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Chapter 33

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2 weeks later. 1 month since the Jake incident

Today I had an appointment with the doctor to check how my ribs where doing. If you ask me I'd say they where near enough healed. I felt fine and could get around and do most things much better now. Benji had moved back to his house but stayed over some nights as my mom was back and she was supposed to be looking after me but my mom being my mom doesn't look after or run around after no one including me her daughter.

Benji had insisted that he was going to take me to the doctors for my check up even though I said that he didn't have to. I knew there was no way he'd be up on time as my appointment was at nine in the morning and Benji Madden only gets up at eleven at the earliest. At half past eight I was ready to go but Benji was no where around so I went next door to see what was going on.

Josh was on his way out as I got to the front door we said a quick 'hi' and 'bye' then he let me in and went.

"Morning Robin, Benji around anywhere?" I said walking to her in the kitchen.

"I think he's still in bed dear, I've been trying to get him up for the past hour but you know what he's like, your welcome to go and have a go yourself if you want." she said sweetly.

"Oh don't you worry I'll get him u for you, he's supposed to be taking me to the doctors. I'm supposed to be there in half an hour I told him he wouldn't be up." I said making her laugh.

"He's terrible make sure you give him a good hitting." She joked.

"Will do." I called to her, laughing, as I was half way up the stairs.

I walked into Benji's room and no surprise Benji and Joel where both still in bed asleep.

"I knew it!" I said loudly and ripping to covers of him making him jump half awake.

"Soph what are you doing here?" he mumbled groggily.

"What am I doing here? What am I doing here? Your having a laugh aren't you, I knew you'd forget and over sleep." I said a little angry.

"Forget what?" he said sitting up rubbing his eyes still groggy.

"My doctors appointment I told you you'd over sleep I could have made arrangements to get a lift with my mom but you insisted." I ranted.

"Shit, I'm so sorry what time is it." He said truly sorry. He jumped up out of bed and started throwing on some clothes.


"What times you appointment?" he said finishing off making himself look half decent.

"9:00." I sighed getting impatient.

"OK lets go." he said picking up his keys and walking down stairs. I stood there looking at him. "Well come on then if we leave now I can still get you there in time." He said and I started to follow him, this guy was unbelievable.

"Morning mom, bye mom sorry gotta go or Soph'll be late." He said quickly rushing past Robin in the kitchen. We got to his car he quickly unlocked it opened the door for me then got in himself starting the car and driving away. I laughed slightly shaking my head.

"What?" he smiled looking at me.

"You you're unbelievable. You've just got up five minutes ago and now your out." I said.

"Well you know I'm just good at these things." He winked.

"Bloody good job too the way your forget things and over sleep your mom's been trying to get you up for the past hour."

"What can I say I need my sleep." He grinned. I just laughed and rolled my eyes.

When we got to the doctors Benji took his seat belt off but didn't get out.

"I'll wait here for you." he said getting comfy I knew he was planning on going back to sleep.

"Alright see you in a bit." I said getting out the car.

"Soph?" he called the wound the window down. I walked back over to him. "No kiss?" he pouted.

"No you don't deserve one after forgetting and over sleeping." I said smiling. He faked a hurt look.

"What time is it?"


"Well what's the problem I got you here on time." He smirked.

"Not the point." I laughed then walked away into the doctors leaving him there.

I was in the doctors for about forty minutes. It was all good the doctor said that my ribs where now fully healed there were just a bit of bruising there but nothing to worry about. In all my health was back to normal. I was pleased to hear that and that I was finally off all the medication.

When I'd finished seeing the doctor I made my way back out to Benji's car only to find him asleep with his head against the window. As I walked past I banged on the window making him jump awake. I got in the car laughing at him.

"Bitch." He muttered but trying to hide a smirk.

"Oh well you can forget that kiss now." I joked.

"I didn't mean it." He said quickly making me laugh.

"Well don't you want to know what they said?"

"Oh yeah how are you?"

"There's still a little bit of bruising but other than that I'm fine and my ribs are healed." I said.

"Good." He smiled leaning over to give me a kiss but I turned my cheek to him still playing my 'mad at him' game. He leant back giving me a hurt look and puppy dog eyes. I laughed then leaned in giving him a proper kiss not just a peck on the lips.

"Good morning." I smiled pulling away from him.

"Morning." He said looking at me a little confused.

"I didn't get chance to say it properly this morning as I was too busy trying to get your lazy ass out of bed."

"Oh well good morning to you too." he grinned leaning over and kissing me back. "I was thinking do you wanna go out for breakfast seen as I haven't had any yet?" he asked.

"Yeah sure." I agreed.
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