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Chapter 13: The Day After

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Awwww love.

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-Eden's POV-

I wake up in a completely different position - half of my body lying on Pete's back. We must have shifted in the night because now he's lying on his stomach. I wake up and smile because I still can't believe last night actually happened and this man's beautiful naked body is in bed next to me. I kiss the tattoo on this upper back and run my fingers down his arm.
"Mmmm," he whispers, stirring under me a little. He takes my hand in his and kisses it gently. "Good morning, baby."
"Baby, huh?" I say as I kiss the back of his neck.
"You don't like it?"
"No." I run my hands down his back and grab his bum. "I love it." He jumps a little and then turns himself over.
"Last night was amazing."
"That it was," I smile, crawling on top of him and kissing his lower lip. "I love you," I mumble against his lips before kissing him again, putting my hands in his hair. He gets really into it, sucking on my lips and putting his hands on my lower back, pulling me close to him. I moan into his lips and grind my body softly against his.
"I love you," he whispers after we part lips for a second to take a breather. "Seriously E," he pushes my bangs out of my face, "I've never been made weak in the knees by a girl. You have all of me. I've never..." he drifts off.
"Pete," I say, brushing his bangs off his face, "you make my stummy feel funny."
"You're stummy?" he giggles.
"Yeah, my stomach. I get all gittery when ever I see you. My hands shake until you touch me, and then everything is fine - like I'm home or something."
"That's what I was kinda trying to say...but for some reason my words escaped me." My eyes widen.
"Shocker! I made Pete Wentz speechless. I am a goddess in many eyes."
"Most definitely in mine...a sex goddess," he whispers before kissing me passionately.
"Mmmm, Pete," I moan into his lips. He pushes me over and gets on top of me, never parting his lips from mine. We kiss for a couple of minutes, and then he stops. "What is it?"
"I'm really hungry. You have me a workout last night and now I need food!"
"Food sounds nice." We both sit up and slide on our clothes from last night, except Pete decides not to put on his shirt (yay!).
"Race ya!" he laughs, running down the hall.
"Oh, it's on bitch!" I scream, running after him. He almost makes it to the kitchen but I jump on his back.
"Jesus!" he laughs, grabbing my legs so I don't fall down. When we get to the kitchen he backs up against the counter and drops me onto it. I sit there and smile at him, trying my best to look completely adorable.
"How do you do that?" he asks, going into the bread cupboard to get us some bagels.
"Do what?" I ask cutely.
"Look so amazingly adorable and sexy at the same time? Be a cute little angel down here and an animal in the bedroom?"
"Magic!" I giggle. "I could ask you the same thing, though."
"What? I'm not cute!" he pouts. I get up off the counter and stroll behind him, wrapping my hands around his back and kissing his shoulder.
"Yes you are. You're fucking adorable. Sometimes when you're thinking, you'll stick your tongue out and it's just adorable. And those eyes you give me when you want something...that kills me." He turns around and wraps his hands around my waist.
"I guess I am pretty fucking adorable." He kisses my nose. "What would you like on your bagel?"
"Philly light cream cheese."
"Light? You're so skinny, why do you need light?"
"To stay skinny," I giggle. "Also because I just like it better. Don't question me!" I give him a little slap.
"Ouch! Okay, sorry your highness." He puts our bagels together and we sit at the kitchen table, staring at each other as we eat - silent.
"So," I say to break the silence, "What are you doing today?"
"I am doing nothing. I'm on a little vacation. Do you have to work today?"
"No silly, it's Sunday. Do you wanna spend the day together?"
"Do you even have to ask that question? I would prefer to spend every day with you if that's possible."
"We might be able to arrange that," I wink.

-Pete's POV-

After breakfast, Eden and I decide to go upstairs and take a shower together. Let me tell you - best shower of my life. We get out and towel dry each other and then she spends a half an hour in the mirror getting ready and I just watch her - completely intranced. She doesn't do much to herself because she's so naturally beautiful, just a little blush and eye shadow and a tiny bit of mascara. When she starts blow-drying her hair she looks up in the mirror and sees me.
"Having fun, are we?" she giggles. I just nod. "Is my getting ready really that entertaining to you?" I nod again. I walk over to the counter and smile at her before looking down at her make-up. "Do you want to put some eyeliner on?" I nod again. "Here you go, silly boy," she says, handing me her eyeliner. After I'm done she grabs my face and looks at me.
"Do I look okay?" I ask cutely.
"Mmm hmm...very nice application. It makes your eyes pop."
"Gracias. So what do you want to do today?"
"I dunno...what do YOU wanna do?" she asks, poking my chest.
"Ouch!" I pout and rub my chest where she poked me. I still haven't put on my shirt, so it actually did hurt a little.
"Awww, poor baby," she says, leaning down and kissing it. God, that feels good. I constantly want every bit of her to be all over me - I think I might be developing an addiction. Well, you know what they say. The first step is admitting you have a problem. I do have a problem. I'm addicted to Eden. She kisses up my chest and my neck until she reaches my lips. I run my fingers through her soft hair. I part from her lips and look into her eyes.
"Seriously...what do you wanna do?"
"Go shopping?" She shrugs and then looks back into the mirror to apply her lip gloss.
"Is that flavored?"
"Mmm hmm...Vanilla. Want some?" I nod and grab her neck and pull her in for a kiss, making sure to rub my lips against hers so it rubs off on me.
"PETE!" she looks at me with an adorable angry face for a second before kissing me back, rubbing her lips all over mine. "Ha ha...I got it back." I do it again to her and then she stops me. "This could go on forever," she giggles.
"True. Let's go buy shit we don't need."
"First I need to stop by my place and change my clothes, though, if that's alright with you."
"Tis alright," she says, locking arms with me.
We drive to my house and I change my clothes. Eden says she needs to stay downstairs because seeing me naked would "push her over the edge". I finish changing and then we head off downtown. I decide to wear a hat, just to keep myself a little bit out of the public eye. I really don't care who sees us, but I am kinda afraid of Brendon finding out. I know, I'm a chicken shit, but it might upset him.
We hit all the cute little boutiques. We get to this one with really cute clothes and I make Eden give me a fashion show. She protests at first, but later I really think she gets into it. As she changes back into her normal clothes, my phone rings.
"Hey Pete. How did it go last night with Eden?" asks Patrick
"Did you tell her you love her?"
"I did. I told her."
"Did you...ya know?"
"Patrick! How dare you assume." I announce, feigning shock.
"You so did!"
" are you two like...boyfriend and girlfriend now?" he asks, sounding like a girl.
"We actually haven't talked about that. But I'm assuming since she's said she's in love with me that we are."
"Don't assume, Pete. It makes an ass out of you..."
"and me?"
"No, just you. Ha ha ha. I was actually calling though because Dani wants to meet you guys for lunch. You down?"
"Let me ask Eden. Here she comes now." She walks out and comes over and hugs my side. "Do you want to go eat lunch with Patrick and Dani?"
"Mmmm hmm," she whispers, getting me a little excited. Damn her...not now.
"Yeah, we'll come."
"Awesome," Patrick replies. "See you at our favorite place in 15 minutes."
"Alrighty. See ya." I hang up the phone and put my arms around Eden. "Found anything you like?" She nods. "Let me get it for you."
"I have a job, ya know. I can pay for my own stuff."
"I want to buy it for you. Now shush," I say, grabbing the clothes out of her hand and walking up to the counter. After we leave we make our way to the restaurant. When we get there we see Dani and Patrick sitting in a booth in the corner.
"Hello, children!" Eden says, waving.
"You seem happy," winks Dani.
"That I am," she says, scooting into the booth. "I'm left handed so I need to be on the inside."
"You're left handed?" Patrick asks. "That makes you automatically special."
"She already is special," I say.
"Oh my God, Eden, you've turned Pete into a softy, ushy gushy. NICE WORK!" He reaches over and high-fives her.
"Ha Ha...very funny."
"So are you two like...together now?" Dani asks half-way through the meal. I knew this was going to come up. Eden grabs my hand and looks into my eyes. I look back and I can tell what she wants me to say.
"Yes, yes we are," I say, grabbing her hand and kissing it.
"Hallalujah!" Patrick yells. "Seriously, this boy was driving me nuts moping over you."
"And E was driving me nuts. We done did good, honey," Dani says, leaning over and kissing Patrick.
"Wait, what did you guys do?" Eden asks. "Did you guys plan us running into each other last week?" They give each other a knowing look. "HA! I knew it!"
"That explains a lot," I say. "I would be mad, but I'm too happy."
"Pete's too's a miracle," mocks Patrick.
"Shut up," I say, throwing my straw wrapper at him.
"Dudes, stop," Eden giggles, grabbing my hand.
We finish our meal and then decide to go see a movie. The whole time I snuggle up with Eden. I want to kiss her, but she refuses because she's too into the movie. That's what I get for dating a film major...


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