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Lily sat on the couch in the filtered light of morning.
Her swimsuit lay in her lap, bunched up in a ball between her legs.
She picked it up and looked at it.
Old Navy swim wear wasn't exactly TOP quality..but, wasn't like anyone cared anyway.
Her eyes followed the design..the zebra stripes over the stretchy, white fabric...the thick straps.
It was as tasteful as a two piece could be.
She remember picking it out..that day at the mall.
Her mother was complaining to her about the tour bus...the lack of shower..and Madonna in general,
"I tell you Lily, it's DISRESPECTFUL to the holy mother..AND that crucifixion scene in her concerts, I mean, HONESTLY, who does she think she is?" her mother complained,
"You would NEVER do something like that, and you're JUST as pretty and talented as she is..maybe even more and-"
By that point Lily had zoned out her mother and was eying the swim suit collection.
She frowned at the selection, making a sound of disgust underneath her breath as she touched the merchandise; everything seemed to be crocheted and adorned with tacky beads.
She caught a group of teenage girls eying her disapprovingly.
Lily tilted her sunglasses down, gave them a condescending glare, and made her way to the sale rack.
She heard whispers from the clique behind her as she picked up a pink two piece with rainbow palm trees on it.
Lily shook her head as her mother ranted away about people disrespecting the church.
Then, suddenly, she found it.
The hanger said small, much to her dismay.
The last time she was a small she took a lunch box to school..and she hadn't done that since the 1980's.
She sighed, momentarily remembering her Strawberry Shortcake lunch box...her Sesame Street thermos that fit comfortably inside it..her goldfish crackers...PB and J sandwiches cut lovingly into triangles...
"And the LEAST they can do is give you a new bus."
Lily grunted in agreement,
"Yes mom, but..." Lily peeled back the fabric to look at the tag sewed inside the swimsuit...
A burst of joy overcame her as her mom complained about how she wasn't listening.
Lily apologized and promised to call her back, checking the tag once more.
She wasn't imagining was, indeed, in her size.
She grinned as she turned to see the same group of girls standing before her, awkward, eager smiles on their faces,
"Hey..aren't a band?"
Lily remembered the way she had sighed, pulled up her sunglasses and nodded,
"Yes, and I'm very, very busy." she had said, pulling up her cell
phone and pretending to answer it as she walked away towards the dressing rooms.
It had fit perfectly, almost under some divine intervention.
And here she was, on her bus...nervous to wear it.
"Hey, Bill?" she asked, leaning forward towards the drivers seat,
"How much longer until we get to the...shower?" she asked timidly, clutching the suit in her hands.
"About a half hour." he replied, staring straight ahead at the road.
The way she saw it, the bus would arrive, she'd shower and be done by the time everyone else woke up.
Plain and simple.
Lily's eyes fluttered...

Lily woke up to Will standing before her, outfitted in swim trunks, towel over his shoulder,
"Wakey wakey." he grinned, hovering over her.
"Oh god...I fell asleep." she groaned, rubbing her eyes.
Will nodded, "Yes..Yes you did."
Lily sat up, staring out the window at a sea of tour buses and assorted tattooed men in swim trunks making their way towards a plain gray building.
Every band on the warped tour was stopping here, as scheduled, for a, clean...rejuvenating shower.
So, naturally, the parking lot was a bit clogged.
Lily smiled as she spotted a group of elderly women walking out of the adjoining public bathrooms, completely baffled at the situation.
Tourists, no doubt.
Ryan stopped next to Will, dressed in obnoxious flame-covered swim trunks..complimented perfectly by Will's Scooby Doo ones,
"Are you coming..or?" he trailed off, staring at the swim suit in her lap.
Lily nodded, scratching her head,
"Yeah..I'll be there in a second..."
Adam joined them, towel draped over his neck.
Lily hadn't seen him with his shirt off in ages....
She stared at his tattoos absentmindedly.
Adam caught her eyes,
"Want us to wait for you?" he asked as Lily's eyes came into focus.
Lily nodded shyly and stood up, tugging on her pants,
"Yeah I mean..could you?"
They all nodded and Lily disappeared into the back.
She rummaged through her bag, bringing out a small, plastic zip-up bag containing shampoo, conditioner, soap, and a razor.
"I've got the face wash!" Will yelled down the hallway.
"Ok!" Lily yelled back, throwing the bag onto the bunk..staring at the suit apprehensively.
She walked to the front of the bunk area and slid the two thin wooden doors shut.
They were hidden within two thin slots on opposite ends of the hallway, and clicked shut when pulled together.
Usually the doors were never used..only when meetings were conducted inside the living area, and that was only when Matt was around.
Few knew they even existed.
Usually Lily announced she was changing, and the band kept out of her way.
Either that, or she changed clothes in the cramped, small bathroom at the end of the hallway.
But..this was one of the rare occasions she was fully naked...and she wasn't taking any chances.
She locked the door, as weak as it was, checked to make sure no windows were open, and stripped down.
She stepped into the suit, adjusting herself carefully, screening her body for any imperfections that could be dealt with.
She shrugged as she ran her hands over her legs...a little stubble never hurt anyone.
She slipped on a black pair of flip flops, pulled her hair up into a messy bun, placed the zip-up bag underneath her arm, and wrapped a towel around her waist.
She took one last breath before unlocking the doors and pushing them aside.
Her bandmates simultaneously turned their heads, expressions identical.
Eyes slightly wide for a second, then torn off her almost immediately, ashamed they had even wandered.
Lily stared at the floor,
"Ok..let's go then." she said, flip flopping down the hallway, sandals snapping with each step.
"Uh, Lily...I need to use your shampoo..and...soap." Will mumbled,
scratching his head shyly.
Lily sighed, "Are you serious?" she asked, a bit annoyed,
"Yeah..." Will nodded, "I uh...didn't bring any..."
"Me too..." Ryan added bashfully.
Lily groaned, "And what about you?" she asked Adam, nodding her head towards him.
Adam shrugged, "I was just going to use someone else's."
Lily laughed nervously, Will and Ryan's sudden shy and submissive ways strange and foreign to her...
She couldn't help but wonder if her cleavage had anything to do with it..or her exposed stomach.
Or pretty much that she was practically naked, save for two pieces of fabric.
She shrugged,
"Well, ok. You know where to find me." she said.
She could use this newfound chivalry to her advantage.
She stepped off the bus with her bandmates in tow.
She couldn't help but feel nervous...
After all, she was one of the few girls on for a few techs.
As they made their way to the building a few feet away, people started to take notice.
As eyes settled upon her and heads turned..she couldn't help remember Cam's word's during her video shoot...
Was it him that had said, 'Flaunt it'?
It sounded like something he would say.
Nevertheless, one hand clung to the towel wrapped around her waist and another clung to the shower bag.
Lily sighed and paused as they neared the entrance,
"Ok..looks like its I'll be going this way." she said to her bandmates, gesturing with her free hand to the women's side with a relieved smile.
"W-Wait!" Will blurted, "Shampoo!" he groaned, hands outstretched.
Lily turned around, look of confusion on her face, brow furrowed.
What the hell was up with Will?
He was acting like a toddler.
Lily sighed, "I'm sure you'll find plenty of shampoo in the men's shower..and manly shampoo at that."
Ryan laughed, imitating Will's previously whiny voice,
"B-But..Will wants to smell like orchid and grapefruit!"
Will shrugged, glaring at Ryan with contempt, "Whatever, I don't fuckin' care." he grumbled, staring off into the distance.
Lily raised an eyebrow, "If you really need it, just yell for me, ok?" she said with a nod.
Will scratched his head and nodded in return.
Lily sighed, "Ok, see you guys in a bit." she said, preparing to take a step forward towards the women's.
Just as she was about to walk away, her brain almost had a meltdown...she stood there in shock as two tattooed men exited the women's..wet and smiling, talking amongst themselves.
"Hey Lily." one grinned with a small wave.
Lily swallowed and nodded politely, lips shut tightly.
"Uh..what the fuck?" Will mumbled.
Ryan quickly grabbed one of their arms lightly,
"Dude..what the hell?" he asked, nodding towards the gender specified showers.
"Ah," the man sighed, "There are too many of us, so they said just to use the women's too. It's no big deal."
Lily sighed, staring up at the sky,
"Looks like you can come with me, after all, Will." she began with a groan,
"Because nobody fucking cares about privacy, anymore." she said, walking towards the door, Will, Ryan and Adam behind her,
"I mean, I guess it makes sense, me being one of the few women on tour..majority DOES rule.." she said, unwrapping her towel and draping it over her arm with a bitter look on her face.
Before they entered the room Lily stopped before the entrance,
the sound of laughter and male chatter echoing off the cement walls.
She lay her hand on Will's arm, collectively speaking to all of them, finger raised,
"Now you guys stay with me, ok? I don't want any weird shit going on in here." she said, voice low, brows furrowed.
"Fuckin' duh." Will replied, eyes wide.
Adam nodded, arms crossed.
Ryan laughed, stopping immediately as Lily glared at him aggressively.
"Sorry." he said, raising a hand.
Lily nodded and walked into the steam filled room, her band behind her like body guards.
Without acknowledging anyone in the room, she draped her towel over a stall.
She turned around to see a row of men, tattooed and wet, stealing glances at her.
She also saw Will, standing before her, glaring daggers at each and every one of them.
Lily smiled at Will's puffed up chest, tapping his arm lightly and pointing to two free shower heads.
Ryan and Adam were already near by, soaked underneath the shower heads, sputtering underneath the water in joy.
Lily carefully unzipped the bag, shampoo in hand, bending over towards the wall to set it down.
She pulled the hair-tie out of her hair, causing it to tumble down in a blonde,bent mess. She ran her fingers through it quickly, ignoring any stares she may have been receiving.
She handed the bottle to Will, who was already drenched under the stream of water.
He took it, squirted some in his hands, and began to lather his head.
Lily looked around apprehensively.
This was, quite honestly, a ridiculous situation.
What did they expect from her;
The dozen men standing in the row of showers..catching glances here and there.
Did they expect her to drench her head and moan, lather her body up in satisfaction?
Were they out of their minds?
Anyone that knew her knew that she strayed away from blonde stereotypes, and any whore-like tendencies.
She turned on the shower head and let the water run over her back...
Besides, she didn't know most of these people anyway.
Just roadies, right?
Wait..wasn't that the guy from Millencolin?
...No, someone else.
So, she decided, right then and there, to remain apathetic.
No over the top facial expressions or whore like actions while showering..just remain normal..if that was possible.
She couldn't help but feel a bit robotic, and thought it best to close her eyes.
Will was doing his best to form a human wall before her..much to his failure.
She drenched her head under the warm water, running her hands over her hair.
She squirted some shampoo in her hands and lathered her head, scraping her nails across her scalp, taking off a day or two or grease and hair products.
She rinsed the bubbles off her head thoroughly, hair squeaky and stiff from the shampoo.
She hated the fact that it stripped her hair of everything.
She quickly applied conditioner, relieved at the moisture, and spread it throughout her hair, paying careful attention to the ends..burned and split from the straightener.
"This smells good." Will admitted, sniffing the blue bottle of orchid grapefruit conditioner.
Lily nodded, running her hands through her hair,
"I know...I love it." she said, tilting her head back and rinsing off the thick, creamy substance from her head.
She ran her fingers over her newly washed hair...soft and wet...fanned over her shoulders and back.
She watched Will run the water over his clean face, sputtering slightly.
He ruffled his hair with a sigh, grinning at the way Lily stood, staring at him, the water running over her body.
He turned towards the wall, letting the water run over his chest, eyes closed
"Sexiest man alive indeed." he said with a grin.
Lily made a 'psht' sound, proceeding to wash her body with her back to him.
She thought it best not to comment.
She grabbed her body wash and squirted a bit into a pink pouf, snapping the cap back into place. Suddenly, the bottle slipped from her grip and rolled down under a bathroom stall.
Lily sighed, setting the pouf on the ground and walking away to retrieve it, wet sandals making a suction sound as she took her first steps.
She prayed to God she wasn't jiggling in any unflattering her thighs.
She opened the stall door and stepped inside, lightly pushing the door shut behind her.
She frowned upon seeing the cap open, body wash oozing from the bottle.
Lily looked up at the ceiling and grumbled, screwing the cap back on.
She wiped up the scented soap with a wad of toilet paper and tossed it into the toilet with a sigh, groaning as she stood up.
Lily stood outside the stall, bottle in hand, frowning as she laid eyes on Will, who was scrubbing his body with her lathered pink pouf.
"What?" he smirked, scrubbing his lower back with a cheeky grin.
Suddenly, a tattooed blur hopped into the building with a cackle, jumping into a free shower.
He was wearing a small red speedo...a large grin..and...
Quinn bounced into the room, snapping Jeph's behind with a towel.
Jepha yelped and gripped the shower head, directing a spray of water towards Quinn, who shrieked, much to Jeph's joy.
"Cold, Huh?" Jepha grinned, free hand on the temperature gauge.
"You son of a.." Quinn began, stepping into a free shower and turning up the heat.
"Ah, fuck yeah, that's good!" Quinn moaned, drenching his head.
Lily tiptoed across into her shower...feeling as if she was under the one could see her.
Perhaps if she played it cool..she could just finish her shower and leave unnoticed.
She was willing to sacrifice shaving her legs...
Plus, her precious pink pouf was now wandering into forbidden zones..such as discreetly down Will's swim trunks.
Lily grumbled and soaked her head once more, letting the water run over her eyes....
"Oh HEYYY Will." Quinn remarked in surprise
Will turned his back to the wall, rinsing his pale skin,
"Hey Quinn." he nodded, tilting his head back, drenching his hair once more.
Lily opened one eye, almost dreading the act.
She saw Quinn craning over the row of men, eyes fixated on her...face in a perplexed expression.
He tapped Jepha, who was busy mooching shampoo off of some unsuspecting man.
"What? Don't hit me." Jepha whined, doing a double take immediately after.
Will looked up from the puddle at his feet, annoyed look on his face.
He stepped right in front of their view with a 'hmph' under his breath, giving Lily a,
"Are you done yet?" glance.
Lily nodded and ran her hands over her arms once more, coating them with bodywash .
She wasn't intent on using the pouf anymore...after its close encounter beneath Will's swim trunks.
Suddenly, Quinn was next to Will, hell bent on sharing the shower with him.
"Hey Lily, whatsup?" he grinned, beads of water running down his face, hair matted upon his forehead.
"Oh hey Quinn..." Lily forced a smile and turned towards the wall,
"Nothing much..just...finishing up here."
She caught Jepha strutting by in his red speedo and raised an eyebrow as he turned on a shower next to her.
She stared at his small red swimsuit...the tattoos surrounding it...
Admittedly, he did have a cute butt..and cute little legs...
She turned her attention to eyes, only to catch them staring into hers, a cheeky grin on his face as he leaned against the wall, water flowing across his body.
Lily's eyes widened, and a nervous smile spread across her face,
"Hey Jeph.." she mumbled.
"Not exactly a needle, is it?" he said with a charming smile, turning around.
Lily couldn't help but feel overwhelmed.
She rinsed off her body once more, and stepped out of the shower, squirming underneath their gaze.
Yes, they were both really good looking guys..but..dammit, she was seeing someone and...fuck!
It was still weird.
A voice echoed off the walls, a high pitched squeal...almost like Michael Jackson.
Lily's stomach fell to the floor...she stood, towel in her hand...Bert shuffling across from the room, towel in hand.
He took notice of Will immediately,
"Butterball!" he shrieked, making his way over to him, tossing his towel to the side.
Will frowned, Quinn still sharing the shower,
"Hey Bert.." he sighed, edging Quinn away from him with his elbow.
Bert enveloped Will in a large hug, and began serenading him with Aerosmith's
"I don't wanna miss a thing", rocking him back and forth as he squeezed him.
Lily's eyes took in Bert's body..
Skinny and bony..but not TOO bony..just slim
His tattoo made her smile...
The black stick figure up his side...
She caught Jepha staring at her again...
She realized she had been standing there just staring...for about a minute...
"Lily, HURRY up." Will whined, underneath Bert's arms.
She saw Bert's body perk instantly.
He turned his head, arms still around Will.
His eyes widened, eyebrows raised, mouth fell open as his eyes wandered over her body...her zebra print suit...the halter top...the bottoms...her chest rising and falling under his eyes..her smooth stomach...
"Hey Bert." Lily blurted, grabbing her stuff and walking away quickly, eyes widened in shock as she walked towards the door.
And Fuck.
"..H-hey..Lily." Bert said, letting go of Will and shuffling after her,
"Hey wait up a second, I want to talk to you about this week." he called as she neared the door.
Lily paused, took in a deep breath, and turned around,
"Yeah?" she asked, trying to remain casual.
Bert caught up with her and stood in front of her,
"Hey." he breathed, hands in his pockets.
"...Hey.." Lily echoed, feeling very small and insecure.
She wanted out of there..she couldn't stand everyone staring at her.
Bert gazed absentmindedly at her chest, eyes almost fixated,
" was just..uh...wondering if you' that thing..I..." Bert paused,
"Asked you about on the phone."
Lily crossed her arms,
"Yeah..I already said I would." she responded almost flatly.
Bert nodded, staring at her stomach,
"Oh, yeah.."
Lily sighed and looked up at the ceiling..
Her hair was staring to dry..she could almost imagine a halo of frizz forming over her damp hair,
"Bert?" she began, wrapping her towel around her waist,
"I'm gonna go."
Bert nodded, watching her twist the knot,
"OH, ok...." he jolted back ,
"So uh, it's gonna be 'Hard to Say', ok?" he blurted, looking into her eyes.
Lily ran her fingers through her hair in attempt to tame it,
"Uh, ok. Got it."
Will appeared before her, holding the pouf in his hand,
"Here." he said, extending it to her.
At the mere sight of Will, it was almost as if Bert was back to normal.
A grin spread across his face.
He gave Will a kiss on the cheek, to which Will shoved him aside with a 'fuck off'.
Lily sighed and attempted to comb her hair as Bert and Will bickered.
"Don't fuckin' touch me, you fucker." Will grumbled, smoothing his hair down.
Bert giggled, hands hovering over Will's trembling body.
They stood there like that for a second,
Bert's hands hovering...
Will threatening him with an ass kicking if he touched him.
"You guys are so dumb." Lily sighed, grabbing Will's towel from him and ruffling it over her hair.
They took no notice of her..stuck in their face off.
Will raised his fist as Bert came closer.
Quickly, Bert slapped Will across the face and leapt away.
Lily's mouth dropped open, a tiny, shocked laugh escaping her throat.
Bert giggled, hand over his mouth as Will's face turned beet red.
His fist's lay clenched at his sides, nostrils flared.
As Will advanced toward Bert, Bert dodged and stood behind Lily, wrapping his arms around her tightly..using her as a human shield of sorts.
"Don't think I can't hit you." Will fumed, punching Bert on the shoulder.
"You guys, STOP!" Lily groaned, attempting to walk away, Bert attached to her back and causing considerable drag.
Will slapped Bert's back repeatedly, to which Bert slapped back at him with one arm still tightly across Lily.
Suddenly Ryan and Adam joined in, taking shots at Bert, poking him and slapping him across the back, towel snapping him in sensitive regions.
Lily gave up her escape plan and stood there as they play fought, giggling, grumbling an
"I hate you all." every once in a while..
Bert let go of her and attacked Will, only to be pummeled by both Ryan and Adam.
It wasn't surprising when Quinn and Jeph appeared, slapping Will's belly as Bert pinned him to the ground.
Lily continued to comb her hair to the best of her ability, despite Will's giggles mixed with cries of pain and the manly grunts coming from all of them.
She smirked as her bandmates attempted to pull Bert down, only too see him wiggle free.
She held up her hands as Bert neared her,
"Bert, no no no!" she cried as Bert locked his arms around her and pulled her to him, chest to chest,
"You don't want to hurt your precious lead singer..." he mused, pulling her tightly to him as Will, Ryan and Adam neared him, towels poised and hands raised.
Lily squirmed underneath him, pushing him away to the best of her ability, protesting loudly.
Bert grinned and pulled her tighter..their faces were so close..
She had never been so close to Bert before and...
Suddenly, everyone fell silent.
Lily turned around to see a newly showered and clothed Gerard standing behind her, a scowl on his face.
Bert grinned cheekily at him and let go of Lily, immediately attacked by her band mates after.
Lily stepped out of the doorway, a nervous smile on her face.
"Hey Geebee." she smiled, draping her arms across him and pulling him to her in a hug.
"Hey.." he said stiffly, glaring over her shoulder at Bert, who was currently swatting away Will.
Lily grabbed his face with her hands and kissed him hard, pulling him closer to her in a distraction. The last thing she needed was for Gerard to throw down in the women's showers.
Gerard raised an eyebrow, grinning happily,
"Hello to you too."
His eyes fell to her attire,
"Nice swimsuit.." he said with a shy grin.
Lily laughed gripping the towel around her waist tighter,
"Thanks." she said, pulling him away from the showers as Bert started to yell profanities loudly in their direction,
"I'm sorry I missed you in yours." she said with a playful wink, ruffling his black and brown hair with her free hand,
"Can you hold this?" she asked, handing him the bag of shower supplies.
Gerard nodded,
"Yeah, sure."
Lily grinned as she led him to her tour bus...he looked so cute in a little track jacket and jeans.
His hair was standing up in all the cute places...his little nose...his eyes..his smile..
Lily led him up the steps,
"Sit anywhere you want." she said, gesturing to the couch,
"I'll be right back." she said, walking down the hallway and sliding the doors shut.
Lily's towel fell to the ground as she slipped off her sandals and began to search for clothes.
"Hey Lily?" Gerard called.
Lily slid open the door, peaking out slightly,
Gerard paused,
"Nevermind..." he mumbled, waving her away.
Lily shrugged and got dressed quickly, slipping on jeans and a tanktop.
She took a seat next to Gerard as she brushed her hair.
Gerard pulled her to him and kissed her cheek, squeezing her tightly.
Lily smiled , brush to hair.
She leaned in and gave him a kiss, lips warm and still a bit damp from the shower.
Gerard ran his hand over her back and pulled her closer, opening his own mouth...brushing her tongue lightly with his.
Lily trembled slightly, fearing she might fall into him. She set her brush down and pulled him towards her, lips meeting all the while. Their tongues met again and again as Gerard's hand caressed her lower back, the other running up and down her arm.
He moved his hand to her neck and kissed her softly, moaning slightly as Lily pulled him closer, kisses more aggressive and hungry.
Suddenly, Gerard pulled away,
"Do you think Bert did that on purpose?"
He asked quickly.
Lily furrowed her brow and crossed her arms, leaning back against the couch,
" mean..hug me like that?"
Gerard laughed, "Hug you when you're practically naked to get a rise out of me."
"Hey.." Lily defended, "I like my should see what most girls wear-"
Gerard held up his hands,
"Ok ok, I didn't mean to insult your swimsuit..I'm sorry. I just meant..he fuckin' grinned at me.."
He said, clenching his hand.
Lily brought her fingers to her lips,
"Uh..yeah..I saw that but..he didn't plan it..I mean, how could he have known you were coming?"
Gerard shrugged,
"I can't help but think he's fucking doing it on piss me off."
Lily shrugged, staring at the couch,
"I..don't know. I don't think he did..." she trailed off...
She thought of the way Bert looked at her body..the way it made her feel..
His wet skin pressed against her own...
Gerard sighed and grabbed Lily's hand and kissed it,
"You know I don't want you to have to deal with this shit, and I'm sorry."
Lily shrugged,
"Well, hey..looks like I haven't got much of a choice, I guess."
She said with a weak smile.
Gerard furrowed his brow,
"I never told you this..but...Bert told me once.."
Gerard stopped abruptly and shook his head.
"What?" Lily asked curiously, scooting closer to him,
"He said what?"
Gerard shook his head,
"Naw, you don't want to know."
Lily narrowed her eyes,
"Of course I want to know." she said with a frown, lips pouted slightly.
She hated this kind of stuff..
Gerard glanced at her for a second, causing Lily to become uncomfortable.
"Well, he told me one time...that.."
Gerard remembered it very front of the studio...
"Didn't we already talk about this? You HAVE A GIRLFRIEND. Stop fucking around with her."
"Bert, I know I have a girlfriend, and I feel like shit for what I did -"
"You should."
"You're like my brother. And Lily... I love that girl. I don't like it when you fuck around with her head. And what you did, was fucked."
"You don't even KNOW what I 'did'..and you OBVIOUSLY want Lily, don't be fucking stupid." "Who wouldn't? You're a fucking retard for not dating her when you had the chance. You had it, right there. You had a fucking hot chick, with this fucking..AMAZING personality, who obviously WANTED you, and you lost it. All for some bitch in Jersey who can't even call you once a week."

He remembered the way Bert had looked up to the sky...the smoke from their cigarettes and the painful blows Bert had delivered, as true as they were,
"'ve got to end it sometime. It's gonna happen. Meanwhile...Lily's free game."
Lily looked at him impatiently.
Gerard rubbed his nose,
"He told me you were 'free game'."
Lily looked like she had been told vampires really exist,
"What?" she whispered, edging forward.
Gerard looked at the tv across the bus,
"He's always had a thing for first I just thought it was like..protective brotherly shit..but it's been pretty clear that he's into you."
Lily blinked, staring at her hands,
"" she began, "Yeah..that explains him treating me like a man for the past two years...he obviously wants to date me..I mean, calling me at 1 in the morning to tell me how in love he is with some Australian chick really shows how into me he is..or calling me just to fart into the phone. He' into me." she said sarcastically.
Gerard laughed, "Believe me..I was his best friend.." Gerard's heart wrenched.
Just saying that hurt.
His best friend.
Gerard continued, "I just know. He used to tell me things."
Lily shrugged, "Well whatever you say. I still don't...see it."
Or did she?
As Gerard spoke she thought about all the things Bert had said and done to her..
The way he had been staring at her lately...
The look on his face when she told him she was dating Gerard..his reaction...
It all made sense.
Bert had been into her this whole time..and she had been agonizing him..even further.
Lily ran her fingers over her lips as Gerard complained about him.
Was their friendship hard on him?
She couldn't help but feel ditzy...very blonde and clueless..
Stereotypical and stupid...
"You know what I mean? I HATE when he does that." Gerard finished, eyes locked on her.
Lily nodded,
"Yeah...I know what you mean."
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