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Chapter 34

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He drove us down to a small quiet breakfast bar. When we got there and he parked the car he got out then came round and opened my door. I looked at him with raised eye brows.

"What I was raised with manners." He smiled.

"Well there a first for me." she smiled back.

"That's because we've never been together for more than five minutes with out wanting to kill each other."

"Good point." I said and got out of the car.
He held my hand as we walked into the breakfast bar and we sat in one of the corner booths out of the way. It was quiet in the breakfast bar with only a few other people in there engaged in quiet conversation.

"Hello and what can I get you?" a cheery looking young waitress came over to us with a pen and paper ready to take out order.

"Erm I'll have the breakfast bar special number 2 and a coffee please." Benji smiled then looked over to me as did the waitress waiting for me to order. I'd already had breakfast so wasn't too hungry.

"I'll have a chocolate muffin and a coffee please." I smiled.

"Ok your orders will be ready shortly." She smiled eyeing up Benji, she obviously recognised him and she obviously liked him. Benji smiled back at her uncomfortably making me laugh.

"What are you laughing at?" He said turning a slight shade of pink when she'd gone.

"I think she likes you." I grinned stating the obvious.

"Well you know, women just can't help them selves." He smirked.

"Oh really." I said raising my eyebrows at him.

"Yeah really, you should know that." he winked at me.

"Oh yeah Benjamin I must be so lucky to have you I don't know how I survived without you and how the rest of the female population lives not having you." I laughed sarcastically.

"Ha ha you love me and you know it." He said.

"Yeah I do love you and I know something else too." I smirked leaning across the table to him. He leant in closer to me too.

"And what's that?" he smirked.

"You love me too." I stated matter of factly.

"That I do." He smiled and kissed me. Seconds later the waitress returned with our order. She smiled at Benji when she gave him his food but then glared at me while giving me my order. She obviously must have seen me and Benji kissing.

"Yeah she defiantly wants you I just got the evils." I laughed. To Benji when she left she was stood behind the counter with another girl both of them talking and glaring over at me. It didn't bother me at all in fact it amused me.

"Ignore her she's just being petty because you're with the sexiest man on earth and she's not."

"Mmm." I nodded humouring him. "Still not sure I want to drink this coffee now though." I said eyeing her up.

"Why?" Benji asked looking confused. I turned to look at him.

"Because who knows what the petty bitch might have done to it."

"Oh don't be silly she wouldn't, no one would..." he said looking over to her and noticing the evils she was giving me. "Ok swap coffee's with me." he said turning back to me.

"What? Why?" I asked confused at what he was up to.

"Just do it then tell her reaction." He said. I sighed and swapped coffees with him then checked her reaction when Benji picked up my coffee. Her face turned from a smirk to utter horror.

"Benji don't drink that." I laughed.

"There we got that's that settled." He smiled putting the cup down.

"Bitch." I said and we laughed just then a young waiter with manager on his badge walked past.

"Erm excuse me could you get me another coffee I believe this one has been tampered with by that waitress over there." I said politely.

"Of course I am terribly sorry for any trouble caused by her she was on her last warning anyway. I will see that it is fixed." He said disappearing into the back. Then bring out another coffee.

"Once again I apologies for a trouble she has caused.

"Thank you." I smiled.

"I can't believe you just got her fired." Benji said in shock but with a smile on his

"The bitch did something to my coffee. Besides didn't you hear she was on her last warning anyway. If you ask me I've done all future customers a favour." I said.

"I love you." he laughed shaking his head.

"Of course you do." I smiled.

After breakfast we went back home. We went back to his as there would be no one in at mine as my mom would sill be at work. When we got into Benji's Sarah, Josh, Joel and Tony was in the living room.

"Hey guys." Benji said walking in and sitting down pulling me into his lap too.

"Soph how did the doctor's appointment go?" Josh asked.

"Good there's just a little bruising but other than that everything's healed." I explained.

"That's good honey." I heard my mom call from in the kitchen.

"Mom what are you doing aren't you meant to be at work?" I said turning to look at her.

"What kind of greeting is that for your mother?" She said faking hurt.

"I was just asking?" I laughed.

"Well haven't you heard of a lunch break?" she said snottily.

"Yeah but not at three pm." I argued back looking at my watch.

"Yeah well... you know." she stuttered at being caught out.

"No mom I don't know." I said sensing something was going on.

"Can we not do this now... here." my mom said quietly.

"Well when can we do it because your never around your always so called out
Working but apparently that's all lies because now when your supposed to be working, your not! What's going on and you'd better tell me the truth." I demanded.

"Don't you dare talk to your mother like that." she scolded.

"Lisa I think she has a right to know." Robin butted in defending me. I smiled briefly
at Robin she always did have my back when my mom was treating me like shit.

"Know about what?" I asked calmly getting worried now.

"Nothing there's nothing you need to know about." she snapped at me.

"Really well what's all this about then? What is it that you can't or just won't tell me,
I'm your daughter doesn't that give me the right to know." I said getting upset.

"No you don't need or have a right to know." she said obnoxiously. I looked at her hurt that she could say that.

"Fine." I said my voice barely above a whisper then ran out.
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