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Part sixteen: Show me what you got

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"Function" Part 16: Show me what you got

If you were wrong then I was right and this will be the right time

Patrick felt himself panic. She wasn't supposed to find out about him and Anna, but what did he expect after telling Joe. Joe would tell Marie, Marie would tell Destiny, of course. The two girls had formed a strong bond over their relationships.

Destiny cautiously peered around the club, desperate to exact a perfect revenge and in her mind, what she had planned basically involved yanking every strand of hair out of Anna's head and making her face solidly unrecognizable. Destiny never once thought of her actions as being slightly hypocritical, or a little over the top, because as far as Anna was concerned, sleeping with Patrick was crossing over into territory that didn't belong to her anymore. Technically, it didn't belong to Destiny anymore either but that wasn't the point as far as she was concerned. She had yet to let go of Patrick, never regretting her time with Andy but feeling a little bad about how it effected that which had been her and Patrick, as a couple.

Destiny decided to go for catty, making Anna personally aware of her disaffections, and then punching her into unconsciousness. She went back to Marie, after thoroughly scanning the club without any sign of Anna, and pulled her along in the direction of the bathroom. The girls had to pass by the bar on the way to the bathroom when it clearly caught both of their eyes: Anna, touching Patrick and both of them looking happy, in another world. Destiny felt her face flush and her temper rise significantly. It was one thing to hear about them, but it was quite another to actually have to see it. She burned deeply because they actually looked good together and it made Destiny completely self-conscious of what she was doing with Patrick. She had taken to ignoring her friends always telling her how beneath her Patrick was, that she could do better. But she felt like she didn't want or need anything better than Patrick. He turned her on just by looking at her. Destiny now did what she was always ashamed of but could never control, she turned herself off. Everything she did from here on she would never be able to recall, she called it her black out period and only very few people ever got to witness the event and no one ever liked it. Marie felt Destiny pull away from her, and felt her reaction time was too slow; she was unable to stop her.

Destiny reached into her jeans and pulled a hair tie out and tied her hair into a ponytail, letting it swing as she marched to her targets. Without any hesitation, Destiny grabbed Anna by the hair and pulled her backwards, making her face her. Anna screamed slightly, shocked at the sudden aggression on her scalp.

"Destiny! Don't!" Patrick yelled, but he too was unable to stop this.

"Okay, what the FUCK is your problem?" Anna huffed at Destiny, yanking her perfect fingernails away from her head.

"You, bitch! YOU! You are my FUCKING problem!" Destiny yelled. Patrick stood watching this complete train wreck, feeling like the entire situation was his fault, but out of his hands.

"Why do you hate me so much?! I don't even know you!" Anna yelled at her over the already loud music.

"That," Destiny said, pointing to Patrick, "is no longer yours! Mind your own shit, or fucking pay for sticking your ugly face where it doesn't belong!" Destiny yelled. Anna felt herself go red; this girl had zero right to tell her she wasn't allowed near Patrick. Anna knew Patrick back when he was a nobody, they lost their virginities to each other and they were still really good friends. She might have made a stupid mistake sleeping with him the night before, but it felt good and it felt right, she wasn't apologizing to anyone.

"From what I know, he's no longer yours either so you're argument is pointless. Secondly, I've known him long before you have; I feel that I have more of a right to talk to him than you do. So maybe you should be the one to mind your own "shit", as you put it so eloquently, and butt the fuck out," she said. Destiny stopped and stared at this girl. This girl...Destiny smirked cattily. No one, and she meant no one, talks to her like that...Anna rolled her eyes and continued to try to turn away, when Destiny launched her full on attack of Anna, grabbing her this time by the back of her neck and dragging her to the floor.

Pete wasn't paying much attention, flipping mindlessly through the CDs he had with him when he heard a commotion from downstairs. His vantage point gave him a clear view of every inch of the club and he peered over the railing just in time to see Anna's body hit the floor, Destiny standing above her.

"Shit!" Pete exclaimed, jumping over people in the DJ booth, running in the direction of the bar. She was going to get herself kicked out and he wanted this all the work out, he wanted to see her and Patrick back together because she was the only thing that kept him smiling even when he was far away from her.

Anna was shocked and thoroughly embarrassed by the current situation she was in. She never thought in her life that she would have to physically fight for Patrick, not completely sure that she wanted to either, but this wasn't about Patrick anymore, this was about the sheer disrespect Destiny just showed her. Quickly she got to her feet and faced her attacker, breathing heavily, feeling eyes on the pair of them. She curled her hands into fists, ready to swing at Destiny's perfect face when she felt her body get pushed backward and Destiny once again took a chunk of Anna's hair into her palm and this time yanked hard, but Anna got the better of the situation swinging her left arm back and letting her tightly curled fist collide with Destiny's perfectly applied eye shadow. Destiny let her grip loosen on Anna's hair. Anna took Destiny's moment of weakness to forget about who she was for the time being, and shoved her back, pushing her up against the wall beside the bar. Destiny huffed loudly, the world around her was completely black, she only saw the rage surrounding her and could feel no pain whatsoever. Destiny reached her hands up and shoved at Anna's shoulders roughly, hard enough that she once again fell to the floor, this time Destiny lunged at her, landing her angry fists once in Anna's eye, and then she opened her hand and slapped her hard across the face. Anna yelled and started to kick furiously, trying to get Destiny off of her as they both began pulling at each others hair, Destiny's ponytail slowly sliding out of the elastic. Destiny moved herself from above Anna, trying to drag her across the floor, when Anna gave one more desperate kick and ended up kicking Destiny hard in the ribs. Destiny yelped and then growled as Anna once again took advantage of her weakness and slap her hard across her mouth, breaking the skin and smiling evilly as she saw Desinty's blood begin to slip out and her eye bruising. Destiny remained firm, clawing her way to her knees before smacking Anna hard once more across her face, this time in rapid succession, once scraping her eyebrow, the other across her nose and Destiny felt a certain amount of joy as she heard the girl yell again and blood began to trickle out of her nose. Destiny suddenly heard faint noise, but she fought against it hard, determined to make Anna pay for even breathing the same air as Patrick.

Pete broke through the crowd of people, fighting his way to the girls. He watched with sincere worry as security descended upon the fight.

"Don't touch them!" he yelled, still shoving people out of the way on his way to the pair of them.

Destiny screamed loudly as she felt someone grab her wrist, yanking her backward and she watched as Anna got pulled off the floor. She fought against the restraint, with little avail, sticking her stilettoed feet out to try and kick Anna with the last bought of endurance she had. The security guard grabbed her other arm and pulled her backwards, before shoving her body up against the wall.

"Don't touch her!" she heard someone yell from behind her. Pete had pushed his way through the extra security and was now coming to her defense. She saw Charlie right behind him, yelling heatedly with security. Pete grabbed Destiny's arm and pulled her away from the wall, as the security guard tried to grab him to pull him away. Pete let go of Destiny and grabbed a hold of the guy's shirt, slamming him up against the bar.

"Pete!" Charlie exclaimed beside him. Pete glanced over to see Anna being attended to by another guard and he felt rage deep inside of him. He didn't care who attacked who, but Destiny was his sister as far as he was concerned, Anna could go fuck herself. The guard leaned away from the bar and grabbed Pete again, ready to physically throw him out of the bar. Pete felt threatened immediately and let the rage inside of him grow and begin a full on assault of him, fists flying.

"Pete! Stop!" Destiny yelled. She grabbed him, swelling with pride over this display of affection, but she didn't want him getting hurt because of her. Pete backed off the guy and he huffed, pointing out of the club.

"YOU AND ALL YOUR LOSER LITTLE FRIENDS HAVE TO LEAVE!" the guard yelled. Pete gave him the finger as he turned to Destiny and brought his hand to her face. Everyone was still standing around watching.

"What the fuck is everyone looking at?! Go!" Charlie yelled to the crowd still surrounding them.

Pete turned his attention back to Destiny, taking the sleeve of his shirt and wiping carefully at the blood around her eyes and mouth. He watched with a scowl as Patrick skipped over Destiny and went straight to check on Anna.

"You okay, babe?" Pete asked her. She nodded.

"What just happened?" she asked, her throat feeling dry and sore.

"You just beat the shit out of Anna," he said grinning. He couldn't help but smile as he said it.

"I did what now?" she said, her eyes widening. "Ouch," she said as Pete grazed her eye.

"She got you good though," he said. Destiny scowled.

"Fucking bitch," she replied with a soft smile. Pete placed his arm over her shoulders as they got ready to leave. Patrick watched as they passed behind him, and then quickly jogged over to see if Destiny was okay.

"Destiny, are you o...." he began, trying to see her face.

"Fucking save it," Pete said, shielding her from his glance.


"If you wouldn't have slept with Anna AGAIN, this never would have happened. You don't deserve this girl, you know that. I've always told you that, but this time it's because of you, not her. There IS something wrong with you Patrick. You're weak," he said. Patrick stepped back, cocking his head at the strong words that came out of Pete's mouth. He figured he deserved it for what he said to Pete last night, but it still hurt.

Destiny walked passed Anna and her friends as she left the club with Pete and Charlie.

"Bye, bitch," she said as she reached over and smacked her in the face one last time.

"Fucking BITCH!" Anna screamed as she jumped from her seat. Her friends grabbed her and sat her back down and Destiny flipped her off as they went out the side door...


I'll display my disaffection
Out across the city
Loud and proud in your direction
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