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Wandering Hands

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chapter 96
Lily sat next to Gerard, a blanket draped over their legs.
A sketchbook lay between them, resting on their knees.
Lily grinned as she took the pen from Gerard's hand,
"Ok, my turn." she laughed.
They had been giggling for the past half hour, sitting in Gerard's tourbus, drawing each other and various people in their lives.
Right now they were drawing Ray.
Gerard laughed at Lily's interpretation;
a silly anime character with a perplexed expression and huge hair.
He giggled and gave her a kiss on the cheek,
"That's cute. Nice one." he said, grinning at her....his small, boyish grin that gave her goose bumps...made her stomach flip...her heart beat furiously beneath her cotton t-shirt.
Gerard continued to kiss her cheek and her neck sweetly, complete with sound effects.
Bob walked by, pretending to vomit.
"Hey, watch out Bryar, you're next." Gerard smiled, pointing at him with the ballpoint pen, Lily grabbing his face and kissing his cheek as he spoke.
Gerard turned to her and laughed, his nose pressed against hers.
He put his hand to the back of her head and pulled her face to his, kissing her softly despite Bob's protests.
"I just.." Bob began, a mug of coffee in his hand, "Can't stand the cuteness." he mumbled as he walked past them.
Lily swept Gerard's hair out of his face,
"You're so cute.." she mumbled, staring at his face in awe.
Gerard looked away from her, cheeks turning a lovely shade of pink...a small, embarrassed smile on his face,
"Naw, I'm not." he disagreed, shaking his head softly.
Lily sighed, tapping his chin up with her index finger,
" are." she said with a serious look on her face, cracking a smile and kissing him.
Gerard wrapped his arms around her in a hug, squeezing her tight.
"Want to watch tv?" he asked, reaching for the remote.
Lily shrugged and lay her head on his lap, pulling the blanket up to her shoulders.
They stayed together, watching VH1, commenting on the shows.
Lily turned over onto her back, staring up at Gerard,
"You know, I totally remember that cartoon." she said, a satisfied grin on her face.
Gerard ran his fingers over her face gently, looking down at her with a smile,
"Yeah, me too."
Suddenly, Lily jumped slightly as her cellphone blared.
Lily dug it from out of her pocket, sitting up quickly.
The screen read "Emily".
She had changed Bert's name weeks ago in a precautionary moment.
"Hello?" she asked, Gerard running his hand over her back.
"Uh..hey...practice..when?" Bert asked, almost robotically.
Lily ran a hand through her hair,
"Uh...tomorrow?" she guessed apprehensively.
Gerard's hands started to wander to her stomach that had formed into lovely rolls as she sat.
Lily's snatched his hands away, grinning at him menacingly.
"Yeah...12 is fine. Ok..see ya.." Lily shoved her phone back into her pocket quickly, kissing Gerard before he could remember to ask her any questions.

The next day, Lily woke up as usual, did her beauty routine, signed some autographs, took some pictures, and made her way to The Used's tour bus.
She found no one.
So...she walked the venue for a while, stayed at Saint Lily's merch table for an hour or so, and then decided to call him.
"Bert...where are you? I went to your bus and you weren't, no practice" she mumbled, waving at a group of screaming fans as they passed,
"I love you too!" she assured them with a smile and a thumbs up.
Bert chuckled slightly,
"I'm at my merch's by Flogging Molly's. Just meet me here."
Lily furrowed her brow, "Like I know where that is, Bert. Come on." she sighed, staring down the row of booths and kiosks, sunburnt teenagers everywhere.
Bert sighed back at her, mocking her slightly,
"Lily, I can see you. I'm like...7 booths away from you." he mumbled
She could hear fans trying to talk to him, shouting his name.
Lily craned her neck to see Bert standing in the middle of the pathway, fans on either side of him...paper in their hands..nervous looks on their faces.
"Bert..those girls totally want to talk to you." she said, gesturing to the eager girls behind him as she walked away from her own booth.
Bert shrugged, "Yeah, I'll get to them in a second." he said, hanging up his cellphone and turning to them.
"Whats up ladies?" he asked with a smile.
They proceeded to tell him how awesome he was and how much his music meant to them.
Bert smiled and nodded,
"Right on."
As Lily approached their eyes widened,
"Oh my god, is that Lily?" they asked Bert quietly, pointing.
Bert turned his head, watching Lily walk towards him,
"Uh..yeah." he said with a nod, "Yeah it is."
They began to laugh nervously, covering their mouths as "Oh My God"s of disbelief escaped them.
Lily approached them wearing jeans, black converse, and a long powder blue tank top with a large silkscreened red heart across her left breast. She had a couple of studded belts resting on her hips, several bracelets on her wrists, and her hair was extra straight due to the summer heat....Lily took note that it was getting long again as she had reapplied more sunscreen that morning.
One thing Lily always remembered to do was to reapply non-greasy dermatologist approved sunscreen every hour she was outside.
She was irish..and other things in europe lacking skin pigmentation, and she burned easily, and freckled shortly thereafter. There was no way in hell she would let herself burn.
Gerard, on the other hand, was starting to tan...much to his dismay.
Besides taking extra precautions so as not to get sunburned, Lily also wore waterproof eyeliner and mascara and used strong deodorant.
She wasn't messing around.
Lily smiled and waved at Bert at the group of girls, watching them through large black sunglasses,
"Hi you guys." she said sweetly.
She was greeted with a couple awkward hellos and a forced energetic hello from Bert.
She could tell he was a bit beat.
He was just signing the last paper when a girl pulled out a disposable camera and asked, very shakily, for a picture.
"Oh yeah, sure." Bert nodded, waiting for her to come over.
As Bert took pictures, Lily signed on the same papers Bert had.
Lily squinted as she looked at the drawings Bert had inscribed on the papers and shook her head, scribbling her name and an inspirational message, using her raised leg as a hard surface to write on.
She handed the papers back, which the girls distributed amongst themselves.
"Well, it was nice to meet you are you guys enjoying the tour?" Lily asked, arms crossed.
"Ah, its so awesome." a girl with braces and excessive Hot Topic accessories replied.
Nods and yeahs of agreement followed.
Lily smiled, "Well I'm glad you guys are having a good time.."
"Can we get a picture of you two?" one asked anxiously.
Lily smiled, raising an eyebrow, "" she asked gesturing towards Bert.
"Yeah!" they nodded excitedly.
Lily looked at Bert..who was obviously a bit drained,
"Uh, yeah, sure." she said elbowing Bert gently,
"They want a picture of us together." she mumbled.
"Oh." Bert said, perking up slightly, wrapping an arm around Lily and pulling her tightly to him.
Lily took off her sunglasses and grinned widely as the girl camera snapped a picture.
"Hey...can I get another one, please?" her friend asked, camera poised.
Lily laughed.
"Sure." Bert said, pressing his face to Lily's and smiling goofily.
After the girls left, Lily sighed and placed her sunglasses over her eyes,
"You look tired...let's go mooch off the gatorade booth." she said, softly knocking his shoulder with her fist.
Bert shrugged, letting Lily lead him down the pathway.
"So...whats up?" she asked, glancing at him from the corner of her eye,
"You ok?"
Bert shrugged, "Yeah, I just feel a bit fucked, that's all." he said, flashing the peace sign to a group of yelling girls.
Lily nodded, "Oh..ok. Didn't get enough sleep or...?" she wondered aloud.
"Yeah.." Bert agreed, rubbing his forehead slightly.
"Well.." Lily said with a smile, "Looks like you could use a revitalizing sports drink!" she said, grabbing a gatorade and posing with it.
"Hey, you have to pay for that!" the vendor growled.
Lily proudly showed him her band pass, to which he grumbled something under his breath.
Bert smirked as Lily handed him a bottle.
"Thank you." she said to the vendor with a smile and a wave, cracking open her own bottle of fruit punch and taking a sip.
"Ah, rehydration." she said with a satisfied sigh.
Bert grinned , taking a swig of his.
They ended up backstage, surrounded by large metal fans...plugged into the walls desperately, blowing cool air.
Lily sat on a speaker, legs dangling off the edge,
"Feeling better?" she asked with a nod of the head.
Bert shrugged, "Yeah, I guess so."
Lily frowned.
Was it kate?
She hopped off the speaker and stood in front of him.
Bert sat on a large, black speaker with the word "fuck" taped on it, staring down at the floor.
"Hey.." Lily said, knocking his forehead softly with her fist.
"Hey." Bert said with a sigh, straightening up and staring at her, a weak smile on his face.
'Lily is free game...'
Suddenly, Lily remembered what Gerard had said....
Did Bert REALLY like her?
Bert slid off the speaker and stood up, setting his gatorade down.
" know the words right..." he said, stretching his arms casually.
Lily nodded, "Uh..yeah..." she trailed off, tearing the paper label on the bottle out of nerves.
She had never been nervous around Bert before..except that one time he slept over...
"So..go ahead...sing it to me." Bert said with a smirk, crossing his arms.
Lily raised an eyebrow, "Right now?" she asked skeptically.
"Yeah." he said, "You've been in the business for a while should be able to perform under pun intended."
Lily smiled and cleared her throat, "..Ok but..don't stare at me." she mumbled as Bert took a seat.
Lily looked up at the ceiling and sang the intro softly,
"The singer finished singing and she's walking out....the singer sets a tear fear of falling ou-ou-out..and it's hard to say how I feel today, for years gone by..and I..cryyyy."
She took in a breath, "It's hard to say that I was wrong. It's hard to say, I miss you. Since you've been gone it's not the same."
Bert stared at the ground as Lily sang,
"My worries weigh the world how I used to be...And everything (I'm cold) seems a plague in meeee...And its hard to say how I feel today..For years gone by, and I cried...It's hard to say that I was wrong...It's hard to say I miss you. Since you've been gone it's not the same. It's hard to say I held my tongue. It's hard to say if only. Since you've been gone it's not the same..."
She took a breath again, preparing for the high notes,
"Worse than the fear it's the lie you told a thousand times before. Worse than a fear it's the knife.
And it's hard to say how I feel today. For years gone by, and I cried"
Suddenly, Bert stood up before her.
"Ah fuck..." he began, only to stop abruptly.
There were tears trembling at the corner of his eyes.
"I'm sorry Bert.." Lily blurted, putting her hands on his shoulders,
"I can stop..I can just practice some other time, it's ok..I'm sorry." she scrambled to make it make Bert ok.
He shook his head and stared at her.
He looked into her eyes...penetrating her gaze with his deep, blue irises...full of emotion..almost telling a story.
"Bert..." she asked softly as his hand hovered by her face,
"Are you ok?"
Bert nodded, "I told you I would be." he said in a whisper.
He stared into her eyes, lips parted slightly.
Lily's eyes widened slightly as she met his gaze...his gaze that was demanding and silent..
Then, before she knew it..he leaned in..and kissed her.
She didn't push him away...she didn't scream and slap him...
She just stood there.
She could feel the slight stubble on his chin as his soft lips pressed against hers.
She could feel this feeling..this buzz..endorphins flowing through her veins as his lips met hers...
She could feel the raw emotion coming from him as he gently pushed her up against a wall, pressing his own slim body next to hers..feeling his heart beating beneath the thin layers of cotton between them.
And he dominated her in the most gentle of ways....making her mouth his own..pulling her tighter and tighter...almost as if he wanted them to mesh and become one person entirely.
"Bert...I.." she whispered as his hand wandered up her shirt.
He silenced her in a kiss, feeling her ever so gently, squeezing her softly beneath her tank top as he teased her lips with his own.
A moan escaped her lips as he ground his pelvis into her...grinding a yearning...a hardness between his legs against her.
She closed her eyes as he kissed his tongue teased hers and his hands wandered...
She could hear a zipper...and the jingle of his belt hitting the backstage floor.
He grabbed her hand and pressed it against his stomach, pulling it lower and lower until suddenly she felt


Ill write what really happened later. ;)

*lily did NOT hook up with bert. but the other stuff did happen..just no hookup. relax, girls :)
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