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Chapter 35

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thanks again for all the reviews and agin please keep them coming. heres the next part hope you like it, it's in Benji's POV for a change.

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Benji's POV

I along with Joel, Josh, Sarah and Tony sat there watching the scene unfold as once again Sophie's mom never failed in talking and treating Sophie like shit. It always bothered me the relationship Sophie and her mom had. Sophie loved her undoubtedly but Lisa never really shown it. It was like Sophie was more of a burden or and inconvenience than her daughter. My mom used to always say how much she felt sorry for Sophie the way her mom treated her and would stick up for her. This was just another one of those cases. It just seemed no matter what Sophie did or how much she tried it just wasn't good enough for Lisa. Lisa was always doing stuff behind Sophie's back and then taking her shit out on Sophie but never the less Sophie was always there to pick up the pieces and fix all Lisa's shit. It was more like Sophie was the mom and Lisa was the daughter in their relationship.

"Was that really necessary?" My mom said to Lisa as Sophie had just ran out visible upset and hurt by her mother once again.

"Yes it was, she left me to so called follow her dreams and left me here to deal with all this mess myself. So yes it was completely necessary, besides whose side are you on?" Lisa said.

"You never told her about any of this so how can she help you with it if you won't let her in on it all." Mom pointed out. She seemed to be the only other person apart from Lisa to know what was going on. Me, Joel, Josh, Sarah and Tony where all sat looking confused.

"She doesn't need to know it'll just make thing worse." Lisa said rubbing her head.

"Do you really think that? Because I don't." mom said softly.

"Yeah well I do." She sighed. Mom rolled her eyes then looked over to me.

"Benji go make sure she's ok." Mom said to me and I didn't need telling twice I ran
out in the direction that Sophie had just gone.

I finally caught up with Sophie in the local park.

"Hey." I said softly coming sitting next to her on the swings. She looked up and smiled at me through her tears stained face. "Stupid question but are you ok?" I asked.

"Why does she always have to do? Why?" she said her voice cracking with tears again.

"Shh it's ok. She doesn't mean it she loves you really." I said trying to make her feel better not really believing that it was the whole truth myself.

"Does she? Does she really love me, I mean look at the way she treats me look at the way she's always treated me over the years that you've known me. I've always been more of a burden to her than a daughter any time she spends with me seems to be an effort for her. Is that the way a mother is supposed to be with her child, I don't think so, that's not the way I'd treat my child." I said.

"Soph, there's obviously something bothering her, don't be judging her actions right now. She's not thinking straight." I tried to reason.

"Benj don't try and stick up for her you and I both know she doesn't give a damn about me not matter how hard I try to be a good daughter it's just not good enough for her. You've always thought that and you know what? You where right." I said.

"Soph..." I started feeling guilty.

"No Benj it's the truth I've always really known it but not wanted to believe it... and you know what if she doesn't want to tell me what ever shit she's got herself into this time then I couldn't care less." She said but not very convincingly.

"You know that's not true she's your mother and you love her." I said.

"I do love her but it doesn't mean I actually have to like her." she said standing up infornt of me. "Come on take me home." She said taking my hands in hers and pulling me up.

"Are you sure you're ok?" I asked worriedly.

"Yeah why wouldn't I be I should be used to her shit by now." She said.

"Soph?" I asked.

"I'm sure I'm fine, now can we just forget about her."

"For now." I agreed as I put my arm around her shoulders and we walked back to mine.

When we got into mine Lisa had left and mom, Josh, Sarah, Joel and Tony where sat in the living room watching TV. They all looked towards us as we walked in.

"Sophie darling are you ok?" mom asked worriedly. Sophie just nodded weakly being pulled into a hug by my mom. That was my mom for you everyone was like her own child to her. She was always there for Sophie when her real mom wasn't.

"She had no right being like that with you. She has got something on her mind I believe that you should know but it is up to her to tell you, I hope you understand that." she said.

"I do, thanks Robin." she smiled.

"Your welcome anytime darling." She said releasing her from the hug and sitting back down. I pulled Sophie into my lap.

"So where is she now?" Sophie asked quietly.

"Gone back to yours, if you don't mind me saying I think you should go and talk to her." Robin said.

"I'd rather not she obviously doesn't want to tell me what's going on with her so why should I act interested."

"Sophie believe me it is something you will be interested in."

"It's hard for me to be interested in it if I don't know what it's about." Sophie replied.
"Do you mind if I stay over here tonight?" she asked.

"You know you can stay here when ever for as long as you like but if you ask me I think you need to go and talk to your mother."

"Thanks but I'd really rather not at the moment." Sophie said. My mom nodded understanding but I could tell she really thought Sophie should go home.

"Babe I think maybe my mom's right maybe you should go see your mother." I spoke up. She looked at me surprised.

"I know you don't want to but I think you should." I said looking deep into her eyes.

"Fine, fine you all really want me to go, then fine I'll go." she said her voice cracking with tears again. She stood up to leave.

"Honey it's for the best." Robin said.

"Soph don't be like this, just go hear her out then make your decision. We're all here for you no matter what." I reasoned. She looked from me to my mom then to Joel, Josh, Sarah and Tony then back to me and my mother then left. Hopefully going to see her mom.
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