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no, NO, NO!!!!!

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ARchie and Atlanta are going on 6 months for their relationship, but thing take a turn for the worse.

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Atlanta was in her room on the computer reading stuff on babies, she was starting to get worried. Archie was supposed to be home half an hour ago. just then the phone rang downstairs. She heard a gasp adn then four more gasps a minute later.

"Atlanta come downstairs now!" Theresa said clearly trying to hold back tears. Atlanta raced downstairs to see everyone trying to hold back tears.

"what? what's wrong?" she asked worried

"It's Archie he..there was an accident he's in the hospital..he's in a coma" she said before breaking down crying.

"no, NO, NO!!! he can't die not now" Atlanta screamed and ran out the door.

"Atlanta! wait we'll drive" Theresa said running out with the others.

As soon as they arrived at the hospital Atlanta raced in, right up to the reception desk.

"we need to see Archie harris like now!!!" Atlanta said

"oh the new one, are you famliy?" she asked

"I'm his girlfriend, and these are his bestfriends" Atlanta said

"okay he's in room 101" she said pointing towords a hallway. Atlanta raced towords the room. She ran in and gasped.There was her boyfriend, and the father of her child laying there lifeless. He was even paler than before, and there was everykind of machine hooked up to him. She ran up and took his hand and began to sob.

"no, you weren't supposed to die now, I didn't even get to tell you the news" She sobbed until Theresa came in and pulled her away and hugged her.

"it's okay lanta" she said

"NO! no it's not he didn't even know I was pregnent" She sobbed, and the rest of the team, who were over by Archie, gasped.

"how long have you been pregnent?" Jay asked taking a serious tone.

"only a week but I didn't find out until today" Atlanta said then crying again when she got a glimpse of Archie.

Later in Archie's hospital room

Atlanta was sitting beside Archie, the other's had gone to get food. The doctor came in and looked at Atlnata,

"Mrs.Hunt, you have a big choice to make" he said

"and that is?" Atlanta dared to ask

"Archie is suffering, we are considering eutinasia(sp?), and since you are his closest relative it's your choice" he said walking out.

THeresa walked in to see Atlnat crying even more than before.

"what is it lan?" she asked her young friend.

"the doctor says Archie is suffering and that we should consider eutinasia(sp?)" Atlanta said

"oh lan" Theresa said hugging her.

"I really hate to say this, but he might be right"

"what?!?" Atlanta exclaimed

"well if he's suffering it's what he would want" Theresa said

"your right" Atlnata said

:Can you go send the guys in and then go get Hera so they can say thier good-byes?" Atlanta asked

"sure" Theresa said leaving. A couple minutes later the four boys came in and walked up to ARchie.

"You were a great friend, I hope you have a happy afterlife"Odie said walking away.

"you were a great fighter and if you were still here I know you wouldv'e been a great father to your child" Jay said walking away.

"I'm going to miss you little buddy, say hi to Achilles for me" herry said walking away.

"even though we fought all the time You were always a good friend, may you rest in peace" Niel said walking away.

Hera walked in tears in her eyes. Theresa walked over to the bed.

" Even though we hated eachother, you didn't deserve this, may you rest in peace" Theresa said hugging Atlanta.

"You were a great hero, I hope that you may have a safe voyage to elysion(sp?) fields" Hera said walking away.

"Archie you were my best friend, my boyfriend, my lover and the father of my child. I know I'm doing the right thing by setting you free, I hope you get to see your child eventually, and I hope to see you again" Atlnat said crying. Then she walked over to the plug. The plug that held Archie's life, and she pulled it. The heart monitor went into a solid line and Atlanta began to sob.


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