Don't you look adorable?" I'm in painter overalls and a little white tank top. I don't think I look adorable, but I might have put in a little effort to look cute.
"Hello, Peter," I say, resting my head against the open door and looking into his eyes. "Come in." I back up and let him in. He's wearing really old jeans and a faded blue t-shirt. "Ready to paint?"
"Yes ma'am." We walk up to my bedroom and I've pretty much moved all my major stuff in the guest bedroom, but I can't get my bed in the middle of the room.
"Help me push my bed?"
"I will help you push it...push it real good." He starts to dance.
"No, Pete. No dance, dancing. That's painful to my eyes." He laughs and grabs the bed.
"You push and I'll pull," he says seductively. He knows what he's doing to me. I know he does. I grab the bed and push and we get it to the center. "Alrightly, let's paint. What color are we doing?"
"Red!" I exclaim.
"OoOoOoO like blood red?"
"No, freak, like bright red. Like happy red."
"You and your happy nature. It makes me ill." He sticks his tongue out and pretends to gag.
"Shuddup, boy, and paint." He laughs and grabs a roller and starts to paint. I go over to my iHome in the hall (I don't want it to get paint on it) , press shuffle, and we begin to paint. We're almost done when Send My Love to the Dance floor comes on and I start to shake my booty.
"I thought there was to be no 'dance, dancing'," Pete says, watching me. I know I'm driving him crazy and it is oh so much fun.
"Just not like you dance. My dancing is fine." I stick my tongue out at him and he gasps.
"How juvenile!"
"This coming from Peter Pan who still has his Castle Greyskull in his room?" His eyes get all wide. " Yeah...I know all about that." I turn my back and feel something splatter on my leg. "Pete!"
"Ha you!" he laughs.
"Oh, you're going to get it," I growl. I walk over to him and run my roller down his chest.
"Oh no you didn't!"
"Oh yes," I start walking away, "I did."
"You've messed with the bull little lady, and now you're gonna get the horns."
"Way to quote, Pete. Breakfast Club all the way." He laughs and walks over to me. I try to run away but he grabs me and looks into my eyes seductively. I bite my lip and draw my face closer to his and then I feel it - he's taken his roller and run it down my torso, just like I did to him.
"Ha ha...I am victorious!"
"No, you are dead!" I slap with a brush full of paint. We fight for a while, running around my room hitting each other, and then he tackles me to the ground. I have paint on my cheeks, in my hair, and all over my clothes.
"I feel so dirty right now," I giggle.
"Yeah. Me too," he says, looking down at me.
"We should clean up," I say, pushing him off me.
"I'll take a shower in hear and you go in Gabe's bathroom. You guys are about the same size, right?"
"Ha That bitch is way skinnier than me in the leg area."
"But I think I have a pair of my pants here. Don't ask me why, it was a crazy night." I laugh and shake my head.
We both take a quick shower and get changed. I dry my hair really quickly - it's a bob so it doesn't take long. I walk out in the all and see Pete in Gabe's bedroom, shirtless, towel-drying his hair. His body is amazing...I forgot how amazing it was. In fact, I think it's only gotten better. His abs look tighter and his skin is a little sun-kissed, making his tattoos stand out. He turns around and smiles at me.
"Hi there," he smiles.
"Hi," I wave. "I was just coming out," I say, a bit flustered. I wonder if he knew I was standing there all that time. "Want to watch a movie downstairs?" He nods and grabs a shirt and slips it on. We get on the couch and watch one of my favorite movies, Get Over It! It's hilarious and it's a musical so I sing along.
"Wow, you have a really good voice," Pete says, surprised.
"That I do," I giggle.
"Ego much?" I shake my head. "You're hilarious," he laughs, pulling me in for a hug.
After the movie ends we decide to go into the kitchen and get some popcorn. I reach up into the cupboard, reveling my stomach and the small of my back. I know Pete's watching me, so I smile to myself. I put the popcorn in the microwave and walk over to him. He just stares at me.

-Pete's POV-

I'm pretty sure I can't take it anymore. She looks so gorgeous and she knows she's driving me crazy. I saw her staring at me upstairs so I know she wants me. I'm just gonna go for it. I smile down at her and she smiles back, scooting closer to me. That's a sign...I'm gonna do it. I lean down and plant a soft, sweet kiss on her lips.
"Pete," she sighs after our lips part. "I..." she gazes up at me for a second. She grabs my neck hard and pulls my lips back down onto hers. There is so much passion behind her lips that it literally makes me weak in the knees. "Oh my god, Pete. Are you okay?" she asks, grabbing my elbow and holding me up. "You got all tipsy."
"Yeah...I'm fine. You just made me weak in the knees, that's all."
"That's all?" she asks. "I've never made anyone weak in the knees before."
"Well, there's a first for everything," I say as I draw lips close to hers again. I give her a little peck and then slide my tongue along her bottom lip. She opens her mouth and wraps her arms around my neck again, pushing her body against mine. Little Petey is getting very happy. I stick my tongue in her mouth and kiss her deeply. She moans against my lips and leans back, giving me complete control. I part from her lips and kiss her nose.
"So...friends..." she giggles. "Friends kiss, right?"
"Not like this they don't," I whisper before attacking her with my lips again.
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