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Chapter 26

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I made my way up to my house when I got to the front door and unlocked it Benji was behind me. I turned and looked at him I guess he wanted to come in I thought he'd go back home. "You wanna come in?" I asked with a little laugh.

"If that's not a problem." He smiled.

"Not at all, you'll have to excuse the mess I don't do cleaning." I laughed. He laughed too.

"Doesn't bother me it's just as bad if not worse over at ours." He replied he waited in the living room as I went putting the keys away on the hook in the kitchen and putting the kettle on.

"You want a coffee or anything?" I called to him.

"Hey you're supposed to be resting not making drinks you go sit down and I'll make you a drink." He said coming into the kitchen places his hands gently on my hips and guiding me into the living room.

"But I want a sandwich too I can make myself food and drink I'm not exactly straining myself there." I laughed.

"No I can make you the sandwich too you need to sit and rest." He persisted.

"Fine I gave up and let him guide me to the sofa. I sat down and he began making his way into the kitchen. I wanted the TV on so I went to get up to put it on.

"Were you going now?" he smiled turning to look at me.

"Putting the TV on." I replied innocently.

"Sit." He said and went and switched the TV on for me.

"Benj I don't want you running round after me, you do realise I'm not going to ask you to do my running about for me I can't."

"Yes you can just sit, relax, getting better and leave all the running about to Me." he said. I sighed defeatedly then turned my attention to the TV as he went back into the kitchen.

"So I was thinking maybe you'd want to come stay over at ours for a while until you get better because you need to rest and have people to look after you so being over at ours you've got my, Joel, Josh and Sarah around for you." Benji said walking back into the living room with my coffee and sandwich then sitting on the sofa with me.

"No offence but I don't think so." I said.

"Why not it makes sense you need people to look after you."

"Benj you know how independent I am a few broken ribs aren't going to stop me. you know I need my own independence and moving over to yours having all of you faffing around me would be my idea of hell besides I promise my mom I'd watch the house."

"You need to watch the house? That's not a good enough excuse you'll only be next door you can pop over anytime. And a few broken ribs will be stopping you because if you don't rest and put pressure on them you'll never get better which means that you'll need someone looking after you all the time and I know how much you'll hate that."

"Benj I'm not moving over there I can look after myself and rest over here."

"Fine if you won't come over there I'm moving over here to look after you."

"Don't be silly." I laughed thinking he was joking but as he didn't laugh too I found out he was deadly serious.

"I'm being serious."

"Benj you can't just invite yourself over here." I joked.

"Fine then you invite me. Come on it makes sense you need someone to look after you and we'll be able to spend some time together just us two to see how the whole relationship thing goes without anyone getting too suspicious. Also you don't want to be over here on your own for two weeks."

"I'll think about it." I said but he already knew he'd won. He grinned and kissed me.
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