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Chapter 27

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I'd just finished my sandwich and we where watching TV when there was a knock at the front door.

"Benj will you get that please." I said not wanting anyone to see me in the state I was in unless it was absolutely necessary. Benji got up and answered the door for me, it wasn't long before I heard Joel and Sarah's voices coming from the front door seconds later Benji walked back into the front room followed by Joel and Sarah. Benji had obviously briefed them on what happened and the state I was in but it didn't stop them looking shocked when they saw me. Benji went and got drinks for everyone.

"Shit Soph, the fucking bastard." Joel said quietly but obviously pissed of at Jake. He came and sat next to me on the sofa. Sarah who walked in behind him and was a little less shocked as she had seen me this morning came over and gave me a gentle hug.

"How are you doing?" she asked.

"Not bad, frustrated because the doctors said I have to rest and be looked after for at least two weeks and you know how I like my independence." I said lightly making her laugh slightly.

"So what are you going to do? Are you moving over ours for a bit?" Sarah asked sitting down in the chair on the other side of the room.

"No I'm moving in here for a bit to look after her, aren't I Soph." Benji grinned walking back into the living room with drinks for everyone.

"So you say." I couldn't help but smile at him with the huge grin he had. Joel and Sarah looked between me and Benji confused then looked towards each other still confused which is understandable as the last time they seen me and Benji together we where about ready to kill each other. "We've ...called a truce." I explained to Joel and Sarah then looked towards Benji for clarification. They both looked to Benji and he just smiled and nodded. Luckily they both seemed to accept that probably not wanting to go into to much detail unless we ended up fighting again.

We chatted for most of the afternoon, it was weird for once we where all getting along fine no arguments or awkwardness. Although I did try to keep my attention away from Benji as much as possible so not to give anything away. We had been quiet for a while watching TV when I remembered that someone was missing that someone being Josh. Thinking of Josh then reminded me of the conversation we where having before I went out last night. he was warning me not to go out he didn't want me to go out and he was trying to look after me but I wasn't having any of it and went out anyway. Turns out he was right he's going to flip when he finds out what happened.

"Shit Josh is going to kill me." I said out load to no one in particular breaking myself out of my thoughts.

"What?" they all looked at me.

"He told me not to go out last night, he warned me. He really didn't want me going out last night but I ignored him and he was right he's gonna flip his nut when he finds out." I rambled.

"No he's not there's no way anyone could have predicted that you'd run into Jake like that and he'd do all this." Sarah reasoned.

"But if I'd have listened to him I would have been fine. If I'd have stayed in like he told me I wouldn't have ran into Jake."

"No one could have..." Joel tried to reason.

"I know but still..." I started but as if on queue Josh walked in.

"Hey the door was open and... what the hell happened to you." he said turning to me. I looked down. He was pissed off and trying his best to hide it but wasn't succeeding. He was staring at me waiting for an answer. I couldn't look at him I just sat there staring at the floor. "WELL!"

"Jakes back." I said quietly.

"I fucking know Jake's back!" he shouted making me look up at him in shock and confusion. Benji, Joel and Sarah doing the same.

"W...W...What?" I asked quietly; looking at him in disbelief he knew Jake was back and he never told me.

"I've known for a while. That's why I didn't want you going out alone last night well at least not without one of us with you." he said softly.

"Why didn't you tell me?" I asked.

"Because I didn't want to worry you. Be honest what would you have done if I'd have told you he was back in town." He asked rhetorically everyone knew what I'd have done if I knew Jake was here; left and got as far away from here as possible. "So he did this to you?" he asked even though he already knew the answer to the question. I nodded. "You reported it?" I shook my head 'no'. "Why not?"

"Because it wouldn't do anything."

"Yes it would don't be stupid if he can do this to you who he 'loved' and you know he did and probably still does there's no telling what he is capable of doing to anyone else. Don't be selfish you need to report this if not for yourself but for the rest of the world." Josh said making sense like usual. I nodded. "Ok so lets go." he said grabbing me hand. I winced in pain as him pulling me up hurt my ribs.

"Go where?" I asked breathless. Benji jumped up pulling him off me seeing the pain I was in. Josh didn't know about the broken ribs.

"The police station you need to report it, sooner than later." He said. I gave a pleading look to Benji I really didn't wan tot go anywhere. I could tell Benji agreed with Josh about reporting it but he also seen the pain I was in and that I really didn't want to go anywhere to be mauled and questioned by anyone.

"I... I don't think she's up to going anywhere at the moment, maybe tomorrow." Benji tried unsurely.

"Since when where you on her side." Josh shot over at Benji. Benji just looked at him shocked lost for words.

"Can we stop talking about me like I'm not here? And it's my life, my situation, my problem and I will deal with it my self."

"Soph we talked about this." Benji said quietly so only I could hear it. I looked at him and nodded.

"I will report this and I will accept the help I need but it will be my decision if any of you try to interfere that's it I will leave and won't come back. Now more than ever that Jake back." I said they all just stared at me not knowing what to make of my outburst. That's right I was independent always have been always will be. If you try and tell me what to do I will do the opposite. I know it's silly sometimes but that's me take it or leave it. It's the way I've had to be to cope and survive.
"Ok now for starters Benj will you please get me my painkillers and some water." I said noticing it was time for them. Benji nodded then went to get them. I took a deep breath sitting down again; Josh took a seat on the opposite side of the room with Sarah. After Benji had come back with my medication and I had taken them I started with the 'action plan'.
"Ok now that you're all listening to me first off I will report this..." Josh sat up about to say something. I put my hand up to him to stop him. "But in my own time." I said staring at him. Josh was really good to me always looking out for me in a father way but sometimes he got just a little too controlling for my liking. "Benji will you take me later?" I said turning to Benji. He glanced over to Josh then nodded to me. "Thank you." I smiled at him. "Now I admit I do need help and I promise I will ask for it when I need it but unless I ask for it please just treat me like normal." I said looking around the room at each of them in turn they all nodded understandingly. "for now Benji has already agreed to move in here to help me until I can get around better myself but don't worry the minute I'm fine he's coming straight back over to you." I laughed making them laugh too. "One last thing I don't want my mom finding out about this from any of you, I will tell her everything myself but only when she gets back form her holidays I don't want her ruining her holiday worrying about me." the looked unsure at first but then also agreed. "Good now anyone got any questions?" I asked looking around."

"Yeah tell me exactly what happened last night?" he said seriously. "...and what the hell is going on between you two?" he said almost laughing pointing between me and Benji.

"Ok easy one first we've called a truce." I said then explained everything that had happened last night with Jake up till the part about Benji I didn't go into too much details there.
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