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First Day of School

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AU on how the X-men came to be. Major Jott and Kurtty. Scott, Jean, Kurt, Kitty, Evan, and Rogue have all had horrible lives. See how they ban together and become the future X-men with the help of ...

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X-men: Evolution of the Heart
Chapter 13: First Day Of School


At last, September had finally rolled around and the six new X-men wearily awaited their first day of school at Bayville High School. Scott, Jean, Kurt, Kitty, Evan, and Rogue did not have a very good history with school. Each one of them never did fit in at their old schools and most of them had suffered horribly from abuse from other children. Rogue was by far the worst; school back home was something she still had terrible nightmares about. Kurt and Kitty also had bad memories of school, for they had been so alone in dealing with their traumatic home lives they were left isolated from others. Evan went to a school in the inner city back in New York and there were some very bad memories associated with the whole experience. Evan never said much in school and the constant violence and death that surrounded him every day only made him feel more alone and isolated. Scott and Jean had their own problems with school. Both of them never said much and constant teasing of their quiet nature ran deep in their minds. In the end every one of them had a reason for not wanting to go back to school. On top of it all, they would have to hide from everybody the fact that they were mutants.

The Professor had to constantly reassure his young students that Bayville would be different if they just gave it a chance. He never told them he knew about their nightmares of the past so it was hard to show them his empathy. But despite all their anxiety, the six young X-men agreed to at least give it a try.

It would be by no means easy both physically and emotionally. The principle of Bayville high was not a very tolerant man when it came to mutants. His name was Edward Kelly and the Professor met him when he went to enroll the six teens. He had seen in to his mind the knowledge and suspicions he had towards mutants even though mutants weren't suppose to exist to most people. If he ever found out about his students, the Professor feared for their safety.

"Well everything seems to be in order Professor Xavier, but I am still curious to know what exactly your institute for 'gifted' youngsters actually is..." said Principle Kelly as he handed Charles a stack of transfer papers.

"We are simply a school like this one, only catered to the special needs of certain children," said the Professor knowing that this was only half the truth, but the truth none-the-less.

"I assumed that, but how exactly are these children...Gifted, as you say," asked Kelly as the Professor began to wheel his way out.

"These children simply have nowhere to go or anybody to take proper care of them at the moment. The institute is simply helping them by giving them a decent home," responded the Professor.

Before Kelly could respond, the Professor was already out the door. However, just as he was leaving Kelly shot him a suspicious glance, as if to tell him "This isn't over."

"How'd it go?" asked Storm as they began to drive back to the institute.

"Okay I guess, but Kelly is definitely suspicious of us. He may be a problem in the future if our secret ever does get out," said Charles with a sigh.

"Hopefully that doesn't happen."


The Professor couldn't get around everything in enrolling the six teens. He ended up having to forge fake medical records for Scott saying that he had an eye condition that made his eyes hypersensitive to light and had to wear special glasses 24/7. He had take similar precautions with Jean in case she had a seizure and make fake records for Rogue that told that she had a skin condition. All in all, it wasn't easy, but hopefully it would be worth it in the end.


The first day of school had finally come and the six young X-men rushed along the halls all morning in preparation for the big day. Some were a little later than others were however.

"HEY STRIPES, PORCUPINE! Get a move on or you're gonna be late!" yelled Logan up the stairs.

Suddenly, Evan came rushing down the hallway on his skateboard.

"Make way for the Spyke!" said Evan as he shimmied down the banister, only to fall at the end. "WHOA!"

"Save it for the Danger Room kid," said Logan as he grabbed his skateboard and handed it back to him. "Just don't do that again or we'll have extra firewood on our hands, clear!"

"Crystal," said Evan at Logan's angered tone knowing a threat from him was never to be taken lightly.

Evan walked off to get a last minute breakfast before leaving, which left Rogue.

"ROGUE! Come on!" yelled Logan again.

No sooner than he had finished, Rogue came walking downstairs.

"I'm comin, I'm comin, jeez! Just couldn't find my gloves that's all," said Rogue.

She moved slowly with an anxious look on her face, as if to stall the inevitable. Logan soon picked up on this.

"Hey, you okay stripes?" asked Logan.

"Yeah...I'm fine," she said with a sigh as she made her way towards the kitchen to get some breakfast.

Logan just shook his head. He could smell the fear and anxiety among each one of the students. The Professor had told him some of the dark details about their history with school and he couldn't blame them for their nervousness. It was more than he had anticipated, but there was little he could do to help unfortunately. All he could do is hope for the best for them.


The six teens piled in to Scott's new car as they prepared to head off for their first day of school. Scott and Jean were the only ones old enough to drive so Charles let them take one of his cars. The Professor had quite the array of cars in stock and he had left them to travel in a very nice looking red convertible. It was a shock to be given such a nice ride and it did boost their spirits slightly. The drive was silent for the most part as tensions ran high.

"Man this is gonna suck...Big time," moaned Evan as they stopped at a red light a few blocks from the school.

"Yeah, well we don't know that for sure just yet," said Scott trying to sound optimistic, but not doing a very good job of it.

"Knowing our luck, I wouldn't have any great expectations," mused Kitty.

"Well, the Professor says to just be ourselves and don't use our powers," said Scott, "But...Easier said than done I guess."

"I just hope they don't find out we're mutants on the first day and make the entire year a living hell," said Jean.

"Yeah, didn't the Professor say something about the principle already being suspicious?" asked Kurt.

"Yeah...Just our luck," said Jean.

As they made their way through the last few blocks, they finally saw the campus at Bayville High. It was big, almost intimidating in a sense.

"Okay everyone...Let's hope for the best," said Scott as they all filed out of the car and started walking towards the main front doors.

They stayed together as a group as long as they could. Scott and Jean stayed close and so did Kurt and Kitty. Evan and Rogue kept surveying the crowds around them, almost as if they were expecting to get jumped at any minute. It felt weird not having the safety of the institute around them, but they had to make due anyway.

"Well, I guess this is where we part. Everybody got their schedules?" asked Scott.

Everyone simply nodded in reply.

"Well then...Good luck guys," said Scott to his friends as they made their way to their respective lockers.

Kurt was heading one way while Kitty was going the other, but before they left Kurt turned back around and faced his best friend. Sensing his gaze she turned back around to meet his eyes.

"It'll be all right Kitty," assured Kurt even though he was full of uncertainty as well.

"I hope so...I'll see you later Kurt," she responded, feeling a slight comfort from his words and managing to smile ever so slightly.

"Yeah...See ya," replied Kurt who smiled back as he watched her walk off to class.

Scott and Jean were lucky to have their lockers near each other. They also had several classes together since they were in the same grade. It would be easier for them, but they were still filled with doubt.

"So what do you have first?" asked Scott as he opened his locker and put some of his books in.

"English. What about you?" replied Jean closing her locker.

"History...Not my best subject."

"But not your worst either," responded Jean trying to lift both of their spirits.

Scott only laughed slightly, "I guess so. Well, I'll see you next period Jean. Good luck."

"Yeah, see you then."

The two then reluctantly went their separate ways. They were on their own now and it was a bit scary to them, especially in school. Jean just lingered back at her locker for a brief moment before the bell rang, making sure her mind was in control and she wouldn't pick up any stray thoughts. She was surprised that she and her friends hadn't turned many heads other than the ones of people recognizing them as new. Just then she sensed a few thoughts coming from a group of guys several lockers down. They were all wearing trendy Baville jackets with large letters on them hinting that they were jocks.

'Never seen that chick before. Must be new,' said one boy.

'She must be one of the new cheerleaders. She sure looks the part,' said another.

'Ah, a new chick, and a redhead at that. Definitely one of the chicks I should put on my 'priority' list,' said what looked like the leader of the group. He had blond hair and heard some of the others calling him Duncan.

Jean shifted uncomfortably upon hearing their thoughts and quickly blocked them out and made her way to class. They weren't of a negative nature like she had expected, but it was still a bit overwhelming because some of those thoughts about her did bring back some rather unpleasant memories.


Scott made his way in to his first period history class and headed towards the back of the room. As he continued to walk in to the room, a girl mistakenly bumped in to him and dropped her books.

"Hey watch it! Are you blind or something?" said the girl noticeably irked.

Scott sighed at that last part. It still hurt sometimes to think about the handicap that he was forever burdened with, but he tried not to let it bother him for the most part.

"Well yeah, partially if you must know," said Scott in an apologetic tone.

The girl then looked at Scott's glasses and immediately regretted what she just said.

"Oh my gosh! I'm sorry!" she said with an embarrassed look on her face.

"Sokay, it happens," said Scott as he handed her the books she had dropped.

Without saying another work Scott then walked to the back and took his seat. The brown-haired girl that had bumped in to her sat in the front with two other girls. Although they probably didn't know it, Scott could hear them clearly because of his acute senses.

"That was smooth Taryn, bump in to the new guy and make fun of his handicap," commented one of the girls.

"Yeah, not to mention he's a real cutie!" cooed another one.

"Shut up! I feel bad enough that it's the first day," said Taryn with a sigh. "But you're right about one thing...His is cute."

Scott tried to hide his discomfort with that last one. He didn't care about the comment she had made earlier, for he really couldn't blame her. But that last part was something he hadn't expected. Past instances with things like that did bring back some bad memories from the past that he didn't want to remember on the first day of school.


Rogue stayed quiet as the rest of the students around her were busy socializing about this and that. Others kept their distance, just as Rogue had hoped. She had been the weariest when it came to coming back to school. She couldn't feel safe here, no matter how much the Professor had reassured her. It was made harder by the fact that she had to avoid all physical contact with everybody around her.

"Excuse me?" said a voice interrupting Rogue's thought process. "Do you know where Mr. Pliskin's room is?"

Rogue looked at the girl and she looked about her age. She had a strange hairstyle and a lot of makeup, almost as much as Rogue. The girls clothes kind of matched her gothic nature, but Rogue was still a bit weary of anybody outside her regular group of friends.

"I don't know really. I'm kinda new here," replied Rogue.

"Oh, well you're not alone then. I'm new here too. I just transferred here from Manchester, England," smiled the girl.

Rogue felt herself lighten slightly at this revelation.

"So what class do you have first?" asked the girl.

Rogue looked at her schedule.

"Actually, I have that same class," said Rogue slightly dumbfounded.

"What a coincidence! Come on, let's see if we can't find it together in this annoying maze."

"Uh, okay," said Rogue wearily, but without fear. "I'm Rogue by the way."

"Cool name, I'm Risty. Nice to meet you!"


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