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Chapter 30

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Four days later and 1 week since Robin and Lisa had gone on holiday.

It had been a week since the attack and I was starting to feel better as the painkillers where taking full effect now. I was managing to get around better and figuring out how to do things in different ways to minimise the pain. I still had to have a lot of help from Benji for most things. He still had to dress and undress me which he defiantly wasn't complaining about. I couldn't bend down all the way to pick things up and I couldn't stretch straight up either so I needed help there.

I'd woke up and lay in bed for a while thinking, I really wanted a shower that was one thing I haven't been able to do. I have had a wash with help from Benji; again he wasn't complaining there either. But what I really wanted was a shower I was thinking about how I could do it by my self it would be a big accomplishment for me as I could barely move. I knew though I if I did manage to have a shower it would be so painful and I have no idea how I would manage to wash my hair as I couldn't get my arms past shoulder level with out being in great pain. I decided to give it a go anyway.

I got everything ready and I have taken to wearing zip or button up tops as they where easier for me to get on and off my self as tops that I had to pull over me head I had great difficulty with and needed Benji help to get o and off.

I unzipped my top and got that off I also managed to get my pants off too. Now for the task of getting my bra off it took me a while and I cursed a few times at the shoots of pain going up and down my ribs as I did so. Maybe this wasn't such a good idea. But I was doing well so far, right at least I'd managed to undress myself.

I stepped into the shower letting the water run down my body relaxing me. It felt so good and a smile crept across my face. See I was independent I can shower. I stopped releasing how sad I sounded. I laughed at how dorky I could be sometimes. I got some soap and a sponge out to wash my self down with. I washed easy parts first the ones that wouldn't cause me pain. I then took a deep breath and started to try and wash the hard areas such as my ribs, my leg and shoulders. Every time I went over an area that hurt I let out a curse word. I must have been making more noise than I thought as Benji came up to see what was going on.

"Sophie what the hell are you doing?" he said coming into the bathroom.

"Having a shower. What's it look like." I laughed.

"But you can't, come here let me help you." Benji said walking over to me with a towel.

"Oh can't I!" I said raising my eyebrows at him then carried on having a shower obviously in pain.

"Look at you your in pain, come on get out."

"No I'm having I shower." I said determinedly.

"Well fine let me help." He sighed.

"No Benj you don't get it, you don't get how demoralising this is for me. This is the first week in our relationship you shouldn't have to be taking care of me like this, seeing me like this. We should be out having fun going on dates not having to deal with this." I said obviously getting worked up. His eyes softened.

"Maybe but you need help, I love you and I'm here for you. We've got plenty of time for all that other stuff once you're better. Now I'm going to go and wait outside, you stay here do what ever you want but if you need help then call me." he said sympathetically then left closing the door over as he went.

I stood in the shower for a second thinking about what was just said and he was right. I needed to stop being so selfish and independent and admit when I need help instead of struggling. I thought I'd give washing my hair a go but failed terribly as the minute I lifted my arms above shoulder level I was in a great deal of pain. So I gave up.

"Benj." I called in a whinny voice. He walked in with a grin on his face at my pouty one. "I can't wash my hair." I pouted making him laugh. He didn't need anymore encouragement. He got undressed and got into the shower with me still grinning. He kissed me.

"Ok I said I need help washing my hair so no funny business." I smirked.

He smirked back at me never breaking the cheeky eye contact. He kissed me again then turned me around and started washing my hair. I swear you can tell used to be a shampoo boy when he was younger. He was really good at it massaging my head and everything. I'll tell you broken ribs or no broken ribs he's defiantly washing my hair for me again.

When he was finished I turned round and kissed him.

"Thank you." I smiled.

"No problem." He smiled back.

I gave in and let him help me get dried and dressed too.

Later that day we where sat on the sofa together, Benji was sat side ways with his legs up and I was lay between his legs resting my back on his chest. We'd decided to have a lazy day hence we lay on the sofa all day watching TV, talking, kissing and cuddling.

We where mid kiss when someone burst into the living room. we jumped apart but it was too late who ever it was was bound to have seem something.

"What the hells going on with that good-for-nothing-shit-bag ex of yours Soph?..." Wes said bursting through to door not registering what he had walked in on at first but then paused looking between me and Benji for a second then a huge grin creeping across his face. "...oh was I interrupting something?" he said grinning

"Wes! What the hells going on? How did you get in? And what are you talking about?" I said slightly annoyed at his intrusion.

"Spare key form next door. I came over to tell you that good-for-nothing-shit-bag ex of yours has just been dragged away by the police..." he explained using his usual name reference for Jake (good-for-nothing-shit-bag) him and Jake had never got along, at all, ever. "...But I'm sorry for interrupting." He smirked at us.

"Wes I swear if you tell any one I'll..." I started my warning but he got the idea quickly.

"I...I promise I won't tell anyone as long as you explain." He said. I sighed and nodded.

"So are you two like... together now?" he said looking unsure of what to say at first sitting down in the chair opposite the sofa.

"Yeah." Benji nodded smiling getting hold on my hand. Wes raised his eye brows smiling slightly.

"How long?" he asked.

"Just over a week." I replied.

"How come no one knows?"

"We want to keep it a secret until we know it's for sure what we both want. Everyone's got such high expectations for us that if it doesn't work out it just avoids the drama." Benji explained.

"This is fucking funny shit." He laughed. "You have no idea how good you two are together."

"I think we do." Benji laughed.

"Well I hope everything goes alright for you two and I promise I'll keep it to my self but seriously you two are made for each other." He said.

"Hang on what was you coming here to tell me about Jake?" I said suddenly remembering his outburst of what brought him round here in the first place.

"OH yeah well you see I was in the bar with a few mates and I noticed Jake sat in a far corner with some of his dodgy gang then the next minute five cops burst in and took him away ion hand cuffs." He said. I couldn't help but laugh, Benji smiling too.

"Seriously, it's about time the bastard got what he deserves lets just hope they lock him away and loose the key." I said. Both of them nodding in agreement.

"I don't know what you seen in him in the first place anyway. He was no good for you. you two should have got together way back then." He said making us both laugh a little. "Anyway I'm going to have to go now see you soon." He said getting up and saying his good bye's before leaving.

"Wonder what they've booked Jake for? And do you really think he'll be able to keep his mouth shut?" Benji said to me relaxing again.

"Don't know and don't really care as long as he's locked up where he belongs, probably for drugs or some other shit. And yeah I know he'll keep his mouth shut, I knows when I threaten him I mean it." I laughed.
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