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ARchie and Atlanta are going on 6 months for their relationship, but thing take a turn for the worse.

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Persephone ran to Hera's office.

"hera!!" she yelled looking for her.

"yes persephone what is it?" she asked

"I must speak with you about something" she said

"okay, tell me" Hera said

Persephone whispered it to her and Hera smiled

"that's not something I would normally allow but, very well, go get the other hero's I must speak with them." Hera said waving them away.

Persephone ran out and brought everyone but Atlanta in.

"okay hero's when are you planning to have Atlanta's baby shower?" she asked

"In a week, on Saturday" Theresa said

"okay well I have a special present for her what time is it?" she asked

"1:00pm" Jay said

"okay I'll be there at 12:30pm to drop off the present early." she said ushering them out.

1 week later

Atlanta was in her room doing her homework, when she realized she was really hungry. She decided to go and get an apple. She was walking down the stair when she saw there was no light in the living room, which was odd because it was only 1:00pm. She walked into the living when all of a sudden the lights turned on.


"she looked and saw all her friends and the gods surrounding a crib, changing table and a bunch of little presents.

"oh guys you shouldn't have" Atlanta said with tears of happieness in her eyes. She was about to go hug her friends when she saw something that shocked her.

"archie?" she asked not beliving her eyes.

"yes" he said stepping foward. Atlanta raced up and hugged him.

"oh Achie I missed you" she said nuzzling her head into the crook of his neck.

"same here lannie" he said hugging her tighter. Everyone was watching and smiling at how much this meant to them.

"how long are you here for?" she asked

"until it's my time to visit Elysion fields" he said smiling.

"you mean your staying?" she asked hopeful

"yes" he said hugging her tight.

oh Archie, I'm so happy, I don't have to be a single mother. But how are you here?" she asked

Hera stepped forward.

"this is my gift to you" she said. Atlanta let go of Archie and ran up and hugged Hera.

"thank you" she said returning to Archie's open arms. Archie kissed her forehead.

"I guess your wish was granted too" Atlanta said to Archie.

"what wish?" he asked confused.

"your here for me"she said smiling.

"yea I am." he said smiling.

"I'm so happy I get to start my family with you" she said smiling.

"well not quite yet" he said smirking. Atlanta cocked an eyebrow. She then gasped when Archie went down on one knee.

"Atlanta Hunt will you marry me?" he asked

"Yes I will" She said as he slipped the ring on her finger. She beamed and jumped into a kiss.
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