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ok so this is the last of what i've already wrote, let me kow what you think. i need to get back inot this ifc to start wrting more again.

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About an hour later I was dragged away by Benji again but this time we had to go upstairs to get away form everyone.

"Are we going to say something?" he asked me and for once he looked nervous about all this.

"Yeah come on it's now or never." I got this sudden burst of confidence.

"Seriously? But what are we going to say?" he said a hint of laughter in his voice but he was still visibly nervous.

"Yeah come we'll think of something." I said. I gave him a quick kiss before grabbing his hand and leading him back down to the party. I went over to the stereo turning off the music earning a few 'awws!' of people.

"Erm... Everyone me and Sophie have something we need to tell you all." Benji said clearing his throat. I noticed the visible smirk on Sarah and Wes's face as they knew what was coming as for everyone else they all just stood looking at us blankly and confused. You see... well erm..." he stuttered. I knew I had to say or do something because there was now way he was going to get it out at this rate.

"What he means to say is..." I said in a clear confident voice then turned to Benji and kissed him, and I mean really kissed him. There was gasps and 'oh my gods' and 'fucking hells' and 'I knew it' coming from all around the room. I pulled away from Benji and we smirked at each other.

"What the..." Benji mouthed to me.

"Well it's one quick and easy way of telling everyone." I shrugged and laughed.

"Let's give it up for Sophie and Benji, FINALLY together after all this time!" Wes said. Then I turned the music back on and everyone went back to the party. People coming up to me and Benji mainly congratulating us.

"It's about fucking time." Tony said pulling us both in for a hug. Josh came over too telling us he was happy and it was about time too. Our mom's walked passed us smiling that usual mom smile when they know they where right all along. Then it just hit me I just full on made out with Benji in front of my mom, how wrecked do I feel now I laughed to myself.

"What's up?" Benji said looking at me from me laughing to myself.

"Nothing just thing that I just practically made out with you in front of our moms." I said and we laughed.

"What the hell's all this about Benji." Joel hissed coming up behind us. Then walking off into the kitchen. Me and Benji looked at each other worriedly then followed Joel. We ended up standing outside to get some privacy and quiet from the party.

"Benj what happened we tell each other everything, do you just not trust me to tell me or what, what is it..." Joel said sounding more upset that angry.

"Joel it's not like that we really did want to tell you it's just things are a little more complicated than just telling you 'hey we're dating'" Benji tried to reason.

"Why is it? I do you not think that I'd understand? Benj after all I tell you, I tell you everything no matter how hard it is for me I still tell you it. I'm not mad I'm hurt that you didn't feel you could tell me." Joel said defiantly upset. This was really getting to Benji.

"Look Joel it's not Benji's fault I asked him not to tell you, he really did want to tell you and I felt so bad and still do for asking him but you have no idea how hard all this has been for me. There was so much going on I didn't know where my head was at, we didn't want to tell everyone about us being together as well just in case it didn't work out. You all had such high expectations so if it didn't work out it just saved all the drama that we don't, that I don't need right now." I said hoping he'd understand.

"Ok I'm sorry I never really thought about it that way but you've got to understand that it hurt's me that you both of you even didn't feel you could tell me." Joel said.

"I know and I'm sorry, I do understand but can we just forget this now." I said giving him a smile and he smiled back.

"Yeah sure, but you two really do have some explaining to do." He laughed. The three of us walked back into the party.

"How long?" Joel asked.

"Two weeks." Benji answered.

"What happened, I thought you hated each other?" he continued his questioning. "Oh my god is that why Liam left?" he said eyes wide.

"No it's not why Lain left, well yeah it kind of is. Liam seen what you all apparently seen between us and told me that he loved me but he knew even though I might have loved him he didn't have my heart someone else did." I started explaining I looked to Benji who looked a little shocked too. I don't think he'd heard that part of the story before. "Anyway he told me to go after Benji and he left for Chicago on business and to get me out of his head. I went to Benji and he obviously rejected me..." Joel glared at Benji. Benji blushed slightly and looked away. "Which caused that huge fight a few weeks ago but then the night Jake attacked me and I went to yours originally in search of Josh or you. There was no one in apart from Benj and he looked after me we talked about a lot of shit and got a lot of stuff cleared up. Once all the shit and anger was out of the way, I guess we seen in each other what everyone else had seen between us for years."

"See, sorry but it has to be said told ya so." Joel laughed making us laugh too. "Nah I really am happy you two FINALLY sorted things out, should have been done years ago if you ask me." Joel smiled.

"You sure you ok now?" Benji asked him seriously.

"Yeah I was just having my bitchy moment but it's all good now." Joel smiled.

"Sophie, Sophie, Sophie come dance with Me." a very drunken Tony came walking into the room barely able to stand up straight.

"No can do sorry." I said.

"Why? You suck." He pouted.

"Can't babe fucking broken ribs it's hard enough to fucking walk never mind get thrown around by you." I said. He blew a raspberry at me.

"Fine, I'll just go find someone else." He said then staggered away across the room straight to his next victim. Everything was fake about her dyed bleach blonde hair, fake tan, boob job, obvious nose job and the list goes on but she was defiantly Tony's 'easy lay' type.

"Doesn't waste much time." Benji laughed as we watched him with her.

"No but it's comforting to know he chose me first over her." I laughed.

The rest of the party was pretty uneventful and rather boring for me as I had to stay away from big crowds and I couldn't dance or anything.
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