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A New Life

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AU on how the X-men came to be. Major Jott and Kurtty. Scott, Jean, Kurt, Kitty, Evan, and Rogue have all had horrible lives. See how they ban together and become the future X-men with the help of ...

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X-men: Evolution of the Heart
Chapter 12: A New Life


Needless to say, taking six broken teenage mutants from the streets and adjusting them to such a dramatic change of lifestyle was more difficult than Professor Charles Xavier had imagined. From the beginning there were problems with each of them. They all had no money or clean clothes and they were reduced to bare bones from years of mal-nutrition. Getting them eating again was a bit of a shock since none of them had a decent meal for the better part of a decade. Their lack of food had such a serious effect on them; the Professor had to call upon his old friend, Hank McCoy, to help formulate special prescription drugs to combat the effects of chronic mal-nutrition. Although the medications were hard to get use to, none of the teens objected to the professor.

In addition to severe mal-nutrition, they all suffered terrible insomnia. Neither of them could fall asleep for more than two hours without having nightmares. Although they said they were use to it, it was still very unhealthy for them and it did a way with their strength. Sometimes they were able to help each other with this. Scott and Jean would often sleep in the same room to help each other and Kurt and Kitty ended up doing the same. Evan would often seek solstice with his Aunt while Rogue found herself looking to Logan for assistance. While this did help, in the end they all had to go on heavy medication to help them sleep. It was hard, but it was unfortunately necessary.

In addition to eating more, Logan had fitted each of them with an aggressive fitness plan the help them all grow stronger and gain back the lost muscle that years on the streets had taken. The institute had a fully equipped gym and had a special training area aptly named the 'Danger Room.' Scott, Jean, and Rogue took a better liking to the weight room. They found that spending time benching heavy weights provided a good release for their stress. Evan, Kitty, and Kurt spent more time in the danger room, enjoying the challenging obstacles and team-building games that Logan programmed for them. Slowly, but surely, the six teens grew their strength back and began to regain lost muscle, especially Scott, Jean, and Rogue. They all underwent an aggressive training in martial arts as well as fitness. Each one of the six teens took an immediate liking to such training because it helped them feel much less weak in the end. And that meant worlds to them after feeling so weak and helpless for so many years. They spent hours learning moves and skills from Logan and Ororo and their willingness to learn often overwhelmed, but never hindered their efforts. After a couple of months, they finally stopped looking like undernourished famine victims, and they grew in to more acceptable, stronger-looking bodies.

In addition to helping them physically, the Professor also did his part to help them mentally as well. He and Ororo spent a lot of time with them in helping them catch up for their eventual return to school. This proved to be easier than they could have hoped because the six teens had always used book on the streets to keep themselves sharp. They all learned fast; even Scott learned quickly despite his inability to see. By the time September rolled around, they all promised to enter high school fully prepared.

In the past months, the professor had also begun to help each student with their powers. It was a miracle that they had any kind of control with their health as it was, but it still needed work. Charles, Ororo, and Logan worked daily with them to help them improve on their skills and they did have some success. Kurt's teleportation range went from a maximum of half a mile, to two miles. Kitty no longer fell through the floors at night and Rogue wasn't struggling as much with organizing the powers and thoughts she absorbed. Evan also showed great improvement thanks to Ororo's help. However, there were some exceptions.

The Professor had found out about the plane crash Scott was in from intercepting his dreams and he discovered that the accident left him with some permanent brain damage that forever hindered his ability to control his optic blasts. It was such a bitter disappointment for him because it meant to him that he would never see again. However, the Professor vowed to change that. While Scott was fully capable using his other senses, and in some cases it was better than actual sight, he still yearned to be able to see once again and he could only hope that the Professor would stay true to his word.

Jean Grey's powers proved to be the most difficult to manage. Surges and seizures had plagued her for many years and despite the Professor's help, it proved to be very hard to control. Jean's abilities were very powerful and over the years they had grown. The Professor was astonished to find out that she had kept them under controlled as much as she had. Whenever he asked Jean how, she would always say that Scott helped her.

In the main library, Jean was once again trying to learn some control of her psychic powers, but there was little, if any, progress. She had been trying to use her telekenetic powers to lift simple objects like balls and books, but Jean had little success.


"Yes you can Jean, just concentrate," said the Professor as he was trying to help Jean master her telekinesis. He had been trying to help her levitate and control the movement of heavy metal orbs without getting headaches, but this was proving more difficult than either of them could have anticipated.

"I..." but before Jean could finish, she collapsed in fatigue causing the levitated metal balls to fall to the floor.

"I'm...I'm sorry Professor. I just couldn't..."

"It's alright Jean...This kind of control takes time," reassured the Professor as Jean tried to get her head straight again.

"It's just that...It's been over a month and I still can't control it," said Jean in an exasperated tone.

"Don't be so hard on yourself Jean. Your unique abilities are quite difficult to manipulate in comparison to the others. You see your powers are growing in intensity because your body and mind haven't finished growing yet," explained the Professor.

"Will it ever stop?" asked Jean nervously.

"Eventually it will," assured the Professor. "And that's why we must work to control your powers now, so you can stay in control in the future."

Jean sighed as she readied herself to give it another try. But just then, there was a knock on the door.


"Yes, come in Scott," said Charles as he sensed his presence. Scott then entered the room.

"Is everything all right? I heard something crash."

The Professor couldn't help but laugh slightly.

"I'm surprised you could hear it through these walls."

"Well, I guess when one sense goes, the others get stronger," replied Scott sheepishly.

"Indeed. That reminds me, I've been analyzing your condition with Cerebro's new upgrades and I believe that I am close to finding a way to help you see again."

"How close?" asked Scott nervously.

"Close enough to know that you will see again with certainty," assured the Professor.

Such news was definitely exiting to Scott, but he tried not to get his hopes up too much. It had been 8 years since he had seen something clearly on his own and the Professor was promising to end or at least alleviate it. Jean couldn't help but smile at Scott, happy that at least one of them was going to be able to get some kind of control.

"Well...Thanks Professor. I can't tell you how grateful I am for your help so far."

"You're very welcome Scott," replied the Professor.

Scott then turned around to leave, but just then the Professor looked back at Jean and had an idea.


Scott turned around and faced the Professor again.

"Would you mind staying and helping us for a moment?"

"Sure," said Scott. "But how can I help? I'm not a psychic."

"That doesn't mean you can't assist us. You see, I've been trying to help Jean gain control over her psychic abilities by training her mind to manipulate, rather than suppress; so she can train her mind to have something like an 'on' or 'off' switch. However, it's been difficult over these last few weeks."

"That's putting it lightly," commented Jean, still trying to get her head straight from the last failed attempt.

"Oh, don't be so pessimistic Jean," said Scott with a smirk.

Scott then made his way on to the couch where Jean was sitting and sat beside her. Immediately, Jean felt herself calm down in his presence. Over the years, Scott turned out to be the only who could ever keep Jean calm. The Professor was quick to pick up on this and hoped that Scott's presence would help.

"Are you ready to try again Jean?" asked the Professor.

After a few deep breaths, Jean nodded in reply "I think so."

"Good, now do what we've discussed and concentrate, relax, and picture the object moving," said the Professor.

"What should I do Professor?" asked Scott.

"Just stay there...And keep her calm."

Jean closed her eyes and took one last deep breath. Once again, the five heavy metal balls levitated off the floor and hovered. Jean seemed to be doing this with relative ease for the first 15 seconds, but then the Professor added in a few more tasks.

"Good Jean, now move them a few feet to the left."

Jean did as he instructed, but as they moved, they started to wobble and shake. Both Scott and the Professor could sense her struggling with the task. Jean's focus began to slip further as the metal balls began to shake more violently.

"Professor...I," said Jean struggling to speak.

"Concentrate Jean...You can do it," said the Professor.

But it wasn't working. The metal balls grew more unstable and looked like they were going to crash in to the floor again. With a worried look, Scott put his hand on Jean's shoulder. Almost immediately, the Professor sensed a new calm in Jean Grey's mind. It could almost be certainly attributed to Scott's presence.

"That's it Jean...You're doing it," said Scott urging her on.

The metal balls stopped shaking violently and hung still in the air.

"Okay Jean...Now try and moving them around. Remember, stay focused and stay calm. You're doing great," said the Professor.

Slowly, but smoothly, the metal balls moved in all directions. Jean seemed remarkably calm through all this; it was a great contrast to all the follies she had been having in the last few weeks of training. Scott's hand stayed on Jean's shoulder the whole time trying to keep her from loosing control. For a good five minutes, Jean stayed in control as the metal orbs before her seemed completely under her control.

"You're doing great Jean...Now try and set them down...Gently," instructed the Professor.

Then, the metal balls slowly descended to the floor. Suddenly, there was a light jerk in their motion, but a gentle squeeze from Scott's hand helped Jean regain control. After a tense few moments, the heavy metal balls finally settled and Jean let out a deep sigh. Scott couldn't help but smile at her success.

"Jean...How do you feel?" asked the Professor, hoping another one of her headaches wouldn't flare up again.

"I feel...Fine," said Jean slightly dumbfounded, for she always had some kind of headache or seizure after using her powers. But this time was different because she had none of that...No pain, no pressure...Nothing.

"Then apparently you have just taken your first steps towards control...Congratulations, Jean," said the Professor with an approving smile.

"Thank you Professor."

"Don't just thank me my dear. I think most of your thanks deserves to go to Mr. Summers right here."

Jean just looked at Scott and smiled, "I know."

Charles Xavier couldn't help but smile at what he had just witnessed, for he knew that it wasn't just him that had helped her. As they both got up to leave hand in hand, he saw the two teens look at each other in a special way. It didn't matter that Scott was blind; it was as if they really could see each other though some special way. It didn't take a psychic to see that these two young souls shared a very special bond.


Later that evening, the team sat down to a hardy dinner. The Professor felt a real sense of accomplishment as he heard their laughter fill the room. Even Rogue couldn't help but be enticed by the ambience. He also felt like these once broken young people resembled not just a team, but a family as well. Now, each one of them had some kind of control using their powers, even Jean. Scott was still blind, but he didn't let that get to him. Just as dinner was coming to an end, the doorbell rang. Logan went to get it and was greeted with a familiar face.

"Hank McCoy, it's been quiet a while," said Logan with a wolfish grin.

"Indeed Logan," said a tall, stocky man with glasses. "Is the Professor in?"

He was Hank McCoy, a mutant like the rest of them. While he didn't show it, it was still there...Inside of him. Charles Xavier had helped him many years ago with his control and he still kept in contact with him for years afterwards, doing what he can to help repay him in any way he could.

Logan led him in to the dining room where Storm, Kitty, and Kurt were clearing the table and the Professor was wheeling himself out.

"Hank...It's good to see you again," greeted the Professor.

"Likewise Charles," responded Hank.

"So tell me, what brings you here old friend?" asked Charles.

"Just repaying another favor for you. You see, I've been studying some of the data you've given me about one of your students, Scott Summers."

"Yes, what about him?" replied the Professor.

"I've recently discovered a unique substance that was being used in laser studies abroad. It's called ruby-quartz and it's quite a remarkable material. I read up on Mr. Summers' condition and I believe that this may be the magic medium you've been seeking that will help him see again without releasing his powers."

"You say this will help him see again?" said the Professor with a hopeful tone. "I must warn you that Scott's optic blasts are not ordinary lasers. They have remarkable concussive power and are capable of tearing through solid steel with relative ease."

"I know the destructive nature of the young man's powers, but all of my tests were positive and I am nearly 100% certain that this ruby-quartz stuff will do the trick."

The professor had come to trust Hank's scientific knowledge over the years. If he was right about this new data, then it would be a godsend to Scott. The Professor had made a promise to Scott not long after he joined and he was always one to keep his word.

"Well...There's only one way to find out."


In the steel reinforced walls of the danger room, Scott Summers stood nervously in the center. He couldn't remember a time when he was this weary, but the prospect of regaining his long lost sight was just too big to take lightly. Logan, the Professor, Hank, and Jean were present and all of their hopes ran high.

"Okay Scott, are you ready?" asked the Professor sensing his anxiety.

Scott took a deep breath and simply nodded. He had spent eight years being blind and had gotten use to it for the most part. But it was still a great burden on him. Not being able to see had been the curse that came along with his gift and now it seemed there was finally hope for a new beginning.

"Okay, now keep your eyes closed...And remove the blindfold," said Hank.

Scott did as he was told and kept his eyes shut.

"Jean...Would you like to do the honors?" asked the Professor, knowing that Scott would benefit greatly if Jean was the first person he saw for obvious reasons.

"Can I?" she asked looking towards Hank.

"Be my guest Jean," replied Hank as he handed her a strange pair of glasses. He also had a visor for battle situations, but for now he felt that the glasses would do for now in this simple test scenario.

To her they looked like ordinary sunglasses, but with a bit more of an exotic look. It was strange, knowing that these small spectacles held the key to Scott's vision.

"Shouldn't we be doing this outside?" asked Logan as Jean made her way towards Scott.

"Have some faith Logan...Besides, these walls are reinforced," reassured Hank.

Slowly, Jean placed the custom fitted glasses over Scott's eyes and took a step back.

"Okay...Now open your eyes Scott," said Jean anxiously.

Scott held his breath along with the rest of the group as he slowly opened his eyes.


No blasts, no pressure...Nothing. Scott took in his first real sight of the girl he had been so close with for years. Every mental picture he ever had and every image in his mind he had ever experience culminated in this moment. There was only one thought that went through his mind at that point in time as he laid eyes on the girl he had known for so long and considered her nothing short of an angel.


"Beautiful. You're beautiful Jean," said Scott still taking in his first few moments of actual sight.

"They work!" exclaimed Jean.

Everyone in the room breathed a collective sigh of relief as Scott looked around at the new images before him. Jean had thought that Scott's words were just a reaction to her being the first thing he had seen in many years, but the Professor sensed otherwise.

"You've done it again old friend," said the Professor to Hank as he relished his accomplishment.

"I owe you many favors Charles. Consider this to be one of them," smiled Hank.

As Scott looked around at his friends, his gaze stopped at Logan.

"Whoa, now I know why everybody says you're scary," commented Scott.

"They have no idea," replied Logan with a grin.


As the weeks went by, Scott grew accustomed to his newfound ability to see. Although he saw through a red haze, it was still better then nothing. Jean seemed to be happiest for her friend and she still stuck by him even though he didn't need to be guided around anymore. He still stood by her as well even though she had greater control over her powers. It had been nearly two weeks since Jean had a seizure, which was a major feat for her. Now they only hung around each other out of pure desire, rather than necessity. The rest of the group seemed equally elated at Scott's new sense of sight. They had seen him suffer from his handicap for too long and it was a welcome new feeling for everybody.

As the Professor sat on the balcony, watching the six teens laughing and playing in the back yard, he felt that he could finally say he succeeded. Scott, Kurt, and Evan were playing a game of basketball, and the girls were sitting off to the side simply talking and laughing about this and that. Even Rogue joined in the festivities.

As Charles was lost in his thoughts, Ororo and Logan entered the room.

"Hiya Chuck," said Logan as approached the Professor. "Penny for yer thoughts?"

Charles simply smiled, "I was just watching them...Thinking of how far they've come in the last few months."

"Indeed, looking at them now, one would never guess that they were once on the streets," said Ororo.

"Yes, they've definitely gotten stronger physically. But psychologically...I'm not so sure," responded Charles.

"What do ya mean?" asked Logan.

The Professor was silent for a moment, conflicted about what he was about to say.

"I've been intercepting their dreams since they arrived...And they are definitely not of a pleasant nature."

"How bad?" asked Logan in a concerned tone.

"Very bad..." said the Professor ominously. "I keep seeing Scott's dreams of watching his parents die right before his eyes and suffering terribly under an abusive foster dad. I see Jean having nightmares of terrible physical and verbal abuse from her parents. I see Kitty suffering tremendous hardships with her cruel father and numerous memories of rape. I see Kurt suffering abuse from those scared of his appearance and sense memories caused by years of physical and sexual abuse. I see Evan and memories of his violent drug-ridden parents and the pain that came along with it. I see Rogue and sense the neglect from her abusive foster mother and torture from others who didn't understand her."

The other two adults stood in shock at this revelation. It was now clear why they had fled to the streets in the first place. How mere children could withstand such lives was a mystery in of itself. They had made progress with them, but they never spoke of their past. Now they knew why.

"My God," said Ororo in disbelief, "I can't believe that 'children' could be forced to suffer so much like that."

"Me neither," said Charles.

Logan remained silent, still trying to process what the Professor had just revealed to them.

"So what happens now?" asked Logan finally.

The Professor didn't respond at first. He just looked back out towards the six teens as they enjoyed the crisp evening air. Kurt had just stolen the basketball from Evan and was making his way towards Scott, who was guarding the basket. Kurt then went on to teleport himself on top of the backboard and slam-dunked the ball through the hoop.

"Two points for the fuzzy man!" exclaimed Kurt in celebration.

"No fair! You used powers!" said Scott laughing at Kurt's 'unusual' victory dance.

"Yeah, I wanna rematch!" yelled Evan.

The girls just laughed at Kurt's antics, especially Kitty.

The Professor, Ororo, and Logan couldn't help but smile at seeing their students happy.

"What happens now? Well, all we can do is simply enjoy what we have accomplished now...And hope for the best."


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