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Chapter 31

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1 week later (the day Lisa and Robin get back)

Everything with me and Benji had been going great and I'm getting better I can get around better still needing a lot of help but now I'm actually asking for help if I need it instead of struggling which has made everything better. Josh, Joel and Sarah have been coming over more often which made things easier on Benji. I and Benji was still a secret and surprisingly we managed to keep it that way especially with Sarah and Wes knowing. What made it harder though was with Josh and Joel coming over more often we had to control our selves more so that they wouldn't suspect anything.

In all life's good apart from the pain it's all good. Me and Benji have been talking about announcing us being together soon as we we're both sure it was what we wanted. We where having a little party for mom and Robin getting home, you know us any excuse for a party. It would be the perfect time to announce us being together everyone would be there, my mom, Robin, Josh, Joel, all of Benji's other friends and my friends. Basically all the important people we needed to tell would be there. so that was sorted we where going to tell everyone then. The only problem now would be how to tell them. Neither of us knew exactly how to tell them, how they would react and what to do with their reactions. We knew they've be happy for us but they might me slightly mad at the fact we didn't tell them straight away and basically lied to them.

So today's the day mom and Robin get home and we have the party. Josh was going to go and pick mom and Robin up while we all stayed home and got everything ready for the party. The only thing that still wasn't ready was how me and Benji where going to tell everyone. We where both getting slightly nervous.

Everything was set up and most people where here. Everyone was just talking, relaxing and mingling. I was getting more and more nervous not only was my and Benji telling everyone about us being to together but I still had to tell my mom and Robin about the whole Jake thing. I was not looking forward to this.

Benji brushed past me signalling for me to follow him into the kitchen. Which I did. There was no one in the kitchen.

"You ok?" he said looking at me and taking hold of my hands in his.

"No I'm shitting my self. Benj I'm really nervous what are we going to do what are we going to say, I've got to tell our moms about Jake as well. I've just managed to start forgetting about it and now I'm going to have to go through it all again..." I rambled taking short breaths.

"Look clam down, breath." he said looking into my eyes. "Everything will be fine. You can do it I know you can." He smiled proudly. Making me laugh slightly. "Look when they get back just take them up stairs and tell them then well let it rest for bit let the party start and people get drunker then well figure something out to tell them." he said making everything sound simple.

"But what are we going to say?" I pointed out.

"I don't know it'll just flow when we start." He shrugged his shoulders not really filling me with too much confidence but I didn't have time to panic any more as mom, Robin and Josh had just entered the party.

"Shit." I whined turning knowing what had to be done.

"Go on you'll be fine." Benji said giving me a little gentle push on the back.

I took a deep breath then went out to greet my mom and Robin. They looked at me a little strangely when I refused there hugs but knew what my mom and Robin's hugs where like, they where like bear hugs.

"I need to tell you both something upstairs just us." I said seriously and quietly to them both they both looked slightly worried at my tone.

"Sure honey what's wrong?" Robin said following me.

"What have you done now?" my mom sighed. Great nice to know my mom has confidence in me. I rolled my eyes and laughed to myself.

When we got up to my room I sat them both down and explained everything about that night to them obviously leaving out the whole Benji part though. Luckily they both sat there in silence listening to me as I explained everything. They where actually quiet understanding and didn't make me go into everything too much and didn't ask too many questions.

We went back down to the party. Benji once again found me and pulled me to the side.

"How did it go?" he said me.

"Alright actually, well that's one down one more to go." I sighed taking a deep breath.

"When do you want to do it?" he asked.

"Leave it a bit let me recover and let people get more drunk." I said and he nodded.
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