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ARchie and Atlanta are going on 6 months for their relationship, but thing take a turn for the worse.

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Heyy divachick34 here thanks for the understanding about my cat(read seperation) I will update because it help keep my mind off it:) please read, rate and review.

Archie and Atlanta were in Archie's room laying on his bed cuddling.(because they were going out)

"hey Archie?" Atlanta asked

"yes lannie" he said kissing her cheek

"how long have we been going out?" she asked

"I do belive 6 months tomorrow" he said smiling.

"do you want to do something special?" she asked

"sure, how about dinner?" He suggested

"cool" she said snuggling into his chest and yawning. He smiled and hugged her tighter. They soon fell asleep in eachothers arms.

the next day-their date

Archie and Atlanta sat in the restaurant eating and staring into eachothers eyes. When they had finished eating they were walking through the park. Archie had his hand around Atlnta's waist and she had her head on his shoulder. As they arrived at the brownstone they headed up to their rooms. Archie kissed Atlanta good night but it soon turned into a heavy make-out session. They backed into Atlnata's room and stumbled towords the bed. They layed down lips still locked until Archie hand went to the bottom of Atlanta's shirt...
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