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fixing Atlanta

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ARchie and Atlanta are going on 6 months for their relationship, but thing take a turn for the worse.

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Over the next couple weeks Atlanta only left her room to use the washroom. Theresa forced her to eat, saying if she didn't it would harm or possibly kill the baby. But most of the time Atlanta was just looking at pictures of her and Archie and crying. The gang was starting to get worried about her.

"guys, I know we all dearly miss Archie, but we need to do something about Atlanta. She can't stay like this forever."Jay said to his team.

"well maybe we can ask if she can visit Archie every now and then" Odie suggested.

"good idea odie" Jay said walking towords the door.

At school

"Jay you know that mortals are not supposed to go to the underworld..." Hera said, the team sighed.

"but since Atlanta is pregnent with his child he has a right to know, she may visit him once a month starting tommorow." She said smiling

"thank you Mrs.Hera" the hero's said then ran off to tell Atlanta the good news.

At the brownstone

"Atlanta!!!" they all yelled. Atlanta came downstairs still in her pajama's

"what now did Archie get kicked out of elysion fields" She said sarcasticly

"no, we talked to Hera and she said you can visit him once a month from now on starting tomorrow"Theresa said smiling.

"oh my god, thank you guys" Atlanta screeched and hugged them all.

"Hey watch the hair!!!" Neil yelled

The next day- Persephone's solarium

"are you ready Atlanta?" Persephone asked

"yes" Atlanta said happily. Persephone waved her hand over the seasons and the opened up the entrance way. Atlanta followed her and they were soon at the gate of elysion fields.

Atlanta took a deep breath and walked in. She wandered all over until she found Archie sitting on a bench by a beautiful stream. He had his head down(he didn't know Atlanta was coming) Atlanta walked over to him and sat down beside him.

"hey Arch" She said with tears in her eyes. Archie looked up and his eyes went big.

"At..Atlanta?" He asked unsure.

"yes" She said. He smiled and jumped up and hugged her tears in his eyes to.

"oh Archie I'm so sorry I had to pull the plug, I didn't want to to..." Atlanta rambled on her crying turning into sobbing.

"shh, it's okay lannie, I was suffering you set me free" He said stroking her hair still in the hug.

"I love you so much Arch, I hate living life without you" She said

"wait a minute, are you here because your dead?" Archie asked pulling out of the hug

"no, hera said I could come visit you once a month" she said. He hugged her again then kissed her. When they broke from the kiss Archie still had a couple of questions.

"why did she agree to this?" he asked

" see, there's something I didn't get to tell you before you died" she said taking his hand.

"what is it?" he asked gripping her hand

"I'm pregnent" she said. His jaw dropped, then he hugged her.

"how long have you hid this from me?" he asked

"I just found out the day you..died" she said tearing up again.

"oh lannie, I'm so sorry I'm not there for you" he said feeling horrible.

"it's okay Arch, the gang will always be there" she said hugging him tighter

Archie pulled out of the hug." but I should be there for you I'm the father" he said

"I know but at least you'll get to see the baby once a month" she said trying to not cry

"I wish this never happened, I really wish I was there for you" he said.

Little did they know, Persephone was watching them carefully. She made a plan, she rushed out to talk to Hera.
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