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Eyes Open

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Gerard returns from the police station, they have plans to have lunch with Mikey and Alicia but first some time alone.

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Two hours later Gerard returned from the police station. His mood had not improved much. "First I filled out the accident report. Then I talked to a detective about this fucking mess with Jenn. He wrote down everything that has happened. They have already contacted the local police in Topeka. From what they could gather Jenn just up and disappeared. No one there had any idea where she had gone. Some of her friends from her church said they had been very concerned. One woman told the officer who was questioning her that the last time she had seen Jenn she had seemed confused and angry. The woman said that Jenn kept talking about vengeance and how God had called her to right a wrong."
Monica tried not to let him see how upsetting this was to her. "Jenn was always a religious fanatic. I'm really not surprised that she thinks God is talking to her, telling her to rid the world of evil" she sighed, "evil being me. What do the police think we should do?"
Gerard ran his hands over his face, "They said we need to be very careful that the authorities in Kansas considered Jenn unbalanced, possibly dangerous. That even people from her church thought she had become dangerous." He took a seat by Monica. "Brian has hired a private security firm. They are going to run surveillance on the girls. I don't want them upset so I really don't think we should tell them. The guys who will be watching over them are professionals so the girls won't even know." He took Monica's hand in his own. "Honey I'm afraid that it is really you she is after but at least we won't have to worry about the girls."
She looked at him sadly, "Gee, I'm so sorry about all of this."
He frowned, "There is nothing for you to be sorry for. The woman is deranged and I'm afraid she is just getting crazier every day."
Donna stood, "Gerard now that you're back I'm going to drive Don back to the dealership. If Monica feels good enough why don't you two go out for lunch? Try to enjoy the time you have together before you have to leave for Europe. Put all of this out of your mind for a few hours. I'm sure the police will find her soon. Spend the afternoon together and don't worry I will pick up the girls from school."
Don agreed, "Your mother is right." He said standing. "Take Monica out to lunch, I'm going to treat your mother to lunch before heading back to work."
Gerard looked over at his mother who was smiling at Don. He then noticed that Don was smiling right back at her. He knew his parents still had deep feeling for each other. "If Monica feels up to it that's what we will do. I might even call Carla and ask if we can look at some houses today." He looked over at Monica to see how she felt about the idea.
"I feel much better and I am hungry," she answered. "I'll just go take a quick shower."
Gerard walked his parents to the door and watched them drive off. He tried not to get his hopes up but seeing them get back together would make him and Mikey very happy. It was as if Mikey knew he brother was thinking about him. He called just as Gerard was closing the door.
"Hey bro, how is Monica today?" Mikey asked
"She seems to be feeling better but that fucking psycho Jenn left a dozen black roses for her. There was a threatening note with them and I found out there have been more. Ask Alicia to tell you about the one she saw. Monica was putting up with this shit while I was gone and didn't tell me."
"Fuck, I suppose she didn't want to worry you."
"For sure. I went to the police and they are doing what they can to find her. Brian has hired a security firm that will be watching over the girls. I just want her found and put away before we leave for Europe."
"Man this is fucked up." He said thinking out loud. "So do you guys have any plans for lunch? Alicia and I thought you might want to meet up with us."
Gerard liked the idea. "Sounds good. We could meet you for lunch then I think we might look at some houses. Where and when do you want to meet?"
They agreed on a place and time before saying good-bye. Next Gerard looked up Carla's number and gave her a call. She agreed to meet them around three, telling him there were two houses she could show him today. He set his Sidekick down and went to check on Monica.
She was singing in the shower when he opened the bathroom door. Her sweet voice masked the sound of his approaching footsteps. He stood watching her outline through the thin shower curtain. Desire coursed through his body as he watched her lather her body. He wanted to throw back the shower curtain and haul her to the bedroom. Closing his eyes he reminded himself her body was bruised and cave man tactics were a bad idea.
She stopped singing; "Most Peeping Tom's keep their eyes open"
His eyes snapped open. She was peering out the side of the shower curtain smiling at him. "How did you know I was in here?'
"I can feel you, Gee. My body comes alive when you are near." She pulled the curtain back a bit more and he could see her breasts. Her nipples were hard, soapy peaks. "See what I mean?" she asked breathlessly.
God, this woman could make him hard faster than he ever thought possible. Without further thought he walked to the shower and stepped in, completely clothed.
"Gee, what are you doing?" she laughed looking at him. "Perhaps you should have undressed first"
Carefully he put his arms around her trying not to cause her pain, "Couldn't wait" was all he got out before his lips latched on to hers. He deepened the kiss, his tongue meeting hers.
He broke away and looked deep into her eyes. "I want to make love to you but I'm afraid I will hurt you."
She shook her head, "Making love with you is worth any pain." This time she captured his mouth.
His hands moved down to her lower back and he pressed her to him. The feel of her naked body rubbing against his wet clothing was strangely erotic. Monica moved her lips down to his neck where she gently sucked the warm, wet skin. He moaned and let his head fall back giving her better access to his neck. She licked his skin and let her lips move down to the V of his shirt. With wet fingers she began to unbutton his shirt. At first he stood watching her but the angry purple and red bruises caused him to close his eyes. They were a reminder of the accident and the fear of losing her it had caused.
"Gee, I'm fine" she raised her head to whisper in his ear. "But in definite need of some Gee Time".
The shirt was now completely unbuttoned and she slid it off his shoulders. It hit the bottom of the shower stall with a thud. Her hands moved to the top button of his jeans. He had to help her remove him, the denim material unyielding when wet. His boxers were easily discarded. Now they stood face-to-face, naked but not touching. Their eyes were locked, their breathing equally deep with desire.
"Tell me how I can make love to you without hurting you." He asked his eyes falling on the bruises.
She smiled, "As nice as this is, it would probably be easier if we were on a bed." She licked her lips seductively, "that way I could be on top"
He thought that was a wonderful idea. He stepped out then took her hand helping her to step out onto the thick rug. Before she could protest he lifted her in his arms and carried her to his old bedroom.
"Gee we are leaving a trail of water' she giggled.
"I will clean it up later" he told her as they reached the bed. Slowly he lowered her to the ground his body reveling in the feel of her skin gliding down his body. He took her hand in his while he lowered himself onto the bed. She followed him down, their bodies molding and becoming one. When he was completely inside her she began to ride him slowly. His mouth captured one of the nipples that were tempting him. He licked the warm remaining shower water off then began sucking hungrily.
Monica moaned his name as his teeth gently grazed the tip before he started sucking it into his mouth once more. "Gee you make me feel so" Her words were lost in pure pleasure.
"Tell me baby, tell me how do I make you feel," he asked lying his head back against the pillows.
She looked down at him, "You make me feel so alive." She whispered with a shutter. "When you are inside me, I feel complete"
His hands moved to her hips stroking, caressing and urging her to move on him faster. "I love you Monica" he looked deep into her eyes and saw desire and love, so much love.
"I love you," she answered as she began to move on him taking him as deep as her body could. "I will always love you."
She could feel the passion building to the point of no return. "Gee, tell me you are close cause I'm not sure how much more I can take." Her voice was breathless.
He smiled, "Honey I was close when we were in the shower. I was waiting for you."
She arched her back and let the feeling take her. Gerard did the same. Together they climaxed mere moments apart. When she felt him let go and fill her she lowered her body on to his, ignoring the pain of the bruises.
He lifted her off his chest, rolling her on her side so they could face each other. "Tell me you weren't in pain"
She shook her head slightly, "Much more pleasure than pain"
His gaze went to the clock on the nightstand, "Mikey and Alicia want us to meet them for lunch, is that OK with you?"
"Of course" Her fingers slid down his side. "What time?"
"In about an hour" he kissed her soft lips. "I guess we should get dressed."
He fingers moved from his side and slid between his legs. She smiled as his penis slowly began to stiffen between her fingers.
"Woman, what are you doing to me?" he couldn't believe it but he was getting hard again.
She smiled mischievously, "We could get dressed or maybe there is something else we could do"
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