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Part fifteen: so suck your so called pity down

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there's about to be a, what?

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Part Fifteen: So suck your so called pity down

Now just sit here and talk about how you wanted it all

A few hours later, Patrick awoke on his couch, trying to get his bearings in the dark. He glanced up at the cable box, reading the yellow blur of numbers, and felt someone shift over him. Startled, Patrick looked down barely able to make out a feminine figure curled over him. Reaching over and turned on the light next to the couch to the lowest it was able to go, he looked down again, saw Anna, and smiled, relaxing. Things were getting back to normal. And he was smiling again...until he began thinking. He was smiling for all the wrong reasons. His heart still belonged to Destiny. And his stomach turned at the thought of what he had just done. He felt sick. He felt used. He felt, dirty. He let out a frustrated sigh and shook Anna awake.

She grumbled in her sleep and turned to look at him. "What time is it?" She asked looking around the room.

"A little after nine" he replied. Anna nodded and sat up, realizing that they were both still naked. "Uh..."

Patrick nodded. ""

This was awkward. Patrick thought to himself that maybe he shouldn't have been so mean to Pete. He was good about the awkward conversation after a one night stand, and he kind of needed it right now.

"So, um, I'll call you and we'll hang out when you're in town?" Anna suggested, pulling her clothes on.

Patrick coughed and nodded. "Yeah, I'll...uh...I'll see you later...or something..."


Destiny and Marie walked arm and arm into the club, preparing for one last party before the boys departed to Europe. Pete had a DJing gig at the Debonair Social Club tonight and everyone was there to party. Joe directed the girls to a table nearby Pete, Jeanae, Patrick and all of their friends. Destiny noticed sadly, Andy was no where to be seen. She felt the need to apologize to him, felt like things shouldn't be as bad as they were.

Patrick saw the three come in and felt his heart beat faster. Before this morning, he had invited Anna to the club and she had arrived with a few friends not minutes earlier.

Anna made sure as she walked around to make her presence known to people who thought she was forever out of the picture. She noticed when Destiny sauntered into the club with Joe and Marie and Anna felt her cheeks burn, Destiny was ridiculously beautiful, it was no wonder Patrick loved her so much and it was also no wonder why she hated Destiny so strongly. The whispers of how serious they were getting burned her. It was like a cruel slap to her and all the years she put into her and Patrick back when no one else gave a damn about him. It wasn't fair.

Patrick quickly motioned to Joe to come over him when he saw Anna eyeing up Destiny and Joe excused himself from the girls.

"What's up?" he asked. Patrick leaned closer, feeling sort of embarrassed that he was going to admit this for the second time tonight. He had already mentioned it to Pete.

"I slept with Anna last night and she's here right now," he said, backing away to judge Joe's look. Joe let his mouth fall open.

"Dude, why? What? How? ...more importantly, why?" Joe asked. Patrick shook his head and looked down at the table.

"Moment of weakness?" he said. Joe shrugged.

"Good luck explaining that to Destiny. You know her and Anna have never gotten along, despite Destiny trying to be nice to her. It's going to kill her, dude," Joe said, wearily glancing at Marie who was eyeing him questionably.

"Listen, why should I feel bad about sleeping with Anna? Destiny and I aren't even together anymore. She was messing around with Andy. Why should I feel bad? ...why do I feel bad?" the last question he directed more at himself.

"That's for you to answer. Dude, I hope shit works out. June is a long, long time away for you guys to stay like this," Joe replied. Patrick nodded solmnly as he watched Joe head back to the table in which he longed to be sitting. Destiny was looking stunning, beyond belief. Her light brown hair was straight, sleek and shiny, her lips were glossed and her eyes lined perfectly without a flaw on her skin. Her jeans were hugging her in all the right places and her halter top showed just enough cleavage to make him crazy. Her toe nails were painted to match her stilettos and Patrick could feel himself getting hard, so he quickly turned his face away before pulling his hat lower over his eyes and sighing deeply.

Marie grinned as Joe approached, but Destiny noted how quickly her smile faded as Joe whispered in her ear. Marie leaned her head over and snuck a glance at Patrick, glancing at Destiny quickly out of the corner of her eye before turning back and whispering into Joe's ear. Joe left the table shortly after finishing a beer and left the girls alone again.

Destiny scooted closer, "What did Joe just say to you?" she asked quickly of Marie. Marie sighed.

"Do you really want to know?" Marie asked, staring into Destiny's glaring eyes. She nodded slowly. Marie leaned over and whispered into Destiny's ear,

"Patrick and Anna spent last night together."

Destiny sat up straight and cleared her throat. This wouldn't be such a big deal to her if Anna had ever been nice to her, if Anna had ever taking the opportunity to know her at all, but instead choose to judge Destiny merely because Anna was a jealous ex-girlfriend. Now Destiny knew the reason why Anna kept smirking at her all night. Anna was unfortunate, because she knew little about the wrath of Destiny, but was sure as hell about to find out.

Happy Valentine's Day, bitch Destiny thought as she straightened her top, flattened her already straight hair and approached Patrick's table. Pete glanced up and saw Destiny approaching and leaned over, shoving Jeanae out and beckoning everyone to follow him, he left on the excuse of needing to set up for his gig. Patrick gulped as he watched her hips sway while she walked, she was pissed.

"Hey, baby," she said, a sly grin playing her face. He wanted to play this game? Well, two can play along.

"What?" he asked, his tone meaner than he meant it to be. She backed up and feigned shock.

"Aren't I the one who should be pissed here?" she asked him, her voice echoing over the loud music of the club. Patrick sighed; here she goes with the fabricated drama.

"What do you have to be mad about?" he asked. Destiny grinned evilly and slid her body in the booth beside Patrick, draping her slender arm over his neck, pulling him closer.

"Aren't you the one who called me a bitch to my face last night?" she said, making sure she was looking intimidating. Patrick looked her straight in her eyes, suddenly thankful for his Anna faux paus, Destiny deserved it.

"Aren't you the one who was being a bitch? Don't try and act like the fucking victim here. You hurt me too," he replied, "and I think what you did to me was ALOT worse than one mean word." Destiny felt a knife go through her heart. She was trying to put up a front that she didn't care, but she did. She was wrong in more ways than one, but she still had that ace up her sleeve. Destiny sighed deeply, trying to decide whether or not she should say it. She still loved Patrick and she didn't want to make things any worse than they already were. She was still holding onto that tiny sliver of hope that she and Patrick were going to get married and raise a family, but she was in her best outfit and looked perfect. It was her bitch costume and she wasn't about to retract.

"At least I'm not being a hypocrite. How's Anna?" she said. Patrick let his mouth fall open slightly as he watched Destiny's eyes sparkle with sheer crudeness. Destiny grinned at him wickedly, raking her fingers across the back of his neck through his hair, before kissing him quickly on the cheek and sliding herself out of the booth, slinking away, in search of her next target: Anna.


So take your cold, cold heart and drown
And don't forget to take deep breaths
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