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Chapter 16: The Goodbye

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Pete has to leave...

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-Pete's POV-
It's been a couple of months since Patrick's party and things between Eden and I are going great. We've been getting along really well, and I fall more in love with her each day. Yes, we've gotten in a couple of arguments (mostly over stupid stuff), but it just makes us stronger. And, of course, the make-up sex makes it all worth while.
Tomorrow the band has to leave for a tiny tour in Europe and she can't go. She has gotten so busy with work - she's one of the top casting directors for Disney/Touchstone. I'm really happy for her, but I miss her sometimes. With our schedules, sometimes we have to go a day without seeing each other and that absolutely kills me. I have to be with her - she is my air.
"Hi baby," she whispers into my ear from behind me. "Whatcha doin?" I close my laptop - I'm not sure I want her to see what I was doing.
"Oh nothing," I smile.
"Baby," she whines.
'I was just updating my blog, that's all," I say, leaning my head back and kissing her gently on the lips. "Mmmm, you taste like candy." She smiles down at me and I reach up and grab her neck, pulling her down on my lips again. It feels kinda like the kiss in Spiderman - upside down - now I get what all of the hype was about.
"Kissing me like that isn't going to distract me, Peter Parker," she giggles. "Now what were you writing about?"
"You, actually. How much I'm going to miss you when I go away. I was hoping you would read it when I'm gone and it would make you smile."
"And what makes you so sure I read your blogs? I'm not a crazy superfan of yours, Petey," she says with attitude, shifting her weight on her hip.
"E...," I say, sternly.
"I'm joking, baby." She comes over to my side of the couch, takes my laptop out of my hand, and sits down on my lap. "I'm going to miss you so badly. A whole week without you - we haven't done that since we got together. I don't know how we'll last..."
"Phone sex," I smile, kissing her neck. "Photos," another kiss.
"No photos, Pete. Haven't you learned your lesson?" She nibbles on my lip, rubbing my stomach.
"Ha ha ha. You're right. Well, I'll bring my laptop. We can have cyber sex...and phone sex. Anything to get me through."
"What about fan fiction? Didn't you used to get off on that?"
"Ha ha ha....yeah. A little, actually. Some of them were ...just wow. But I don't need those anymore. I have you. You're all the fiction I need."
"You are such a nerd," she giggles, kissing my lips again, nibbling a little. She knows she's driving me crazy. "Honestly," she whispers into my lip, putting her fingers in my hair, "I used to read fan fiction about you - when I hated you. It turned me on like crazy."
"Speaking of being turned on like crazy. I think we should spend the entire night having sex." I run my fingers down her sides and to her back, rubbing her back and pulling her closer to me.
"The whole night?" she moans into my ear.
"Yup. Like five or six times. I need bad." I look her up and down, biting my lip seductively.
"Peter!" she gasps. "I am shocked!" She gets up off of me and starts to run upstairs.
"Where are you going?"
"Come get me," she cries.

-Eden's POV-

I love driving Pete crazy - its so much fun. The truth is, I want him just as much as he wants me, if not more. He is so incredibly sexy and he doesn't even know it. All he has to do is look at me and I get this feeling in the pit of my stomach - I can't even explain what it feels like. I run upstairs and hide in the closet.
"E," he yells. "E, I'm really horny. You better get out here or I'll go downstairs and read fan fiction starring your's truly." I can't help but giggle. "I HEARD THAT!" he yells, running towards the closet. I hide behind the door and get ready to pounce him. He opens the door and comes in. "Baby, I know you're in here." He closes the door and I attack him.
"BOO!" I say, jumping on his back.
"AHH!!!!" He yells. "That actually scared me. You're going to get it." He runs out of the closet and over to the bed, turning around and slamming us down on the bed, with him on top of me.
"AH! God Pete, you're skinny but you're not THAT skinny. That hurt!" I giggle. He gets off and turns around, straddling me. He never does this.
"I'm sorry beautiful," he says sweetly, smiling down at me. I look down at his pants and see that he's not nearly as hard as he should be, so I decide to push him off of me and climb on top of him. I take my shirt off (I have no bra on) and lean down, kissing his neck. I can feel him getting hard under me as I kiss him deeper. He sits himself up and I take off his shirt and run my hands down his torso.
"Tonight is going to be the best night of your life," I whisper into his ear. "Do whatever you want to me. What," kiss, "ever," kiss, "you," kiss, "want." He stops kissing me and just stares at me - his mouth wide open. I nod, biting my lip seductively, and that just sets him off. He attacks me, pushing me down on the bed and crawling on top of me. He rips my pants off so fast I don't even realize it. "Peter..." I moan, my body riving with pleasure under his touch and his lips.
"I love it when you call me that," he says passionately, kissing me all over the place. I reach down and put my hand in his pants - no underwear tonight. God, he is so fucking hot. "Mmmm, baby," he moans as I play with the top of his jeans, "take them off. Now." I obey him immediately - he sounded so urgent. He doesn't waste any time- he starts making love to me right away. He lasts surprisingly long, considering how freaking horny he is.
That night he does basically everything to me, and I to him. It's amazing. So amazing we don't get any sleep.
"Shit, I have to leave in ten minutes," he whines, holding me in his arms. "I don't want to leave this." His voice is so full of sadness I almost can't stand it.
"Its alright, baby," I frown, kissing his chest. "We'll be in touch."
"I know," he sighs, stroking my arm with his hand. I get off of him and gets up and puts his clothes on. I don't watch him. I can't watch him. It will just upset me, having to be away from that body for a week. The body that gives me so much warmth, so much pleasure; more pleasure than I ever thought I could ever have. I lay in bed, my eyes closed and the covers pulled up under my armpits. I feel him come over to the side of the bed and lean down and kiss me. I smile into his kiss.
"I'm going to miss you so much, Eden," he whispers, kissing me again. He puts his hand on the sheet and pushes it down, revealing my breasts. "I want this to be the last thing I see before I leave." He looks my body up and down and kisses me again. I kiss back, but am a little less than passionate. "Baby?"
"Don't worry, I'm ok. I'm just sad. If I kiss you too hard, I won't be able to stop. You should go," I frown.
"Awww. I'll call you as soon as I get to the airport, and then I'll call you after I get off the plane. And then when I get to the hotel."
I giggle and pull him down for a kiss - more passionate this time. "That's more like it," he smiles. "Bye, baby."
"Bye," I smile, pulling the sheet back up. "Have fun. Don't sleep with any pretty British girls."
"I won't even notice other girls there." I believe him - he doesn't look at girls when we're out, only me. He gives me a little wave and a huge smile and then walks out the door.

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