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Part Seventeen: And I will wait to find, if this will last forever

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full circle

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Part Seventeen: And I will wait to find, if this will last forever

The rock candy's melted, only diamonds now remain

Pete drove back to his house in silence, watching carefully as Destiny checked her bruises in the mirror. Occasionally, Charlie or Dirty would interject something about how hot it was when Destiny slapped Anna across the face or something, but for the most part, everyone was silent. . Once they pulled into the driveway, Dirty and Charlie raced into the house, apparently they had some video game related score to settle, it didn't much matter. The slammed the door shut and Destiny watched them go, touching her lip softly, tonguing the bruise.

"You okay, kid," Pete asked, noticing a hint of sadness in her eyes. She nodded softly and sighed deeply. Peter reached over and ran his hand across her back, rubbing softly. Destiny put her head down and felt moisture creep into her eyes.

"I really fucked up, Pete. I just fought with the first girl he's ever loved. Now he's really never going to forgive me," she replied, her voice getting tight. This is the first time in a long time Destiny could remember crying, she could remember feeling so awful about something she had done. Pete shrugged and leaned over, pulling Destiny to his shoulder, letting her sob softly onto him. Destiny felt completely out of touch, she couldn't remember who she was anymore. She always let her rage cloud her judgment and it always proved to have a negative outcome...why couldn't she learn?

"Pete, I never meant to hurt anyone! How did I let this happen? I blew it, it's really over. I can't even believe I did this..." she said softly.

"Desty, he's going to forgive you. He always forgives you. Even after you slept with Andy, he still loved you; he's always willing to give you another chance. Anna is his past, she's all of his lessons, you are his future, it's what he wants, trust me. You haven't lost him, that's impossible," Pete said. Destiny sat back and stared into Pete's tired eyes. She was always surprised when he got like this with her, she had no reason to be, but she always was, yet she was always grateful.

"Dest? You know I love you, right?" Pete asked. She smiled at him softly and nodded. He grinned, reached up to her eyes and softly touched it, feeling her wince, "good. So let's go put some ice on that, huh?"

Destiny sat on Pete's bed, holding some ice to her eye and lip. She felt really stupid for doing this. She made herself look like a total loose cannon, and it just wasn't really her. Pete sat on the edge of his bed and knocked back two pills. Destiny sighed.

"I really wish you'd stop doing that," she said. He shrugged.

"I need to sleep tonight."

"But you won't anyway." Pete huffed.

"Just, shut up, okay. I don't care," he said, lying down on his stomach on the bed. He turned his head to look at Destiny. He felt deep down inside of him that she was never going to leave his life anymore. He was afraid for a while that she was gone for good, but now he knew that they had something deeper than just the common bond of Patrick. He couldn't explain it. They weren't lovers, but it was more than a sibling feeling, too. He just knew he loved her a lot and that he would fight for her again if she needed it.


"Hm?" he said, his eyes closed.

"Thanks for helping me tonight. It meant a lot to me. I love you too," she replied, sitting the ice packs on the table beside the bed. He let his eyes open slightly and smiled half-heartedly. No words really needed to be said between the friends for them to understand what the other was thinking. Destiny scooted herself over and buried her head in his chest, sighing deeply as he wrapped his arms around her tightly...

Patrick left the club a few hours later, along with Joe and Marie. The three of them hopped it a bad together, letting Patrick go home first.

"Guys," Marie began, "what the fuck happened tonight?" Joe started to laugh.

"Anna got her ass kicked!" Patrick rolled his eyes and sighed deeply.

"This shit isn't funny," Patrick said grumpily.

"Dude! You should be happy; two hot girls just beat the shit out of each other over you. That doesn't happen everyday," Joe said.

"Thank god. I can't believe this," Patrick said, his eyes watching the city fly by him.

"I don't know about you man, but that fight was a total turn on! Two bitches going at it like that, hot. I swear." Marie giggled and rolled her eyes as Joe placed a few kisses on her neck than to her lips. Patrick gagged.

"Gross. Can you that?" Patrick said, shifting uncomfortable in the seat. The cab dropped him off at his house and he waved but to Joe and Marie, shoving his hands deep into his hoodie, wondering how things got so crazy so quickly. He was glad the Europe trip was only a week away. He had never wanted a change of scenery so bad in his life. Patrick fell silent within himself and took the time to notice how quite his neighborhood was. It was almost unsettling, but when he looked up the walkway to his front door, he felt himself smiling against the odds.

"Hey," he said softly.

Destiny smiled.

"Hi," she replied, keeping her seat. "Patrick, look, I..."

"Dest, I can't even begin to understand why you've done all the things you've done these past few weeks, but...ugh! You're sticking with me, you're still here," he said, pointing to his heart. "Despite everything, all the things I love about you and all the things I hate about you, I can't shake you."

"I never meant to hurt you. This whole thing got out of control and I couldn't stop pit. I'm never going to be sorry for what Andy and I did, but I am sorry for what it did to you, to us. And I'm 100% sorry about that fight. I can't even remember Anna okay?"

"She's pretty bruised, but I think her ego got it worse. She'll be fine." Destiny smiled, she never hated Anna, she was just purely jealous of her. Jealous of all the things she shared with Patrick that she could never obtain. The jealousy just got the best of her.

"Can you EVER forgive me? I never, ever wanted to see you in pain. I'm so sorry," Destiny stood and walked into the soft light from the street. Patrick felt his stomach flip and the butterflies took a hold of his voice and emotions. He opened his mouth but nothing came out, all he could do was stare at her in awe.

"Why me?" he asked suddenly. Desinty shook her head, indicating she didn't understand. "Why me? Why fight for me? I'm nobody special. I'm just Patrick," he said. Destiny took a few steps toward him, their bodies now inches apart, neither of them pretending to be shocked by the currents flowing through them.

"That's just it. You ARE Patrick. Despite everything, all the things I love about you and all the things I hate about you, I can't shake you." Patrick smiled broadly, taking in the soft flecks of gold in her brown eyes as they sparkled. God, he missed that.

"Desinty, I..."

"I know."

She leaned forward and gently pecked him on the lips.

"Let's never fight again," she stated.

"I love you," he whispered. Destiny leaned in again, this time pressing her body against his, wrapping her arms tightly around him as he pulled her close. The two of them felt at peace once more. The time apart was an eternity. Patrick felt a sudden surge of emotions race through him and he wanted to get down on one knee and pop the big question right then and there, though his better judgment told him to take it slow for now.

"Patrick," Destiny breathed. She was surprised she had any breath left after that kiss.

"What?" he asked softly, brushing her hair behind her ear.

"I want to do it. I want to move in. Yes, I want you, I want us, I want a family. I've never wanted anything more in my life..."

But this morning
There's a calm I can't explain
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