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Chapter 17: The Phone and IMs are a beautiful thing.

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Pete's away...but they can still play.

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-Pete's POV-

I sleep the entire way to London because I didn't get any sleep last night. I dream about Eden. They aren't sex dreams, just her being her, doing normal things - putting on make-up, making a sandwich, playing Nintendo with me, anything. I wake up and I want to cry because she isn't there.
"Pete, you okay? You look like you're about to cry," says Patrick, sitting next to me.
"Yeah. Yeah, I'm fine," I say, rubbing my eyes.
"Miss Eden?" asks Dani, who is sitting on the other side of Patrick. I'm so jealous he got to bring his girl but I didn't get to bring mine.
"Terribly," I mope.
"If I know her, which I do, I know she's freaking out missing you right now, Pete. I've never seen her like this over a guy."
"That makes me feel better, kinda," I smile.
We make our descent and land in London. As soon as we get off the plane, I call up Eden.
"Hi baby," I say sweetly.
"God, Wentz, where did your balls go?" asks Dirty, hitting my back as he walks by.
"What? No that was Dirty. He's being a jerk. I miss you so much, angel. Yeah. You did? Me too. I just dreamt of you being you, nothing dirty. Oh you did? Oh my...well I'm not in the hotel yet but you should tell me this when I get in there. Okay, I'll call you then. I love you."

-Eden's POV-

After Pete left, I went back home and slept for hours. I had amazing dreams about Pete - they were soooo good that when I woke up I had to...take care of myself in the shower. Anyway. Now I'm sitting on the couch with Gabe, watching TV and hanging out, waiting for Peter to call me back. Gabe and I are watching The Girls Next Door.
"God Bridget's hot," he says.
"I know...she's gorgeous. But I hate Kendra."
Gabe has a look of shock on his face. It's so funny that I burst out laughing. "You think Bridget is hot? That is so hot. Why can't you be single?"
"You did NOT just say that," I giggle, pushing him over. I always thought Gabe had a tiny thing for me, but he was too late - Pete got me first. I might have started something with Gabe, long ago, if I hadn't been dating Brendon. I mean he's cute and sweet and funny, but the timing just wasn't right.
"Sorry," he says sheepishly.
"It's alright." Just then, my cell rings. "Hi, baby. You're in the hotel?" I look over at Gabe and mouth to him that I'm going upstairs. He winks and I walk up. " you miss me? Yeah. I did. You want me to tell you? Well, we were swimming in my pool and horseplaying, and then we started to kiss. And then we got naked and had sex in the pool and it was gooood. I know. We should do that when you get back. Anyway then we did it in the hot tub, and on a chase lounge outside. Ha ha no nobody saw us, you kinky boy. Yeah, then we went upstairs and you had your way with me about 5 more times in several different ways. I feel funny talking about this. I like hearing your voice, too. Are you excited about performing tonight? I know. I wish I was there. Tell Dani I love her. Okay, bye."

-Pete's POV-

Tonight's performance was amazing. The crowd was fantastic -they were so excited to see us again. My mind even drifted from constant thoughts of Eden when I was on stage thrashing about. The pain of having her away from me lessened when I heard everyone singing my words back to me - that gets me every time. That night I meet a lot of fans, and a lot of girls I'm sure most would call beautiful, but they're just girls to me. A lot of the girls hit on me, and I am civil to them, but not one of them turns me on in the least bit - I must be head over heals in love. There is no going back on this one, Eden is the one I'll be with for the rest of me life. After I talk to her, I change into my PJs and go online for a bit.

GardenofMe: Hi baby
SecondStarPxW: Why, hello!
GardenofMe: What are you doing on so late? Isn't it like 3 AM there?
SecondStarPxW: Yeah. I'm in my hotel right now. I can't sleep. I always get like this after shows.
GardenofMe: I remember. You were always up late with me.
SecondStarPxW: Oh yeah:) Harassing you, trying to get you to love me.
GardenofMe: I already did, Pete. I just couldn't admit it.
SecondStarPxW: You did? Are you serious?
GardenofMe: I had a crush on you far before I met you. I admit, when we first met I felt like you hated me so I hated you. Haven't we talked about this before?
SecondStarPxW: Not really. You didn't tell me you loved me back then.
GardenofMe: I lusted after you like crazy. I had the sexiest dreams about you. Of you attacking me.
SecondStarPxW: attacking you, huh?
SecondStarPxW: That's fucking hot. I want to do that now. DAMN water!
GardenofMe: I know, it's a bitch. You can attack me all you want when you get home.
GardenofMe: I'll be home waiting for you - naked.
SecondStarPxW: You're turning me on so bad right now.
GardenofMe: Really? Guess what I'm looking at?
SecondStarPxW: What?
GardenofMe: You.
GardenofMe: And I sent you something, too.
SecondStarPxW: Me? What pictures?
SecondStarPxW: Lemme check my mail.
GardenofMe: The new ones you just posted on buzznet. You look so sexy, baby.
GardenofMe: I almost can't control myself.

I check my e-mail and open the message Eden sent me. Holy lord, she sent me sexy photos. Her in new lingerie she bought that I haven't seen yet. God, I wish I was home right now. She makes this so hard.

SecondStarPxW: Thanks for the hard-on, what a great gift:)
GardenofMe: like them?
SecondStarPxW: You look so beautiful, baby girl. So sexy. God damn.
GardenofMe: Why don't you fix that hard-on problem?
SecondStarPxW: You want me to...
GardenofMe: Yeah. I'll do it, too.

Oh. My. God. I unbutton my jeans and put them down to my ankles, taking my hard-on in my hand.

SecondStarPxW: Okay, I'm there.
GardenofMe: Me too, baby.
SecondStarPxW: God that feels good.
GardenofMe: Imagine its me doing it to you.
SecondStarPxW: I am. Nobody does it as good as you - not even me and I've had a lot experience with my hand.
GardenofMe: Ha ha ha. You're a fast typist with one hand.
SecondStarPxW: I used to look at a lot of porn when I was younger.
GradenofMe: Ha ha ha. I actually did, too.
SecondStarPxW: Okay, now I'm going faster. That turns me on.

I stoke myself, harder and harder, looking at the pictures of Eden and picturing her with me. Pretty soon I can feel my orgasm building.

SecondStarPxW: God I'm getting close.
GardenofMe: Me too.

After we both finish, we clean ourselves up and talk a little bit more, and then I call her to say goodnight.
"Hi, sweetie. I know, I just wanted to hear your voice one more time. Will you sing me to sleep? Please? I love your voice." I do love her voice, its very pure and beautiful. She sings me "the second star to the right" because she knows what that song means to me. Then she makes a kissy noise against the phone and hangs up. Pretty soon I'm off to la-la land, closer to starting another day. Another day that will get me closer to seeing her again.


Review my babies! more coming soon. I thought I posted this last night but I guess I didnt :(
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