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Chapter 14: Patrick's Party - Part 1

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It's Patrick's birthday party and someone arrives at the party, stirring things up a bit.

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-Eden's POV-

Things with Pete and I are going amazingly. We've been together for a couple of weeks now and have basically spent every second of our free time together. Gabe's been home for a couple days, so I've been spending more time at Pete's house.
I awake the feeling of Pete's lips on my neck. I don't say anything, I just take his chin in my hand and lift his lips up to mine. I kiss him passionately, pulling him tight against my body.
"Good morning to you, too," he gasps, giggling slightly.
"That's what you get for waking me up," I giggle, sticking my tongue out at him.
"Do you see me complaining?" He asks, lying down on his back and pulling me close to him. We start to kiss again but are interrupted by the sound of his ringtone. "It's Dani," he says, surprised.
"It must be about Patrick's party tonight. She probably needs us," I say, rubbing his chest before sitting up. "Answer it, dork." Pete answers the phone.
"Hey Dani. Yeah. Yeah we're coming. No, we're not spending all day in bed. Yeah, I'll pick it up. Okay! See you soon, bye." He hangs up the phone and sighs. "We have to go. Dani's flipping out, she's afraid Patrick's gonna find out about the party."
"Gabe said he was going to keep him distracted today. Let me call him." I dial Gabe's number. "Gabe. Yeah, are you with Patrick? Good...Dani's flipping out. He doesn't know does he? Just say 'cheese' if he doesn't know. Okay, good. We're going over to Dani's to help her get stuff ready. Okay, love you, bye!"
"Love?" Pete pouts.
'Brotherly love, silly. You know you're the only one I love." I kiss his lips sweetly and then run into the bathroom.
"I love watching you run...especially when you're naked," Pete laughs as he runs in after me. "We should take a shower together. Quicker that way."
"Not if you aren't a good boy it isn't," I wink.
"I can make it quick," he says as we get into the shower. He turns the water on and I shiver because it's so cold. I push him away from the water and against the wall. He looks down, smiles, and kisses me slowly, sensually. I reach back with my hand and feel the water - it's warm enough now. I walk back until both of our bodies are under the water. The water cascades down my breasts and Pete's eyes flow with the water down my body. He gives me that adorable face - the one when he wants something - and I can't help but give him what he wants. I turn and put my back against the wall and pull him against me by his hips.
"Ooo la la," he giggles.
"I want you, Pete," I say seductively, biting my lip. He growls and then attacks me with his lips and his body, pushing hard against me. I feel his erection against my thigh and quickly grab it and slide him into me. We don't say a word, we just enjoy each other. He pumps into me faster than he's ever done before, and it feels amazing. He's going so hard, so fast, that I almost can't stand it. I claw at his back and bite his neck softly, making him go even faster. He growls into my neck and slams the wall with his hand over and over again. Pretty soon I can feel myself tightening around him, sending him over the edge. He lets out a moan and releases himself inside me, and I follow soon after, moaning like crazy, having the best orgasm I've ever, ever had. After he's done he leans against me, breathless. I rub his back and breath heavily, my breasts rising against his chest. He looks down at me and smiles.
"Wow," is all he can say.
"I know," I say, breathlessly. "That was amazing...good job, baby," I say, patting his back.
"That was all you. I like the biting and the gets me so fucking hot," he sighs, kissing my neck. "We're gonna have to do that again."
"But right now we have to get ready and go," I frown.
"Yeah," he says, pushing himself away from the wall and letting his hair get soaked with water again. He closes his eyes and stretches, running his fingers through his hair. His muscles tighten and the water flows down his body, driving me absolutely crazy. I have to control myself, I think, closing my eyes and getting under the water with him. We wash each other and then get out and get ready.
About 30 minutes later we arrive at Patrick's door. Dani answers, looking disheveled.
"Where have you guys been?" She yells. "Did you guys have sex in the shower or something?" Pete and I look at each other and stifle our laughs with fake coughs. "Oh my God, you guys. Seriously, can you focus on the party and not go off in corners and fuck every five minutes? Think you can do that for me?"
"Jeez Dani, calm down," I say, patting her shoulder. I frown comes over her face and she sulks.
"Sorry guys, I'm just stressed. Some things aren't arriving on time and people are RSVPing, which shouldn't happen. It's just...shitty."
"We'll help." Pete smiles, hugging Dani. "No worries." And she really doesn't have to worry because Pete and I are extremely organized people when it comes to this kind of stuff and we pretty much fix everything. Around 8 we're all in Patrick's living room, waiting for him and Gabe to come through the front door. Five minutes later we hear a car door slam.
"Ok everybody, that's them," Pete whispers. "When they walk in, yell surprise."
"I think we know how a surprise party works, Pete," laughs Beckett, whose crouching as best he can behind the couch next to Pete and I. God, that guy is tall. Patrick walks in and we all yell, "Surprise!"
"Oh my God. What is this?" He asks, clearly genuinely surprised. Dani walks over to him and he kisses her on the lips. "Baby, did you do this?' She gives a cute little nod. "Awesome. Wow...everyone's here." Everyone except for Brendon, who I'm sure decided not to come because he knew I would probably be there.
The night is going smoothly. Everyone is having a great time chatting, drinking, dancing, and eating. I'm standing in a corner with Pete, our hands grasping each other's waists, talking with Beckett and Gabe when Brendon walks in with some blonde chick. I turn and look a little bit closer and notice that I recognize the girl - its Amy. Amy from the after party we went to months ago. What the fuck is he doing with her? Brendon catches my eye and I automatically step away from Pete.
"What is it, baby?" Pete asks, concern all over his face.
"Nothing," I say, my eyes still on Brendon. Pete turns around and sees him.
"Oh shit...perfect," he sighs. "Well, he was going to find out eventually." Pete grabs my hand and I pull away. Why am I pulling away?
"Eden, what the hell?" Pete raises his voice. "Are you ashamed to be with me in front of him?"
"What? No!" I yell, sounding a little less than convinced. I'm not ashamed, I'm just shocked he's here. And for some reason, I'm a little jealous of Amy. I shouldn't be jealous - Pete is such a more genuine person than Brendon. He's so much more real. Of course, while all this is going through my head, Pete storms out of the room. "Pete!" I yell, running after him. I see him run into Patrick's room and lock the door. "Pete!" I bang on the door. "Pete, I'm sorry. I was just shocked to see him. Please baby, let me in."
"Don't you dare 'baby' me right now," he growls from the other side. "I can't believe you. You're embarrassed by me?"
"It's because he's with Amy, isn't it?" he yells.
"Pete, let me in so we don't make a scene."
"I don't give a fuck about making a fucking scene. Go away, just seeing your face makes me want to punch a wall right now."
"Pete, you're taking this all wrong. I'm sorry, okay? I love you," I whimper. Tears fill my eyes and as I bang on the door, I begin crying like mad. Gabe runs out from the hall and catches me before I fall to the ground.
"You have to let Pete cool off. He gets like this. He needs to cool off. He's just...being Pete."
"Pete's being completely immature!" I yell, banging on the door. I don't know why, but my sadness has turned to anger. I know what I did looked wrong, but I was just in shock. You spend over two years with one person and then see him with a person you hate and I guarantee you would have a similar reaction. I can only imagine how Brendon feels seeing me arm in arm with Pete, a person he loves. Speak of the devil - Amy comes walking through the hall.
"Having a bit of a relationship problem, are we?" she snickers.
"You bitch!" I scream, jumping on her.
"Holy shit!" gasps Gabe. "Brendon! Pete! You better get over here!" Amy and I are wrestling on the ground - in tiny dresses no less. I'm totally winning, pulling her hair and slapping the crap out of her. Pretty soon we have a small crowd watching us, including Brendon, who quickly comes and pulls her off - but not before she gets one punch in.
"What the fuck is going on?" Pete yells, poking his head through the door. "Oh my God, Eden!" He runs over to me. "You're bleeding. What happened?"
"The stupid, crazy jealous bitch jumped me!" Amy cries, being held back by Brendon.
"What?" Pete yells. "Why the hell did you do that? Are you jealous of her and Brendon?"
"No...she made fun of me for crying over you," I whimper. "That's all...and I wanted to get back at her for hitting me a long time ago." Pete grabs me and pulls me close to him, burying my face - which has blood on it - against his black dress shirt. "Why don't we go home?" he suggest, patting my hair.
"Yeah, we should go. It was a mistake coming," sighs Brendon. "Sorry Patrick," he sighs.
"It's alright. It wouldn't be a party without someone getting jealous," he giggles. "I'm just glad everyone's okay." The crowd starts to dissipate and pretty soon its only Brendon, Amy, Pete, and I.
"Bren...we need to talk," says Pete. "Baby, you go wash up in the bathroom and get ready to go okay?" he asks, cupping my face in his hands. I nod and he pulls me up.
"Yeah, Amy why don't you go wait in the car?" Brendon asks. She huffs and walks away, pulling her dress closed in the back because I ripped the crap out of it.

-Pete's POV-

I'm still kinda fuming at Eden for being so...strange, but I need to talk to Brendon, so we decide to take a walk outside.
"So...I'm sorry you had to find out about E and I that way."
"I kinda knew that was coming, actually," Brendon shrugs. "It was just kinda destined to happen you two. Her and I couldn't play the 'love' game forever, it would have been impossible. We just grew apart."
"So you're okay with her and I being together?"
"Are you still going to be together after tonight? You seemed pretty fucking pissed off."
"I am pissed off. She pulled away from me when you came in."
"That's because her and I have history and we haven't seen each other in months and I basically came with a girl she hated to try and make her jealous. So I guess if you should be mad at anyone, it's me."
"Ha ha....I guess when you look at it that way, you're totally right. I can't not be with Eden though, she means everything to me."
"I can tell. I'm happy for you guys, honestly. I mean at first I was pretty fucking pissed."
"Wait, so you knew?" I ask, shocked. "You knew before?"
" is a wonderful tool," Brendon giggles. "Yeah, I knew. I mean we have the same friends. I haven't been under a rock the last couple of weeks."
"Yeah, we were stupid to try and hide it."
"You don't have to anymore. It's cool. I'm happy she's happy and you're my friend, and my boss, so I'm happy you're happy. I wasn't happy with her anymore and that is a whole lot of happies in two sentences."
I burst out in laughter. "Well I'm happy you're happy we're happy." I actually am happy anger has subsided. Thank God...I hated being angry at Eden. I literally almost threw up because it gave me such a sour feeling in my stomach. "Well, I better get back to Eden. I think she'll want to go home."
"Yeah. Amy's probably already left without me," he laughs. "I'll just get a ride with Ryan later."
"Okay. I'm glad we talked," I say, patting his back.
"Me too," he smiles.
I run inside and go straight back to Patrick's bathroom. Eden's there, a wet Kleenex to her nose. She looks up at me and frowns and then looks back down. I walk behind her and gingerly put my arms around her, burying my face in her neck.
"Does this mean you are done being a jealous prick?" she asks with attitude.
"Yes, I'm sorry baby," I whisper in her ear. "I'm sorry. You know how I get."
"You've never gotten that way with me," she says softly.
"Because I've never had to. The way you reacted scared me because I thought you still had feelings for Brendon. But he made me realize what was going on inside your head. I still don't have you completely figured out yet." She turns around and pushes me.
"And you think he does? God, you're such an asshole. You scare me to death and then when I need you, you go run off and talk to my ex boyfriend? What the fuck is wrong with you?"
"Eden...I don't want to fight with you. Fighting with you makes me sick to my stomach. I can't do it."
"Sure you can. There's the toilet, go throw your guts up. I can't stand to be near you right now." She storms out of the room and slams the door. I just stand there - shocked. Did that just happen? I put my head in my hands and collapse against the wall, sliding down to the floor.


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